Best Compound Bow For Hunting: 5 Reviews

There are so many great compound bow manufacturers in the market today. Choosing the best compound bow from is no easy task. However, if you are not an avid bow hunter, then trying to choose the single best model for you from among the seemingly endless number of choices can be a somewhat daunting task.

Furthemore, narrowing down your selection doesn’t have to be a discouraging task. Archery is our passion. We have gladly done the research and work for you. In this article, you will find a list of what we feel are the top compound hunting bows.

Our Top Three Picks

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge

Our rating

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro


Predator Raptor Bow Kit

Our rating

Raptor Compound Bow


Our rating

SAS Outrage


In the table above, you will find the best Compound Bow picks in the following categories:

1. Best Compound Bow Overall: Our favorite bow that blends quality with a budget.

2. Best Compound Bow Runner-Up: Not quite as good as our favorite, but close – and usually more budget friendly.

3. Best Comound Bow Budget Pick:  Our favorite bow for people on a budget.

Still unsure of the best compound bow to pick after looking at our comparison guide?  No problem! Take a look at our quick menu below. Each model is broken down into more detail to provide you with the information you need to make an educated buying decision.

Best Compound Bow Buyer’s Guide

Compound Bow Buying Guide - Best Compound Bow
There are five primary considerations you should make when buying the best compound bow.

All bows use leverage as a mechanical advantage to store energy in flexed limbs as you draw them. This is how archers shoot an arrow faster than you could throw one.

Before going out and knowing what to consider when buying your bow, you have to see the difference between the types of bows namely traditional bows and the best compound bow.

Traditional bows — The longbow, recurve bow and other bows without cams store this energy directly. The further you draw, the harder they get to pull, and the more energy is transferred into the arrow when released and shooting a target. The more effort and power it takes to draw a traditional bow, the faster it will shoot an arrow.

When you draw a traditional bow, let’s say, a traditional wooden recurve bow all the way to your ear, you’re holding the entire draw weight. So if your bow draws 65lbs, you’re carrying 65lbs between your hands.

This can be very hard because your hands are controlling all the tension and energy in this traditional bow. This is useful for bow hunting when the archer needs to take time in aiming and shooting its target. For more on recurve bows and the best that you can buy right now check out our previous post on choosing the best recurve bow.

Compound bows – The best compound bow is identified by the multiple strings and the system of pulleys at either end of the bow. The pulley system allows the archer to holds less draw weight with a fast arrow release. 

Compound bows are known for their extensive use in the field and 3D archery, bowhunting, and target archery. Many archers also agree that compound bows are the fastest, most powerful, most accurate bows ever made.

When selecting a compound hunting bow, there are important factors that every hunter should consider. The bow must be fast to have the flattest possible trajectory. The bow also needs to be consistently accurate. 

Furthemore, many bowhunters want a bow that draws and shoots smoothly, and quiet enough to not spook or scare the game. Also, most archery hunters want a bow with a high degree of let-off. The least amount of draw weight means less stress on the hands and arms but higher shooting power.

Beyond that, it is imperative that you choose both the correct draw weight  and the right draw length because heavier draw weights will produce faster arrow speeds. But one that is too heavy will be challenging to draw and, a draw length that is either too short or too long will make the bow challenging to shoot.

Fortunately, most modern compound bows have a considerable range of adjustment. Use this feature to  draw weight and length and then you can customize the bow to suit you. All in all the compound bow is a both practical and genius invention. Learn more about the man behind this popular bow in Who Invented the Compound Bow

Let’s look at the most critical aspects of the best compound bow for comparison.

1. Choosing a Draw Weight Range

When choosing the best compound bow for hunting especially if you’re a beginner, choosing a draw weight range is a significant concern because, the heavier a compound bow’s draw weight is, the faster it will launch an arrow and the more inertia it imparts to the projectile.

As a result, most beginner compound archers and experienced bowhunters prefer to shoot a bow that has as much draw weight as they are capable of drawing and holding because the faster an arrow of a given weight leaves the bow’s riser, the flatter its trajectory will be.

Compound bows with heavier draw weights impart more inertia to the arrow. The flatter an arrow’s trajectory is, the better it will compensate for minor misjudgments in distance.

Most states have a minimum draw weight restriction which is commonly 45 pounds for compound bows.  It’s important to take this into account when choosing a compound bow for hunting.You will need to pick one that meets the minimum draw weight restriction for your state.

Draw weights of 45 lbs. to 50 lbs. are good choices for beginner skill levels, youth and female hunters whereas, most male hunters tend to prefer to draw weights of 60 lbs. to 70 lbs. 

2. Choosing a Cam Design

The best compound bow incorporates wheels on the tips of their limbs. The wheels make the bow easier to draw by leveraging the mechanical advantage of pulleys. Pulleys provide a significant mechanical advantage. But they do not lessen the draw weight of a bow when the string is drawn to its maximum draw length.

Bow designers incorporate eccentric cams which are pulleys that are ovoid in shape and which are mounted off-center in order.  These eccentric cams cause the bow’s force-draw curve to rise rapidly to the bow’s peak draw weight at some point in the draw length prior to reaching full draw.

Furthermore, are designed to fall rapidly as the maximum draw length is reached.This results in a certain amount of draw weight reduction at full draw which is known as “let-off.”Compound bows are commonly available with one of three different types of cam designs consisting of soft cams, medium cams and, hard cams which is a reference to the speed at which the draw weight rises to its peak before the cam “turns over.”  This is the point the draw weight starts to decrease to its minimum.

Soft cams provide the smoothest draw cycle and are the easiest to draw at any given draw weight. However, they also offer the least arrow velocity. Medium cams offer the archer with a compromise between soft and hard cams. Hard cams are the most difficult to draw at any given draw weight but also impart the most magnificent velocity bow shoots to an arrow.

3. Dual, Solo, Hybrid & Binary Cams

Cam Systems - Best Compound Bow
Picking the right cam system for your bow is important.

Compound bow manufacturers also incorporate different cam systems consisting of Dual Cams, Solo Cams, Hybrid Cams and, Binary Cams.

Dual Cams: A compound bow with dual cams is one which has a cam located on each limb. This provides both advantages and disadvantages. For instance, compound bows with dual cams are generally significantly faster than their cousins.

The dual cam design imparts the maximum amount of stored energy from each of the bow’s limbs to the arrow. To work correctly, both of the cams must be in perfect synchronization (called “timing”) with each other. When the cams turn over, they do so at precisely the same moment.

Otherwise, they will cause the arrow’s nock to travel forward in an erratic pattern which can adversely affect the arrow’s accuracy. This means that timing of dual cam bows must be checked periodically and corrected if needed by adjusting the tiller or the length of the control cables.

But, even so, many archers prefer compound bows with dual cam systems because they generally produce the highest arrow speeds and quickest bow shoots. Solo cams: With this design, only one of the bow’s limbs incorporates a cam while the other limb includes a round wheel.

When the bow is drawn, the single cam acts to control the timing of the limbs to keep the limb tips in perfect synchronization with each other. Because this type of cam design is not adversely affected by string stretch or tiller adjustments, the arrow’s nock always travels in a straight line. 

Hybrid Cams: A hybrid cam system consists of two, asymmetrically elliptical cams in which the top cam serves as the control cam and the bottom cam serves as the power cam.

The purpose of a hybrid cam system is to provide the archer with the benefits of a straight and level nock travel just like a Solo Cam bow but, without the timing and synchronization issues often associated with Dual Cams. Even so, Hybrid Cam systems still need to be initially timed correctly for best overall efficiency and performance.  

Once they are correctly timed, hybrid cam systems are generally significantly faster than Solo Cam bows but are usually not quite as fast a Dual Cam system.

Binary Cams

Binary cams are a modified version of a three-groove dualcam system that slaves the top and bottom cams to each other rather than to the bow’s limbs.

Unlike single and hybrid cam systems, binary cam systems dispense with the original split-harness control cables and instead employ two cam-to-cam cables. Rather than having each cam pull the opposing limb, they instead pull only on the opposite cam.

This creates a “free-floating” system that enables the cams to automatically equalize any differences in timing caused by tiller adjustments or string and control cable stretch.

This means the binary cam system is intended to be a self-correcting cam system. Therefore, this type of cam system as fast as a dual cam system but, is virtually maintenance free like a solo cam system thus making it the best compound bow in the market today.

4. Parallel vs. Pre-Loaded Limb Design

Compound Bow Limb Design - Best Compound Bow
Limb Design is an important.

Both limb designs operate on the same principle. To create a compound bow that is free of recoil, the energy stored in the limbs when the bow is drawn must be released at an opposite angle. This causes the two opposing forces to cancel each other.

If the energy stored in the limbs is not released at opposite angles, then it will generate forward momentum. This in turn, translates to felt recoil in the riser.

Even though both pre-loaded and parallel limb designs agree in principle, they vary widely in design.

Parallel Limbs

Parallel limbs are oriented horizontally rather than vertically when the bow’s string is drawn. The limbs flex in the shape of an arc which causes bow’s limb tips to move virtually straight up and down.

When the bow’s string is released, the energy stored in the bow’s upper and lower limbs is also released in direct opposition which causes the two forces to cancel each other, and thus, parallel limbs drastically reduce felt recoil in the riser.

Pre-Loaded Limbs

These types of limbs are oriented far more vertically than parallel limbs. They require more vertically oriented limb pockets on the riser. This in turn, allows for the employment of a less radically reflexed riser design to accommodate them.  

