13 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Your Outdoorsy Husband in 2024


Lots of us out there love our hunting, fishing, shooting, redneck-enthusiast husbands, but there are only so many hiking bags a girl can buy (or a husband can receive). With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s time to start getting creative.

Here are 13 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your outdoorsy husband!

Gifts are way more fun with a matching card, so we’ve designed and included them for each gift listed here. Feel free to save and print!


Funny “Thick” T-Shirt

This hilarious shirt from Armed American certainly makes a statement. If you need a gift that will get him rolling on the floor laughing, look no further. You just might have to pretend you don’t know him if he ever chooses to wear it in public.

Here’s the link: Thick T Shirt

photo of "thick" t-shirt gift
Valentine's Day card design for "thick" T-Shirt gift

“Just the Tip” Hat

Another funny choice for a Valentine’s Day gift is a dirtier joke wrapped in a more subtle presentation. Reviews from buyers comment that they love how this hat makes head turns. If that sounds like your husband, drop the $35 for a fun gift that he’ll love!

Here’s the link: Just the Tip Hat

photo of "just the tip" hat gift
Valentine's Day card design for "just the tip" hat gift

Spartan Body Armor

There’s no way your husband didn’t grow up dreaming of wearing a full suit of armor like a warrior. Show him your love this year by making those dreams come true!

Here’s the link: Spartan Body Armor

photo of Spartan Armor gift
Valentine's Day card design for Spartan Armor gift

Pop-Up Pocket Light

This pop-up light is compact, lightweight, and sure to be useful during outdoor adventures. It can charge by USB or solar, works for 3-6 hours straight per charge, and is even waterproof!

Here’s the link: Pop-up Light

photo of pop-up pocket light gift
Valentine's Day card design for pop-up pocket light gift

Zipper Lubricant

A stuck tent zipper (or pants zipper, for that matter) is enough to ruin a camping trip. This gift is useful, cheap, and a great play on words for Valentine’s Day;)

Here’s the link: Zipper Lubricant

photo of zipper lubricant gift
Valentine's Day card design for zipper lube

Built to Hike Bundle

A husband who loves hiking is a husband who’s sure to love this “Built to Hike” package. It comes with 6 fancy items: a hat, fuel bar, pain relief ointment, multi-tool card, tick remover, and emergency pack. A gift catered to his interests for only $40? Win!

Here’s the link: Built to Hike

photo of "Built to Hike" bundle gift
Valentine's Day card design for "Built to Hike" bundle gift

Waterproof Matches

For only $5, these little sticks of wood can make a life-saver in the wild and a cute little Valentine’s Day gift in your home.

Here’s the link: Waterproof Matches

photo of waterproof matches gift
Valentine's Day card design for waterproof matches gift

Knotless Rope Tie

This is inexpensive, handy, and looks super cool. I’m sure your husband already knows how to tie all the knots he needs, but this is a great way to make his life a little easier and show that you care.

Here’s the link: Knotless Rope Tie

photo of knotless rope tie gift
Valentine's Day card design for knotless rope tie gift

Bottle Cleaning Tablets

The water bottle that your husband takes on his outdoor adventures has probably never once been washed. When that day comes, which could be right after this Valentine’s Day, it’s going to need a lot of work.

Buying this pack of bottle cleaning tablets will not only help with that initial clean, but might motivate him to keep his bottle more clean in the future – since the job just got a lot easier.

Here’s the link: Bottle cleaning

photo of bottle cleaning tablets gift
Valentine's Day card design for bottle cleaning tablets gift

Camping Cuisine Bundle

The only thing he likes more than camping is eating – why not make both processes more enjoyable? This pack comes with 7 items: a stove, a FlexiBowl, a can cooler, a foldable grill, cutting boards, utensils, and a tin of camp salt.

Here’s the link: Camping Cuisine

photo of "Camping Cuisine" bundle gift
Valentine's Day card design for "Camping Cuisine" bundle gift

Gun Sight

If he’s a gun enthusiast, he’ll love this front sight tool. An affordable addition to his firearms collection might be just what he needs to feel loved this year.

Here’s the link: Sight

photo of gun sight gift
Valentine's Day card design for a gun sight gift

Pursuit Gun

If you really want to surprise him, add a new shooting buddy to his collection! It’s a lot of cash, but he’ll absolutely love it, and it’s very appropriately named (“Pursuit”) for a Valentine’s Day gift.

Here’s the link: Pursuit gun

photo of "Pursuit" gun gift
Valentine's Day card design for "Pursuit" gun gift

Protector Case

Another thing that men love is protecting their stuff. This safe looks super cool, doesn’t cost too much, and is sure to make him feel loved (and even laugh at your cheesy card)

Here’s the link: Protective case

photo of protective case gift
Valentine's Day card design for a protective safe gift


There is no end to products made for outdoor enthusiast husbands. We hope you found the perfect Valentine’s Day gift/card pair from our list today. Leave a comment if you have any more ideas!

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