When the bow’s string is released, the energy stored in the bow’s upper and lower limbs is also released in direct opposition. Again, this causes the two forces to cancel each other.The main difference between parallel and pre-loaded limb designs is that parallel limb designs require a radically reflexed riser design whereas, pre-loaded limb designs do not.

The primary thing to remember here is the more highly reflexed a bow’s riser is, the less forgiving it is to shoot (you’ll feel it more).

5. Axle-to-Axle Length

Last, when choosing a compound bow for hunting, it is essential to consider the bow’s axle-to-axle length. As the name implies, a compound bow’s axle-to-axle length is the distance between the cam axles on either limb measured in inches.

An extremely short compound bow would have an axle-to-axle length that measures 30 inches whereas an extremely long compound bow would have an axle-to-axle length that measures 38 inches.

The reason that this aspect of a compound bow is essential is that shorter compound bows are lighter and are significantly easier to maneuver in tight quarters such as when hunting in thick cover or an enclosed ground blind.  

They are also more convenient when hunting from a tree stand especially when a stabilizer and compound bow target sights are installed.But, at the same time, shorter compound bows are less forgiving to shoot than longer compound bows, making them more challenging to shoot with pinpoint accuracy.

Long compound bows are heavier and more difficult to maneuver when hunting in tight quarters but, at the same time, they are more forgiving, making them easier to shoot accurately.

What Most Avid Bow Hunters Prefer to Use. As a result, most avid bow hunters tend to prefer compound bows with a medium axle-to-axle length. Today’s archery is much more sophisticated than before. Many options are offered to the overwhelmed beginner looking to get into the sport without choosing the wrong equipment or going broke.

To pick the right pieces of equipment to start shooting your first arrow, a little bit of research is required so you can determine the proper match according to your interests and needs.

This article is all about giving the complete information you need to wrap your mind around it and fast forward your introduction to archery without falling into common traps, unlike some other beginners.

One of the first assessments that need to be done would be about some physical characteristics of yours. Why? Because you want to pick the right bow length according to the type of archery game you want to practice. You also want a proper measure of an arrow.

This starts with manageable draw weight and shoots from the right draw hand, ideally determined by your eye dominance. 

Types of Archery  

First, let’s dig into the type of archery games you may encounter to give you a strong knowledge of what is available to you as an archer which will also influence the equipment you might need.

Field Archery 

Have you ever tried field archery? This sport is set on a sprawling course outdoors, typically in the woods. In this section, competitors attempt to strike well-placed paper targets ranging from twenty to eighty yards away. If you’re a nature lover, this is the type of archery for you. But prepare to do some hiking. Downhill angles are very common.

Target Archery 

Target archery is one of the most popular types of archery game and the one featured in the Olympics. It consists of shooting at the multicolored 10-ring target as close to the center as possible, the bullseye.

Target archers shoot up to 90 meters, depending on the archer’s age, the equipment style, and if it is indoors or outdoors. Target archery features two bow styles: the recurve bow and the compound bow, though only the recurve bow is part of the Olympic Games. Still, the compound target archery is featured at the World Games. Both styles are part of the Paralympics.

Traditional Archery 

The term traditional archery has varying meanings. It could mean using either a longbow or a recurve bow, old-fashioned tools, stabilizers, modern accessories, etc. Many traditional archers choose to shoot carbon fiber or aluminum arrows and use a string made from durable synthetic materials.

Others feel that to shoot traditionally, you must shoot bows and arrows only made from natural materials such as wood, horn, and bird feathers. This is often separated in another category called primitive archery, where the archer would exclusively use one-piece bows, no take-downs. There are plenty of different activities you can participate with a trad bow: target shooting, stump shooting, 3d archery, and bowhunting are some of the popular ones.

3D Archery 

3D archery is not a video game or a movie of some sort. It refers to shooting at three-dimensional life-like animals, from small to big ones, made out of self-healing foam in situations that would mimic real-life hunting experiences.

These courses can be set in a variety of places: in the woods, in the fields and even indoors. There are two types of events, with marked yardage or not. When there is no marked yardage, the archer must guess the distance he is from the target and makes the best shot possible to achieve the highest score.

Bowhunting & Bowfishing 

Connecting with the outdoors and bringing back home, a gift of nature. Some do it for sustainability and tranquility; others do it for the thrill, and more.

It also applies to bowfishing which is growing in popularity and which can be done with pretty much any bow or crossbow equipped with the proper accessories.

With the right amount of power, trad bows, compound bows, and crossbows are all excellent means to hunt small to big games. (Here’s a quick guide to buying the best crossbow for your needs.)

Determine Your Eye Dominance 

Just like most people have a dominant writing hand or foot while playing in sport (e.g., soccer), most people have a visual eye preference without realizing it. This phenomenon is called eye dominance.

The eye dominance will usually dictate your draw hand side, primarily if you shoot with both eyes open. This gives a much brighter and more realistic field of view that you can’t get with only one eye open.

If you prefer to position yourself as per your hand dominance while having the opposite eye dominance, then closing an eye would become necessary for your shooting precision. Position yourself according to your dominant eye; it might take some getting used to but will benefit you in the long run.

Determine Your Draw Length 

The draw length is the distance between the bowstring and the grip when you hold a bow at full draw. Having the proper draw length value is essential when it comes to choosing the right equipment.

The most popular method for determining your draw length is the arm-span method, with three simple steps:

  1. Hold your arms out away from your body to form the letter, T.
  2. Use a measuring tape to find the distance from the longest fingertip on the right hand to the most extended finger on the left side. Ask someone to help you measure this distance.
  3. Next, take your measurement and divide the value by 2.5. This will give you an excellent estimation of your draw length. You can also check on the following chart.

Make sure that both arms remain parallel to the floor, and without pulling your shoulder blades together. This will give you the most accurate arm-span measurement. Now that you have your value, you may wonder what you can do with it.

Primarily, this will affect the length of arrows you must be chosen. Once you get your draw length, add 1 to 2 inches to that value, and you get your arrow length. 

So, if you have 28″ of draw length, you should pick arrows with a range between 29″ and 30″. This will not apply if you use a crossbow, arrows, also known as bolts, come in standard sizes depending on the model. The other effect would mostly be seen on recurve bows used for target archery.

The length of the bend in that discipline is significant and is based on the draw length of the archer.

Determine Your Draw Weight 

Probably the most critical aspect for a new archer is to ensure a pleasant experience from the first shot. Draw weight will most likely define your first experience and influence, whether it becomes a hobby or a passion.

First of all, everyone has different abilities and capabilities. So many factors should be taken into consideration when you want to determine a beginner archer’s draw weight. But quickly, let see the following draw weight suggestion charts below to get the big picture of what it should be like.

As you will notice, compound and recurve bows have their suggested draw weights based on different ages and levels.

Don’t Start Over Bowed

First of all, it’s essential to understand why starting over bowed can ruin your progress and furthermore, your love for the sport! You do not need to stick with the same bow or limbs for several years; you can choose to upgrade when you feel an improvement in your steadiness and strength. 

Recurve Bow

If you are into recurve bows, it might be a good idea to start with a take-down, so you can only change the limbs and keep the same riser.

You won’t need to buy a whole new bow when ready to move up in poundage. Limb prices may vary, but you may be able to spend less than $70 to get higher draw weights instead of going over $100 to get a brand new bow.

Compound Bow

If your interest leans towards compound bows, consider choosing a versatile bow with a wide range of draw weight adjustments so you can grow with your bow. The Diamond Edge SB-1 is an excellent example of versatility, allowing the archer to adjust the settings to his needs.


Longbows work a bit differently because the minimum starting draw weight is usually higher than other bows (recurves bows or compound bows). It is often seen as a challenge for archers when they start with longbows. You might have to consider starting with an entry-level recurve bow to get an easier route to obtain a good archery form and then move up to a longbow eventually.


You don’t have to hold the string with your force before shooting. Crossbows have huge draw weight to pull to put them in cocking position, especially if you go for a recurve crossbow. If you are on a budget, you can opt for a rope cocking device. Some are even optionally integrated to the stock of the crossbow at additional cost. If you have more money to invest and that you want the cocking to be an easy go for a crank cocking mechanism.

Bottom Line and Recommendations

By selecting a higher draw weight than what you can handle, it would be hard to correct your misalignment and defects, and you won’t be able to sustain proper training periods, leading to great discomforts.

Learn the sport one step at a time, and your experience will be enjoyable, and your progress will come along. Respect the learning curve!

As you become more proficient, you can slowly increase the draw weight. Depending on each archer, you may go up 2 to 5 pounds regarding recurve bows, and this amount of weight can go significantly higher with compound bows depending on the let-off. Gradually raise the poundage until you reach the desired draw weight.

With the let-off, you won’t be carrying as much weight when reaching full draw so you can hold still before releasing your arrow for a longer period of time.

Choosing the proper draw weight for all kinds of archers is a topic that can be touchy. Determine what is right for you. Consider your level, strength, condition, and stamina as well as what you want to achieve in archery and the type of bow to use.

The more you shoot, the better you’ll become!

Time to Choose Your Bow

Now that we’ve walked you through some of the basic info you needed to know prior to choosing your first bow, it is time for you to dig into the type you want. To do so, we highly recommend that you read one of the following posts:

Top Compound Hunting Bows:

Below, you will find a list of what we feel are the top five compound hunting bows. We rank them based upon their features and technology that they incorporate. It’s always a good idea to pair your bow with a properly equipped arrow set.

We’ve done our best to break down the most critical aspects of each bow, and have included the bow specifications of each product so you can get the best compound bow your money can buy.

1. Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Black Ops:





  • Wide draw length range between…
  • Accelerates arrows to up to…
  • Redesigned cam system for a…
  • Integral stabilizer creates a…
  • Draw weight adjustable from 5…


The first on the list, the Diamond Infinite Edge Black Ops is an excellent choice for those hunters on a budget because it features a reflexed, machined, aluminum riser with a comfortable grip.

It also has solid limbs and adjustment ability that allows for a wide range of draw lengths and draw weights to create a bow that can adapt right along with an archer’s growing skills.

Also, with an IBO speed of 310 fps., the Provider is plenty fast for hunting, and with an axle-to-axle length of just 31 inches, it is a very compact bow that is easily maneuvered in a tree stand or ground blind.

The incredible range of draw lengths and draw weights makes it one of the most adjustable bows on the market and thus, it is the perfect bow for beginners because it enables them to experiment with different draw lengths and draw weights as their skills improve.

Plus it comes with a stabilizer and bow sight right out of the box.

Speed:310 fps.
Axle to Axle Length:31 in.
Mass Weight:3.3 lbs.
Brace Height:7.5 in.
Let Off:80%
Draw Weight:20-70 lbs.
Draw Length:25.5-31 in.

2. SAS Outrage Compound Bow:


SAS Outrage

Best Budget Pick




  • Outstanding Autumn Camouflage…
  • Compressed ABS Limbs for long…
  • Draw Length: 26″ – 30″
  • Draw Weight: 55 – 70 lbs.
  • Max Speed: 270 FPS


The SAS Rage has become a favorite of many over the last couple years. Many people appreciate the cost to bow ratio.  It’s a budget bow that gets the job done.It features a lightweight riser that features cutouts, along with a comfortable grip and compressed ABS limbs for a longer lifespan.

The SAS Rage is both quiet and accurate, and while some would think this is an entry level bow based on the price, it is anything but that.

With an axle-to-axle length of 35 inches, it sits right in the middle of the pack on length.If you are okay to deal without the bells and whistles of the Infinite Edge Black Ops at a fraction of the cost, this is a solid pickup.

If you are okay to deal without the bells and whistles of the Infinite Edge Black Ops at a fraction of the cost, this is a solid pickup.

Speed:270 fps.
Axle to Axle Length:35 in.
Net Weight:4.4 lbs.
Brace Height:Unknown
Let Off:70%
Draw Weight:55-70 lbs.
Draw Length:26-30 in.

3. Diamond by Bowtech Core:


Diamond by Bowtech Core

Best Lightweight Pick




  • Standard straight fit
  • 17″ leg opening
  • 2×2 wide rib-knit waistband
  • Tonal, heather, stretch,…
  • Triple needle stitching for…


The Diamond by Bowtech Core features a lightweight, reflexed, machined aluminum, riser along with Bowtech’s Hardcore limbs and their Center Pivot Extreme technology is one of the best in our bow reviews.

This technology uses the extended riser combined with a minimal limb pocket to place the pivot point of the limb near its center while allowing it to flex on either side of the pivot to produce the most precise limb alignment and the fastest response time in the industry for superior accuracy and efficiency.

It’s built with some of the leading compound bow technology on the market today and is an excellent choice for anyone with a slightly higher budget.

Consequently, the Bowtech Core is both quiet and accurate but, with a weight of 4.5 lbs. and an axle-to-axle length of 31 inches, it is rather compact.

Speed:336 fps. (w/75% Let Off)
Axle to Axle Length:31 in.
Mass Weight:3.2 lbs.
Brace Height:7.25 in.
Let Off:80%
Draw Weight:50, 60, & 70 lbs.
Draw Length:32-30 in.

4. RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit


Raptor Compound Bow

Best Mid-Tier Pick




  • Draw length adjustable 24.5-31″
  • Cams are fully machined aluminum
  • Axle to axle length of 30″…
  • Limbs made in the USA…
  • Compound design allows for 75%…


Predator Archery hit the market with a solid compound bow. It comes equipped with fully machined cams, an achievement in the mid-tier bows. Many manufacturers these days are using plastic. Also, it features a reflexed, forged, aluminum riser with pre-loaded quad limbs and dual cams that deliver a blazing 315 fps with 75% let-off.

Plus, it also features an adjustable bowstring dampener in addition to other vibration dampeners located at strategic points on the bow for less post-shot vibration and increased accuracy.

With an axle-to-axle length of 30 inches, it is quite maneuverable. And with a mass weight of just 3.6 lbs., it’s a nice addition to the low-tier price range for any beginner archer.  

It also comes equipped with a pre-installed peep sight. If you’re looking for an affordable compound bow for hunting, you can never go wrong with the Raptor.

Speed:324 fps.
Axle to Axle Length:34.25 in.
Mass Weight:4.1 lbs.
Brace Height:6 in.
Let Off:80%
Draw Weight:50- 60, & 60-70 lbs.
Draw Length:34.5-30.5 in.

5. Apollo Tactical from Expedition Research LLC:


Apollo Tactical Bow

Best Competitive Pick




  • 2016/17 SHADOW BLACK CAMO…
  • Installed Accessories -…
  • Draw Length 19″ – 30″, Draw…
  • Included Accessories -…
  • Spare Parts: Strings/Cables…


At 320 fps., the Apollo Tactical Compound bow is lightning fast. With it’s fully assembled package, it comes easily to use right out of the box.It features a CNC proprietary milled aluminum alloy riser with a built-in weighted dampening system.

It includes a total of 4 dampening units for the limbs (2 large, 2 small).The Apollo’s warranty is one of the best in the business with a full lifetime warranty on the main riser and replaced consumable parts at cost right from their factory.

A great feature about the Apollo is the adjustable draw weight from 25-70 pound without the need to employ a bow press to make the changes.

As a result, the Apollo Tactical is an excellent choice for both hunters and 3D competition shooters.

Speed:320 fps. (w/75% Let Off)
Axle to Axle Length:Unknown
Mass Weight:4 lbs.
Brace Height:7 in.
Let Off:80%
Draw Weight:25 – 70 lbs.
Draw Length:19-30 in.

Best Compound Bow Accessories

Best Compound Target Sights

Target sights allow you to have a good bullseye on your target. These are precision masters. Depending on whether you need fast, smooth, or direct, having a target sight will help with this. Many are created out of carbon fiber, which is lightweight.

For a fun little twist, the best compound target sights come in a ton of colors! You can buy one in a classic colors like silver, or in a fun color like orange.

An awesome target sight to consider is the Compound 3D version. These allow you to pick your distance, click, and stick (on the target!). With this target sight type, you will be able to set your sight from an entire arm’s length away. Typically, these allow you to choose your tension levels.

When searching for an HD Target Sight, look for some with an extension bar that dampens vibration qualities. This will give you the best and most comfortable shooting ability. Another great compound target sight to look into purchasing is the target competition sight types. These have micro-clip makers that allow for perfectly precise alignment.

Best Compound Hunting Rests

Compound hunting rests are fast loading and lock your bowhunting arrows in place for you. There are a few different kinds of these rests for hunters.

The Ultra-Rest types are easy to tune. They ensure full capture of the arrow as it goes through the entire shot cycle. These work on most bows as well, which is a big plus! Be on the lookout to purchase those that ensure quiet operation throughout.

Micro Arrow Rests are another great type out of the compound hunting rests options. This arrow rest was created with the bowhunter longing for ultimate accuracy in mind. If you are a serious hunter and want full arrow containment with no issues, this option is for you.

These come with a ball bearing drive system with is the thing that gives accuracy and operation. The brake systems attached wot these are made to give no bounce, which also helps with the ultimate accuracy. Because of how lightweight these are, being made out of aluminum, those who purchase these are promised lifetime use.

Best Compound Target Rests

Compound rests are made to be adjustable, feel good in hand, and fine-tuned accuracy wise. You will want a micro-center shooter for accuracy.

Another thing you’ll need is a very lightweight arrow rest. On average, these weigh about 3 pounds.  If you are looking for a more professional color such as black or blue, these are available. But if you are looking for a fun tool, colors like green, red, and orange are available!

You may want to look into the Rhythm Arrow Rest which has a beautiful appearance and is extremely lightweight. This type is made out of aluminum and carbon, making them not only lightweight but also rigid.

Another great Compound Target Rest is the Launcher Arrow Rest. This type is three things: solid, strong, and reliable. These are fully adjustable and contain completely solid lock down and no movement once the target rest is set.

These have aluminum bodies and stainless steel arms, making them firm but also lightweight. Compound Target Rests really only need to be a few things: firm, solid, and no-gimmicks. These are important tools for shooting in a way that shows your skill off.

Best Hard and Soft Compound Cases

Compound cases can be so many things. Convenience and protection are the two main goals of cases, no matter what type. There is a fun component here. Many cases, especially hard ones, come in colors like black, grey, or silver. But the soft ones are all types of fun.

Colors like olive, bright neon colors, and camouflage/tree designs can be found on most of the soft options.

Hard cases are weather resistant and will not be fazed by water. They are durable and have plenty of hooks, loops, and straps that will secure your bow inside and outside. A great feature on the hard cases that cannot be put on the soft cases are wheels.

Soft cases are great with pocket spaces. There are plenty on the outside that zip, clip, and lock. These come with padded shoulder straps, which means it is more comfortable to carry. Soft compound cases come with lined internal cavities that keep your case in place.

Purchasing a quality compound case is one of the most important factors. Protect your bow from being bent or broken. Choose wisely!


So, what is the best compound bow for hunting?  When choosing a compound hunting bow, you should first look for a model that is within your skill level, price range and then choose one that is fast, compact, and lightweight.

Also, you should choose a model that is both smooth to draw and smooth to shoot as well as one that is highly accurate. Then, you will need to determine the maximum draw weight that you can comfortably draw as well as your preferred draw length and then choose your bow accordingly.

But, most important of all, it is imperative that you shoot all of the bows you are considering because there is often a significant difference between the feel of one bow and another regardless of its price or technology. We hope this compound bow reviews will help in your decision in selecting the best compound bow.

And once you have purchased your bow, you can have it customized by installing a bow sight, custom compound bow string and the best bow stabilizer you can afford.

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Best Deer Attractants: 10 Different Bait Options To Lure Bucks

The right deer attractant is a key to the success of almost any deer hunting trip. There are many big buck attractants available on the market, as well as homemade deer attractants. They are specifically designed to encourage bucks out into the open where you can hunt them.

With the right attractant, you can set yourself up in a good position to wait for them to come to you. The best deer attractants are highly efficient and make the hunt easier. However, with so many options available, it helps to compare what is available to see which one will work best for you.

Many of these attractants have strong odors to attract the deer, while others offer the flavors deer can’t resist. Likewise, some attractants are available throughout the year, while others are more effective during certain times during the hunting season. Importantly, they design some of these attractants with the long game in mind.

How Do Attractants Work?

Attractants help nourish the buck, so it can develop a healthier body. Over time, the right attractant can produce deer that is much stronger for hunting and it will also produce better meat. Many of the attractants can work for luring out bucks during hunting, but it is often best to wait when using some of these products, so you get better results out of whatever animal you want to hunt.

Also, they make some products to coat other foods. By coating standard foods, the meal is more attractive and increases your chances of finding that prize trophy buck. Many attractants are perfect for applying near a trail cam, too. Hunters often add attractants near their cameras to see where deer go in a certain area. A trail cam can spot any consistencies that may show up.

Many people use trail cams to take pictures of deer and to also determine where to locate them. If you aren’t sure which deer attractant to use, fear not. Here is a helpful list of the most popular deer attractants you can use for deer and bucks.

How Should I Use Deer Attractant?

The first thing you need to remember is that deer don’t tend to wander places that they don’t typically frequent. This means that you’ll still need to scout deer appropriately to ensure you are finding the best possible spot to map out your hunt. You’ll want to utilize the attractant in an area where the deer already wander, and use it to draw them into the open.

Scouting location makes all the difference in a successful hunt. If you scout an area that’s been hunted heavily by other people, you’ll run the risk that they will pick up on the scent of other hunters. This can drive you crazy if you’ve found a great spot, but the deer do not wander around because they’ve become sensitive to the scent of other hunters, and stick to ground cover during the daylight.

A deer attractant isn’t a magic pill either. If you are out hunting in bad weather, don’t expect it to lure a trophy buck into the open during a rain storm or really windy conditions. Deer tend to hunker down in these conditions, making them less than ideal for a hunt.

You also shouldn’t count on deer attractant to make up for a bad shot with a bow and arrow or a deer hunting rifle. Shot placement is key, and just because you’ve lured a deer out into the open, shot placement is all that matters once you’ve set your sights on the perfect Buck.

Best Deer Attractants to Buy in 2020

1. Evolved Deer Co-Cain



Top Overall pick



  • A premium formulation of Deer Cane with more minerals and flavor…
  • Once placed on the bare ground, Black Magic is enriched with…
  • 4.5lb bag of mixture

The first of the attractants to check out is Deer Co-Cain from Evolved. It includes phosphorous and calcium, two nutrients that naturally attract deer. It does not require any mixing on your part. By using this product, you will attract big bucks into wide open areas. It is also appropriate for year-round use.

What’s more, the smell will remain strong for lengthy periods, attracting deer from long distances. If you use it properly, this product will significantly increase your chances of spotting a prize buck. The scent emits a “woody” aroma and it also has a nice taste that does not irritate the deer’s senses.

Deer Co-Cain adds enticing flavors that are comfortable and easy for deer to eat without being rough on the taste buds. This deer attractant is a worthwhile product that keeps deer comfortable without making them agitated in any way.

2. Whitetail Inst. Apple Obsession



  • Extremely attractive to deer, especially in the early fall and…
  • Fortified with essential minerals and vitamins to boost energy…
  • Contains 24% protection
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Can be poured directly on the ground

Apples are among the best types of fruit to feed to whitetail deer. Apple Obsession is one of the best buck attractants to offer as it includes fresh apple flavors and mouthwatering aromas. Apple Obsession contains more protein and offers various vitamins and minerals, too. It also keeps deer occupied in any area you want the beast to appear.

Apple Obsession works best during the fall and winter seasons. These are times when apples start to bloom and fall off the trees. The apple aroma will be more appealing and noticeable at this time of year. Remember, deer or buck may not respond well to this attractant during the spring or summer seasons.

3. Wildgame Innovations Acorn Rage



  • Acorn Rage was strategically developed to be both attractive to…
  • This concentrated formula is ready to use right out of the bag…
  • Place directly on ground, in trough feeders or free-choice…
  • Year round nutritional deer supplement for attracting and…

Acorns are quite popular with deer. So, Acorn Rage is the best deer lure to use in woody areas where acorns grow naturally. This attractant also encourages deer antlers to grow. It supports a healthy digestive system, too.

This makes it easier for the deer to develop a healthier body. Acorn Rage makes deer a better target for hunting that will also provide better quality meat. In addition, the high-protein and high-fat contents of Acorn Rage stimulate the appetites of deer and bucks.

Acorn Rage is suitable for you to use throughout the entire year. However, it works best in the fall or winter when acorns naturally fall from the trees.


4. C’mere Deer 3-Day Harvest




  • Attracts Deer from Long Distances
  • Proven 3 Day Action Super Charged with F4 Tested Under Real…
  • Proven 3 Day Action especially Late in the Season when Der are…

Another one of the top options you are likely to come across in almost every deer attractant review is C’Mere Deer. They have tested this attractant to work well for luring in deer during the late part of the hunting season. It works when deer are more likely forage for food. C’Mere Deer has a long-lasting scent that will last for days at a time.

The attractant will persist in the wild for about three days on average. This should give you enough time to plan an area for seeking out that trophy buck. The scent works well when you are on a long hunting trip. It also gives you that extra bit of time to get deer to come out to an area or to see them with ease. C’Mere Deer attractant significantly increases your chances of finding that dream buck.


5. Primos Donkey Juice Molasses



  • Sweet Acorn and molasses flavoring attract all Deer
  • Great source for critical minerals
  • High fat/high energy formula
  • Instant mineral site
  • Can be poured over stumps, feed or directly on the ground
  • Sweet acorn and molasses flavoring to attract all deer

Some of the best products for how to attract deer come in liquid form. Primos Donkey Juice attractant features a liquid formula that includes molasses and acorn flavors. This attractant contains more fat and calories to give bucks more energy.

Donkey Juice works well all year long. It can also target many types of deer, including the whitetail deer. Donkey Juice is also flexible because you can apply to many types of surfaces. You can pour this deer attractant over a tree stump or other wooden surface. You can also add Donkey Juice directly to the ground over a wide space, as well.


6. Buck Bomb Sugar Beet Smash




  • Draw in hungry post-rut bucks
  • Sugar Beet Smash features NVERTR 180-degree ball valve
  • Can do short bursts or lock down the valve to empty the can
  • Can travel in excess of a ¼ mile on a 3mph breeze
  • It will stick to anything it contacts, leaving a scent trail

One of the top scents to use as an attractant is Buck Bomb Sugar Beet Smash. It works more as a scent than a nutritional product. Sugar Beet Smash produces a coating that creates a fine sugar beet flavor over anything it touches. Deer will be more interested in eating anything with this sugary solution. Sugar Beet Smash coating works with a natural sugar beet flavor.

This type of deer attractant provides the buck with a slight bit of energy, allowing it to keep on hunting for food and stay active. Beet Smash coating can also travel along a slight breeze. It can travel up to about a quarter of a mile on a three-mile-per-hour breeze. Therefore, it produces a strong trail that does not extend too far yet creates a comfortable scent deer cannot resist.


7. Buck Bomb Persimmon Dream




  • Comes in a 1 gallon jug
  • Extremely sweet and potent Liquid attractant
  • Persimmon flavored
  • Great for use with trail cameras and any time you want to bring…
  • Made in the USA

The next choice from Buck Bomb is another liquid solution they call Persimmon Dream. It is an incredibly sweet and sugary scent that deer simply adore. The scent lasts for about one to two days on average. The scent does not cause any harm to deer. It also blends in perfectly with the local surroundings, creating a comfortable space for bucks to head to naturally.

The scent is seriously potent and will not brush away quickly, retaining its strength for a few days. The scent also relaxes deer, helping them feel at ease in any space. You should use Wicked Lick Persimmon Dream over a few days. Also, be sure to spread it out over the maximum amount of space to ensure the best possible results.


8. Rough Ridge Rack Salt Lick




  • MOISTURE ACTIVATED – Natural effervescence reactivates the…
  • LESS SALT – 26 percent salt which means more room for the…
  • PROVEN RESULTS – Rack Snack has been used by enthusiasts for over…
  • ULTIMATE MINERAL SUPPLEMENT – Perfect formula for the ultimate…
  • BIGGER. BETTER. RACKS. Click the orange button now and Add To…

Although the name of this Rough Ridge product uses the term, salt lick, the attractant does not contain as much of the mineral as you may expect. Rack Snack contains a salt-like body that is alluring to deer. But what makes it important is that they have formulated it to contain less salt. Less salt means deer and buck will have an easier time taking in the minerals in this product.

This is a moisture-activated deer attractant, as well. The salt lick activates the minerals as it gets wet. This allows the deer to get the minerals they need. Although Snack Salt Lick works well throughout much of the year, does particularly well during the spring and summer months when bucks are looking for water to keep cool.

The reduced salt content also ensures the attractant will not be tough on the deer’s tongue. The deer will keep coming back to an area where you apply this attractant. It might help to add the same material to a specific area a few times before going after a deer to keep it from becoming suspicious about a certain area.

Although it does have a salt lick name, the product is not necessarily something that has a salt texture or feeling to it. This is a flexible, useful product that will cater for almost any feeding and attractant need.


9. Evolved Habitat Raisin Cane




  • Raisin Cane is a carefully blended mix of roasted soy meal, real…
  • High protein & fat content super attractant
  • Raisin Cane’s proprietary, nutrient packed mix contains 100% real…

This next attractant features several natural foods Evolved Habitat has formulated to be more attractive to deer. They have included soy meal, raisins, rice bran and other healthy grains in Raisin Cane. The high-protein and fat content of Raisin Cane provide deer with added energy. The real raisins are especially good because they are easy for deer to eat.

The scents are natural and distinct in tone, making them more appealing to approaching deer. The visual appearance of the product might look standard, but Evolved Habitat has produced this with a UV-enhanced body. Raisin Cane uses brighter-colored features they have carefully applied to the formula. This makes it easier for the deer to spot it in the forest.

Deer will go after Raisin Cane first as it is the most attractive item to eat in a given area. The coloring will not negatively influence the quality of the product. The texture has a powdery look, but it has enough solid material to make it easy for a buck to see. Small raisin bits stand out from the other features inside this deer attractant. These bits of fruit increase the attraction of deer to this product, too.


10. Evolved Habits Buck Grub




  • Deer can’t resist
  • Toasted almond aroma
  • Packed with protein and minerals
  • Optimal levels of fat
  • Incredible energy source

The last of the attractants to check out is another from Evolved Habits. Buck Grub contains toasted almond cuts and whole grains with a stunning aroma. The healthy grain scent adds a comfortable texture that deer and buck will go after. The added protein and strong minerals in the product make this attractant something the buck will want to consume quickly.

Evolved Habits has carefully measured the fat content, too. The fats are plentiful but they do not overwhelm the protein. This gives you more control over how well you attract deer to an area. The comfortable design of the product is easy for you to add anywhere. It comes with a soft powder formula.

Although Evolved Habits Buck Grub attractant will spread out on any surface, it works best on rocky areas it could be easier for the buck to see it.


A Few Final Words

All these options for how to attract deer are worth looking into before your next outing. Make sure you plan your deer hunting trip carefully with these attractants in mind. You can apply these products to any area you want to hunt deer. They are also easy to use and travel well.

Keep tabs on how you go about the overall hunting process when using these products. Make sure to store and handle anything you use in a careful, cautious manner. When using deer attractants, spread them out evenly and use according to the package directions. Also, take care to store attractant products secure place, so they stay fresh longer.

Using deer attractants properly is vital to your overall hunting success. Apply these products carefully to attract the deer you want to find. Before you know it, you may well come face to face with that trophy buck.

Ozark Trail Tent Review

Are you sitting by the campfire dodging the drifting smoke, or laughing with your favorite people while making s’mores? Maybe you are just sitting in silence and solitude, letting the quiet moments seep into your soul. These are the moments that fill us with the gratitude and well-being experts agree we need. It takes a lot of work and considerations to create these moments, as camping takes some planning. Reading an Ozark Trail tent review just might help you get prepared.

The definition of camping depends on who you ask. Some prefer the solitude of backpacking and want to carry everything they need in one tidy bundle. Others prefer a more glamorous approach and bring everything but the kitchen sink along to the campground to create their perfect camping setup. It is not important how you camp; what is essential is disconnecting from everyday life and reconnect with nature, yourself, and the company you chose to keep.

In either case, the memories made will last a lifetime.

Ozark Trail Tent Review: Got Tents?

There are many choices when it comes to tents. The truth is, when deciding what tent you need, there are some ideas to consider.

Specifically, the size of the tent you need depends on how many people are camping with you. Are you camping with family and need the best family tent to keep them close or with friends with their own gear? Sometimes your campmates will have their own sizable tents, so consider that while evaluating space.

Also, depending on your camping threshold of being without comforts, you may want to contemplate how much room you need to keep your gear and other belongings. A four-person tent can become cramped quickly, even with just two people. A manufacturer will indicate the tent is suitable for four people, but that is just sleeping side by side in a sleeping bag. It is a different story when you sleep on an air mattress, or your campmates prefer a more spread out approach to setting up camp.

Some campers prefer to spread out into a large family size tent even without sharing the space with anyone. There are tents for that!

We want you to live your best camping life according to your personal preferences, whatever they may be, so the memories created are not those of frustration.

Ozark Trail Tent Review: What to Expect When You Are Camping

Ozark Trail makes a lot of products, including tents, and the large variety of tents means it is easy to find one that suits your adventures. Finding an Ozark Trail tent review is a great start.

The specifications of tents matter as you decide the functional aspects you require in your home away from home. Capacity and comfort are a critical consideration, as is ease of assembly. It is not just the number of people in those tents; it is what they desire to bring along.

There is no frustration like the frustration of a complicated tent.

Ozark Trail Tent Review: How We Did It

Our Ozark Trail tent review is comprehensive for the specifications that matter to campers.

We took a look at three Ozark Trail tents, and we also took a look at similar tents of different brands to compare features, so you have a comprehensive view.

We’ll give an overview of each tent’s helpful and notable features, and we will look at verified customer reviews. Customer opinions are essential to the process because who knows the product better than the people who use it in the real world?

We understand camping gear is expensive, and a tent is a substantial investment. Because of this, we want our Ozark Trails ten review to help you pick the tent that makes sense for your adventure and will contribute to years of building memories.

When Camping Is the Only Option Left

It is time to go. It is time to leave the everyday life and pack up your gear, drop it in the woods, and live in nature. We looked at different tents and evaluated the high points to help you with your decision.

In no particular order, the tents in our Ozark Trail tent review have something for everyone.


Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room Cabin Tent with 2 Side Entrances

This extra-large option from Ozark Trails sleeps 10 campers if you are using sleeping bags. The tent is 20 feet by 10 feet and has two room dividers, so you can separate living from sleeping space.

The areas are large enough for a queen-sized air mattress in each sectioned off space, according to reviewers.

There are three ways into this tent; One entry at the front and center of the tent, and two others on either side. This entry system makes entering specific sections of the tent rather easy. Extra entries are especially lovely when you want to avoid tripping over your family members in the middle of the night.

Are you over tracking mud and dirt into your tent? This tent has a special spot to stash your muddy shoes and a mat to wipe your feet before you enter the tent. This is a fantastic option for those of us still working out ways to clean mud off our tent floors.

There are six windows, and the roof is mesh with a removable rain fly making checking out the beautiful sky as easy as glancing up.

This family-size tent features enhanced Weather Armor to keep you dry, and the bottom is a tub-style floor to prevent leaks from the ground.

Reviewers suggest sealing this tent before taking it out camping, and they also note to be sure the rain fly is positioned correct
ly to keep from pooling water. When the pooled water on the fly touches the mesh of the roof, it may drip into the tent.

For a view of how easily this tent sets up, check out this video.


​Ozark Trail 2-Person Hiker Tent

Ozark Trail 4-Season 2-Person Hiker Tent (orange)

  • Sleeps 2
  • Full fly coverage
  • The Ozark Trail hiker tent is…
  • 2 vestibules for gear storage
  • 2 doors provide separate…

The next tent by Ozark Trail in our Ozark Trail tent review is designed for four seasons and two people. It is not a large tent, but the features make up for size.

There are two doors one this backpacker-friendly tent, so you do not have to climb over anyone to get in and out. The fly is removable, and the shelter provides plenty of ventilation.

This tent has a loop for hanging a lantern at the top of the ceiling, and it features mesh pockets for cell phones or other small items you may want close at hand.

Reviewers note how easy this tent is to set up, and they also commented on how much they appreciate the double vestibules for gear storage. On the other hand, reviewers did recommend having a footprint for under the tent, and to be aware that the zipper is a bit stubborn.


​Ozark Trail 9 Person 2 Room Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room

This tent sleeps nine campers in sleeping bags or two queen-sized air mattresses and includes a screened-in area at the front that is reminiscent of a screen porch. It has plenty of headroom and possesses a room divider to separate living and sleeping areas.

The screened-in area does add more space, but be aware it does not have a floor. It is part of the tent but is more of a screened outdoor area.

The tent also has a handy built-in mesh storage holder for small items and an access point to run an electrical cord into the tent. It also features six windows for that beautiful view.

Because the poles are already attached to this tent, it sets up in less than two minutes. Reviewers verified its simplicity in setting up, but they also did note two people are needed to set up as the tent is rather large and heavy.

So Much Pressure

There are so many tents on the market, and making a decision may be overwhelming. It can be particularly stressful because having the right tent makes a huge difference when camping. We all want to be comfortable at night, and we want our family to settle in and make good memories on your camping trip.

Part of making the best choices is evaluating more than one option to compare features, and no honest Ozark Trail tent review would be complete with reviewing some competitors.

Before you decide, consider similar types of tents to compare the features. After all, the more you know, the easier to focus on the needs of the campers.


Tahoe Gear 10-Person Olympia

Tahoe Gear Olympia 10 Person 3 Season Tent, Orange/Ivory |…

  • Generous overall size and easy…
  • Easy to assemble shock-corded…
  • Durable 1200mm polyester tent…
  • Coordinating 1200mm polyester…
  • Power slip near door allows…

This tent sleeps nine campers in sleeping bags or two queen-sized air mattresses and includes a screened-in area at the front that is reminiscent of a screen porch. It has plenty of headroom and possesses a room divider to separate living and sleeping areas.

The poles for this tent are shock-corded and use the pin-and-ring system for easy setup.

The body of the tent is 1200-millimeter polyester, as is the rain fly. This material makes it suitable for both cold and warm weather. The rain fly also extends far enough over the door to provide some extra coverage. A handy feature while going in and out of the tent during rain.

This tent features a spot for an extension cord to enter the tent, as well as floor vents at a sleeping level to aid in air circulation.

It is noted to be conscientious of the rain fly and apply it correctly to prevent water from dripping and pooling into your tent.


GeerTop Toproad 2Plus Double Layer 2-Person 4-Season Dome Winter Tent

GEERTOP Ultralight 2 Man Tents for Camping Waterproof Double…

  • 【EASY TO SET UP】Quick and…
  • 【2 PERSON TENT】Enough room…

The GEERTOP Backpacking tent is another option for the trekking campers. Just like the other option we considered, this tent is a two-person four-season shelter. This tent has room for two campers in sleeping bags, but reviewers also note the ability to fit a queen-size air mattress inside.

This uncomplicated light-weight shelter sets up quickly with one person.

The shelter includes double mesh windows for ventilation, the convenience of mesh storage pockets, and a ceiling hook for a lantern.

Just like the previous tent, this option includes duel doors enabling campers the freedom of entering and exiting without climbing over anyone. Also, it possesses an outer vestibule for shoes and gear storage at both entrances.

The tent itself is double-layered and entirely rainproof. Because the surface is slippery, snow sheds easily. Another feature winter campers may like is the snow skirt at the bottom edge of the tent.

Reviewers like this tent for how well it holds up in extreme temperatures. However, they also note the carrying sack tears easily, and the tent does not ventilate well when closed for winter camping. Also, it’s a little on the heavy side for backpackers.


9 Person Instant Cabin Tent 14′ X 9′ 

The last competitor in our Ozark Trail tent review by Core. This tent will sleep nine campers in sleeping bags and will fit two queen-sized air mattresses.

The setup time for this tent is quick, as the poles are already attached. Reviewers verified it truly does set up as quick as advertised.

There is a mesh ceiling and several large windows and doors with this option. With the room divider up, you can create two separate spaces.

Furthermore, there is a side T-door, and with the room divider up, this space can feel connected to the outside world, but still have the benefit of a tent floor. There is also a D-style door on a different side for multiple points of entry.

With H2O Block Technology and heat-sealed seams on the tent and rainfly, the water stays out.

Reviewers enjoyed the electric cord access port and the storage pockets on the tent walls. Reviewers noted, however, the lack of customer service when issues pop up. Some problems include brand-new poles and zippers breaking, ripped seams, and holes in the fabric after minimal use.

When Life Gets Complicated

Life has a way of getting in the way of a full decompression. Camping either solo or with friends and family hit the reset button. It gives you time to breathe.

Having a comfortable camp set up and tent situation helps you get into the camping spirit. On top of that, you’ll wake up rested and ready for another day of, well, rest.

Having the right tent helps get you into the adventurous zone, and the right tent really comes down to what you need. All these tents in your Ozark Trail tent review have features that make camping easy and stress-free. But what is right for your camping neighbor, may not be a great fit for you.

What tent worked best on your adventure? Answer in the comments!

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Superfeet Green Review: An Insole With Your Comfort in Mind

We start our Superfeet Green review with a bold assertion: Your feet are the hardest working part of your body. They take you where you want to go. And whether you’re walking or running, hiking, biking, golfing, or just plain working, insoles such as Superfeet Green can give your tootsies a break.

Insoles are designed to slide into your shoes to deliver support and comfort to every part of your foot. They can also play a role in heading off or easing aches and pains that can come from overwork.

Superfeet Green insoles target individuals with high arches. They are just one part of a broad line of inserts made by Superfeet to address different sizes, shapes, and situations with your feet.

Have you come here wondering if these are right for you? Our Superfeet Green review will help you decide.


blue shoes

image by pixabay

To begin our Superfeet Green review, let’s first look at the broader category of insoles and what they do for our feet.

Insoles are thin pieces of material to provide support for your arches and other parts of your feet. They can be used both as a preventative measure, to lessen the chance of planter fasciitis or other conditions. They also can help ease existing pain, whether chronic or otherwise.

The primary function of insoles is to provide support for the foot and help keep your gait in proper alignment, so the muscles, tendons, and ligaments work in harmony.

As you consider our Superfeet Green review and read more about insoles, you might also come across the term “orthotics.” As a general matter, the two terms are interchangeable. Orthotics are more often used to refer to inserts that are professionally customized to your particular situation based on a prescription from your doctor.

Customers purchase insoles such as Superfeet on an over-the-counter basis. But the two categories have the same purpose, which is to deliver support and comfort throughout the day.

Inserts are a standard accessory for runners. But they’re also handy in hiking and many other activities on your feet.


For now, we don’t have to concern ourselves with the custom orthotic category. We’re talking about Superfeet, an employee-owned company based in Ferndale, Washington.

Superfeet makes a broad line of professional-grade over-the-counter insoles as well as footwear.

Superfeet GREEN Insoles, Professional-Grade High Arch…

  • FIT PROFILE: High volume /…
  • STABILIZER CAP: acts as the…
  • DEEP HEEL CUP: features the…
  • SUPERFEET SHAPE: a high…

The Superfeet Green line targets individuals with high arches. The inserts use a very dense foam that’s rigid when you need it but also provides flexibility. The idea isn’t to lock your foot into one place but to guide it to the most natural position for your body.

One area of your feet that takes a beating is the heel. The Superfeet Green insoles include a deep heel cup to take away the impact of connecting with the ground.

Superfeet insoles will retain their effectiveness for about a year — or, if you’re more active on your feet, for 500 miles. After that point, the support layers will start to break down.

Keep in mind that Superfeet Green inserts come with a break-in period. If you’ve never worn insoles before, they will take some time to feel comfortable on your feet. Don’t start with a lengthy run or walk with the insoles, as it denies your feet and the insole itself a chance to adjust.

A typical Superfeet review written by a happy customer will mention the fine line between softness and support.

Where to buy


comfortable shoes

gif by giphy

We consulted several sources to build our Superfeet Green review. Our initial focus was on understanding what the medical profession had to say about the effectiveness of insoles. So we consulted opinions from institutions such as Harvard Health Publishing and individual provider blogs such as Pain Science and Spectrum Foot Clinics.

To round out our Superfeet Green review, we also paid close attention to customer reviews on sites such as And, of course, we studied the information on the Superfeet site.

Our goal was to create a straightforward look at the Superfeet Green and what it can do for your feet.


Superfeet is a name you can’t escape when shopping for insoles. But it’s not the only name. The market offers excellent choices. And as part of our Superfeet Green review, we wanted to introduce you to some options.

One note: We stayed away from the Dr. Scholl’s brand. Consider those to be more “entry-level” inserts for more mild conditions. Our focus was on brands that provided insole technology comparable to Superfeet.


Spenco Total Support Max Shoe Insoles, Women’s 11-12/Men’s…

  • Rigid arch support for maximum…
  • For athletes looking for rigid…
  • Improves motion control to…
  • Advanced support for the arch…
  • Unconditionally guaranteed for…

Wherever you find Superfeet, the chances are good you will also find selections from Spenco, a North Carolina company. Like Superfeet, Spenco provides a full line of foot care products that include insoles and orthotics.

Spenco insoles aim to provide support across several on-your-feet activities — walking, running, cross-training, hiking, other sports, and even just for prolonged standing.

The Spenco Total Support Max brand is similar to Superfeet Green in that both address people with higher arches. Spenco takes a different approach, however. Spenco inserts include “pods” of varying degrees of hardness. These are placed at crucial areas of the foot to ease the amount of force on your feet.

Both Spenco and Superfeet seek to steer the foot in a way that reduces or eliminates “over-pronation,” which most foot experts believe can causes foot or leg problems.

The Max line is by design stiffer than other insoles made by Spenco. It targets the more serious athlete who is putting numerous miles on their legs during the week.

Customers indicate in their reviews that the Spenco inserts have successfully helped curb foot pain and correct over-pronation and even provide a solution to flat feet.

Where to buy


Powerstep Original Orthotics Insole, Blue/Black, Men’s…

  • Full length total support:…
  • Moderate cushioning: original…
  • Designed for comfort: The…
  • For every shoe: maintain…
  • Podiatrist designed: Powerstep…

We should point out in our Superfeet Green review that insoles are not just for men. Power Step, an Ohio-based company that is also employee-owned, offers insoles geared toward the specific needs of women.

PowerStep’s Original Insoles deliver moderate cushioning while at the same time building in the right amount of support for every part of your gait.

The original insoles are multi-purpose. You can use them in your athletic shoes, but also more casual or even dressier shoes. Sometimes the most significant impact on our feet happens during the day at work.

You might find these insoles to be thinner than the Superfeet Green. But keep focused on feel. As long as they provide the support you need, don’t let the width, or relative lack of it, impact your viewpoint.

Customers from a variety of professions leave enthusiastic reviews. They are loved by Army soldiers and nurses — people who are on their feet all the time. As with Superfeet, customers advise that the PowerStep line needs a breaking-in period.

Where to buy


Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Supports Orthotics…

  • LASTING COMFORT – arch support…
  • DEEP HEEL CUP- to maintain…

Our final insert alternative is the best-seller in its category on Amazon. You might find them to be a little more affordable than either the Superfeet or Spenco brands.

Walk-Hero inserts are similar to Superfeet Green in that they also come with a deep heel cup to assist with foot positioning on every step. The more in-line you are, the less chance you have for conditions such as plantar fasciitis or tendonitis.

Walk-Hero inserts also are useful in multiple applications — walking, running, hiking, working, even biking, and beyond. You can use them in both casual, work, and athletic footwear.

Customers note that these inserts may look and feel more substantial than either the Spenco or Superfeet, but that’s part of the attraction. With thickness comes reinforced support that you’ll appreciate on your feet.

Where to buy


As with any technology, you might wonder, “do I need these?” As runners ourselves, we don’t go a single mile without the right kind of insert. So, we’re definitely biased.

But everyone’s situation is a little different. There is no single right customer. Our advice is that if you are suffering from pain or discomfort, give a pair of inserts a whirl. You might be surprised just how good your feet start to feel.

Now we’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments section below what you think about our Superfeet Green review.

Featured image by: Amazon


How To Clean A Rifle In 7 Simple Steps

Since rifles came into existence, it has always been encouraged for someone to learn how to clean a rifle properly. A rifle can be many things and has often been regarded as something that shouldn’t exist by those that fear it. However, a rifle is a versatile tool that provides food, provides a defense to the owner and their family, and a sporting item.

Due to the fact that rifles and all firearms are messy weapons and tools, cleaning a rifle is an important ritual. Furthermore, learning how to clean a rifle can be a sign of learning, understanding, and even mastery over the rifle. However, these tools have become a part of life, and it is only fair to learn to maintain them properly. Let’s put it on safe and head down-range to take a closer look.

graphic illustration of a rifle

How to Clean a Rifle: A Brief Overview

All firearms are subject to dirt, debris, and fouling from the environment, as well as the cartridges they fire. This fouling damages your rifles’ barrel, rifling, and chamber, causing a variety of dangerous reactions that are costly and tragically irreparable. Furthermore, continuing to use an unclean rifle can lead to injury and even fatalities, due to the rifle exploding.

Maintaining a rifle frequently and after each use ensures accuracy, safety, and a longer lifespan, for you and your rifle. Additionally, well-maintained rifles are less likely to jam or have a failure occur, ensuring a fail-free fire every time. Cleaning and maintaining a rifle should are the most important things to do when owning a good rifle.

graphic illustration of a rifle

How to Clean a Rifle: Into the Breach

Before you begin cleaning your rifle, a few rules should be considered and followed to ensure safety and space to work. Checking and then double-checking that the rifle is unloaded, magazines are out or empty, and there are no rounds chambered. Empty the magazine by hand and take all the ammunition and store it away from the rifle for added safety.

Whether you are shooting rimfire or a long-range rifle, being safe and mindful of your rifle is excellent. Practicing proper rifle safety is just as good, if not more so than practicing how to clean a rifle. However, we are going to go through a simple guide of exactly how to clean a rifle now.


disassembled rifle

Image: CC BY 2.0, by Bill Bradford, via Flickr

Setting the table up to work on your rifle would be the first task, as to avoid damaging the rifle. The first step is to disassemble your rifle, or field strip, which means removing the bolt, or bolt carrier. You will also want to remove any sight systems, accessories, and gadgets from your rifle to prevent interference during cleaning.

Once you have removed the operating mechanism of your rifle, you can then inspect the mechanism itself for fouling and damage. Depending on the rifle you own, strip the rifle down so you can clean the barrel and chamber safely. Be sure to inspect all the internal parts for dirt and fouling and set them aside to be cleaned.

Cleaning the bolt channel and chamber mouth

At this point, you will begin to remove any course grit and debris inside the magazine well and surrounding areas. All rifles will have grooves and spaces which catch a lot of the dirt and go unnoticed. Therefore, it is a good idea to flush out and clean those particular areas and spaces thoroughly.

With the external areas clean, you will move onto the chamber mouth, carefully and gently wiping the surface down. Also, if you have an internal magazine, it would be a good idea to clean it out thoroughly as well.

Cleaning the barrel with a nylon brush

With the previous step complete, you should move onto cleaning the barrel itself with a cleaning rod and nylon brush. Gently push the rod down the length of the barrel, keeping your hand off the rod itself and on the handle. Afterward, once at the muzzle, unscrew the brush and retract the rod and then re-attach the brush and repeat it.

You should repeat this process several times until you are sure you have gotten the most out of the barrel. Although, it is essential to remember to not pull the brush back down the barrel, pulling dirt back. Be sure to inspect the brush to see the accumulated dirt and dust or wipe it off before returning.

Initial cleaning with a patch

Attaching a jag to the cleaning rod and threading a patch into the jag is the beginning of the next step. Gently push the rod down the barrel several times, repeating the same process as with the nylon brush before. Be sure to inspect the patch for dirt to mark your progress and continue the process until you don’t see any dirt.

Deep-cleaning with barrel solvent and oil

This next step will see you using your brush and patch in conjunction with barrel solvent and oil for cleaning. Add the barrel solvent to the brush and push it down the barrel to break up any built-up fouling. You will want to repeat this process, and to be sure, look down the barrel from the rear.

With the barrel clear and clean, you will want to oil it in the same process as the ones before. Applying oil to a patch or two and running the rod and jag down the barrel a few times. Finally, incline your rifle with the muzzle downwards to allow any run-off to exit out of the barrel and muzzle.

As part of general maintenance

If the rifle has not been fired, you should clean the old oil out of the barrel with a clean patch. And, then run an oiled patch through to lightly oil the inside of the bore of the rifle. This will keep the rifle in good condition for when you do use it, but it is a good practice. Even when not in use for a time, it is also a good idea to oil the barrel and the exterior.

After firing smokeless full metal jacket ammunition

It is a good idea to clean the barrel with a brass brush and bore solvent, as per the solvent instructions. To ensure the rifle is kept clean, run a few patches through the barrel until they are clean. Additionally, it is good practice to oil after every cleaning, as it keeps the rifle in good condition for longer.

After firing smokeless lead bullet loads

For this situation, start by scrubbing the bore with bronze brushes and copper wool to remove the worst lead. Alternatively, use a solvent made for lead bullet fouling, or if using the same solvent as above as per the manufacturers’ specifications. Again, clean the barrel with patches until sure and apply oil to the barrel after the cleaning process.

After firing military surplus ammunition

After firing military surplus munitions, strip and submerge the metal parts of the rifle in warm water and ammonia. To explain, military surplus munitions are highly corrosive and foul the metal surfaces of the rifle. Soaking the parts in water and ammonia already does an excellent job of cleaning, but brushing the parts helps.

You will want to strip your rifle of all metal parts, soak and then brush them to remove all corrosive residue. Alternatively, you can soak patches in the water and ammonia and run them down the barrel to thoroughly clean it. An air compressor will dry the parts and the spaces quite thoroughly, also, remember to oil your rifle when finished.


With the cleaning of the internals complete, you can touch upon the mechanism parts, clean and oil them. It is a good idea to wipe out the bolt race or receiver with a lightly oiled patch. And with all the little bits finished, you can reassemble your rifle while still checking each part for dirt.

Finishing off

Now, with your rifle fully reassembled, make sure to clean the outside surfaces of the bolt, receiver, and barrel. A lightly oiled patch will help to get all finger marks off the surfaces, due to acid in the skin. Wiping down the entire rifle of dirt with a slightly oily rag or cloth to keep it in good condition.

graphic illustration of a rifle

How to Clean a Rifle: The Essential Cleaning Kit

Every quality rifle deserves a quality cleaning and a quality cleaning kit to ensure that it remains a factor. Here we will take a look at what items are found in an essential cleaning kit.

cleaning tools

Image: CC BY 2.0, by Joe Goldberg, via Flickr

graphic illustration of a rifle

How to Clean a Rifle: Summary

To this day, learning how to clean a rifle is still a rite of passage for those who respect what a rifle is. Through the ages, parents have taught their children the importance of firearms, specifically the importance of caring for them. Cleaning and maintaining a rifle significantly influences what it can do and how well it will do it.

Hence, ensuring it is clean ensures that when it’s used, for whatever purpose, it operates correctly every time. Rifle care methods differ from situation to situation, but the core principles remain the same.

However, it is a good idea to keep an open mind regarding your case, before getting out the cleaning kit.

Do you have any tips for those learning how to clean a rifle? Let us know in the comments section.

Featured Image: CC BY 2.0, by Ryo Chijiiwa, via Flickr

Rifle Icon: by Freepik from

Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 Review

Hunters have, at one point or another, read a Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 review. It’s one of those many tools that can help steer you in the right direction.

Inexperienced hunters often head home disappointed from their first hunting experience. That’s because they still need to be able to accurately gauge the distance from where they are to the target to make their shot count.

It’s a skill that may take years to master. In the meantime, all you can do is to fumble through your shots, eventually scaring the target away without hitting it even once. Embarrassing.

Thankfully, rangefinders were invented. These devices can help you get a more accurate aim, even if you’re a beginner.

Needless to say, rangefinders have become a must-have tool, especially for those who are just beginning to enjoy hunting. Is the Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 the best for you?

Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 Review: What It Is and How Do You Use It

Sig Sauer Kilo2200BDX Rangefinder

  • Sig Sauer sok22704 Kilo2200BDX
  • Laser range finding monocular
  • Rangefinders. Department -…

What’s a Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 review without delving into its features? But first, let us tell you: this rangefinder looks impressive.

It has a magnesium casing that makes it look elegant. You get to avoid the plasticky build of similar devices.

It also has rubber grips that help you hold on to the device even in the worst weather conditions.

Good quality glass

The Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 uses optics that are so good that professional shooters, the military, and law enforcement can use it for work. These optics have anti-reflective coatings, custom-calibrated adjustment turret systems, motion-activated light control systems, and ballistic reticles.

This rangefinder has all the technologies you would want to find in a device like this one. For instance, because of the LightWave DSP technology, you get extraordinarily speedy and accurate readings.

The Kilo 2000 has a max effective range of 1,600 yards. But depending on the target, it can be farther or nearer than that.

For example, reflective targets are ranged up to 3,400 yards. For everything else, they have to be nearer.

Trees can be ranged as far as 1,500 yards out, while you can only scope a deer not more than 1,200 yards away. It’s still impressive, nonetheless.

Ease of use

The Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 is very easy to use.

The user interface is straightforward. You only have two buttons: the RANGE and MODE buttons.

You can use the rangefinder by pressing the RANGE button once. This action will give you the reading you need.

However, if you need a continuous reading, you just long-press on the same button, and the device will update the measurements at a rate of four times every second. This feature is useful for targets that are farther away.

Lumatic display

The LCD comes with Lumatic technology that can adjust the brightness of your screen depending on the ambient light.

You can set it to AUTO so that the rangefinder will automatically adjust the intensity and brightness of the display.

You can also manually adjust the brightness by choosing from nine different presets.

Two modes of operation

You can use the Kilo 2000 to switch between the line of sight mode or the angle modified range.

Line of sight mode is used by long-range shooters as they can get information on both the distance and the angle of incline.

Meanwhile, the angle-modified mode or AMR is best for most hunting situations.

Other stuff you should know

Additionally, the Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 comes with a protective case, battery, lanyard, and instruction manual. It also has an OLED screen that you can see even under bright sunlight.

The CR2 battery can quickly provide more than 4,000 range calculations. However, it can run out quickly if you use HyperScan mode.

How We Chose the Alternatives for This Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 Review

We had four primary considerations in choosing the alternatives for this Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 review.

First is the magnification, which will determine how good the device is when it comes to spotting targets.

Combined with quality glass, magnification can help you find the targets quickly.

Next is the beam divergence, or how focused the beam is. Devices with tight beams are often more expensive and are excellent for targets that are farther away.

However, a larger beam divergence has fewer missed readings and allows you to hit the target without too much of a hassle.

You should also consider rangefinders with bigger apertures because these capture more return readings for a more accurate measurement.

We then researched different rangefinder models to make sure that they fit the bill and ticked our every box. We then checked their listings on retailer sites to make sure that they are available and well-received by users.

Precautions and Tips When Buying a Rangefinder

When you buy a rangefinder, be sure to check it thoroughly for defects the moment you receive it. It helps to ensure that the device works as it should. If it does not, you can return it while it is still under warranty.

Also, note that the manufacturer often claims a maximum range for their devices. However, in reality, the range-finding abilities of these devices will be affected by atmospheric conditions and the amount of available light.

Bright sunlight, dim environments, or snow can limit the effective range. Snow crystals can also diffuse laser beams.

As such, it is rare that a rangefinder ever gets to fulfill the maximum effective range promised by the manufacturer.

Lastly, you should be careful in handling rangefinders. Lasers can harm your eyes.

For this reason, you should keep the rangefinder out of your children’s reach. You should also remember that while most modern rangefinders are now water- and dust-proof, they’re still electronic gadgets.

Sig Sauer Kilo 2000: Before You Buy

As with any Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 review, you will want to see how this device compares to other rangefinders. How does the Kilo 2000 hold up to the TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder, ATN Laser Ballistics 1000 Smart Laser Rangefinder, and the Vortex Optics Impact 850-Yard Laser Rangefinder?


TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder – 6×24 Laser Range…

  • FULL PACKAGE; Complete…

The TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder promises that you will be able to scope targets from more than 500 yards away. The product boasts of an accurate reading within one yard at 300 yards.

It offers 6x magnification and a multi-layer clear lens. It is waterproof and lightweight at only 6.5 ounces.

If you need a handy rangefinder, then you will be glad to know that the TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder measures only 4.1 by 2.8 by 1.6 inches. It also comes with a carrying case and a lanyard.

This device is very straightforward and does not have too many features. It’s perfect for beginners as an entry-level tool or if you just want to try out hunting with the use of a rangefinder.

However, it does not have angle compensation and does not measure slope. But it offers an excellent line of sight mode.

Unfortunately, it isn’t very accurate at close range. You may also wish that their customer service was a bit better.


  • Uses eye-safe class 1 laser

  • Dust- and water-resistant

  • Find distances without the added bulk and weight

  • Easy to use

  • Has a lanyard and carrying case included in the package


  • Magnification is average, and you may miss some targets

  • Doesn’t measure slope; no angle compensation

  • Accuracy is not guaranteed at close range

  • Customer support might not be helpful despite the one-year warranty

  • Some complaints about inaccurate readings


ATN Laser Ballistics 1000 Smart Laser Rangefinder

ATN Laser Ballistics 1500 Smart Laser Rangefinder…

  • Smart Ballistic Calculator -…
  • Long Range – it helps you…
  • Maximum Accuracy – complicated…
  • Pairs with Smart HD – it also…
  • Class 1 laser with <1mW…

The ATN Laser Ballistics 1000 Smart Laser Rangefinder is a far-reaching rangefinder that can cover up to 1,093 yards when conditions are favorable. This product is an accurate device and shows you your desired information in just a few seconds.

This device connects to your phone via Bluetooth so that your phone can do all the necessary computations. As a result, you get more computing power than similar devices without this feature.

Also, you will like how the app allows you to view the distance and other information you need on another screen. More importantly, this device gives you accurate data on distance and angles.
What’s more, the mobile app will also give you point-of-impact adjustments based on the data gathered by the rangefinder.

The manufacturer covers this product with a two-year warranty.

With top-quality glass and Bluetooth capability, this device is sure to stand out, especially for those who don’t like to put rangefinders near their eyes. However, you might find the build quality quite disappointing.


  • Smart and can connect to your mobile app via Bluetooth

  • The mobile app gives you a lot of additional features and more computing power

  • Excellent optics

  • Accurate

  • Waterproof and lightweight


  • Doesn’t pair with 4K scopes unless you update the firmware

  • Cheap build quality and feels like a toy


Vortex Optics Impact 850-Yard Laser Rangefinder

Vortex Optics Impact 850 Yard Laser Rangefinder

  • The Impact Rangefinder…
  • The primary HCD mode displays…
  • A scan feature gives…
  • The Impact runs on a common…
  • Fully multi-coated optics…

The Vortex Optics Impact 850-Yard Laser Rangefinder promises accurate ranges up to 850 yards out and offers a 6x magnification to give you a closer look at your targets.

The product has multi-coated optics that give you better light transmission even in dim settings. It also has a horizontal component distance and line of sight readings, both of which are angle-compensated.

It has a black LCD where you can see the information you need. This device works fast.

One of the things that set this rangefinder apart from most other similar devices is the compact dimensions that allow you to hold it comfortably in your hand. It measures 3.8 by 3.0 inches and weighs only 5.5 ounces.

You may find that the LCD is difficult to read when you’re outdoors. Plus, the manufacturer might have exaggerated its maximum effective range.


  • Wide field of view

  • Can range targets up to 850 yards

  • Can run on one long-lasting CR2

  • Lightweight and small size


  • 6x magnification is average for these devices, you may miss on some targets

  • Some complaints about not being able to range at 400 yards

  • Hard to read LCD, especially in low light conditions

Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 Review: The Pros and Cons

It’s not often that you come across a device that impresses at first glance and then blows your mind when you get to use it. The Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 is one of these products.

On appearances alone, the Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 already has the edge over its plasticky-looking competitors.

It’s very easy to use and has several technologies that make it very accurate and fast. It also features a very readable OLED screen that has auto-brightness control.

Not only does this feature makes it easier for you to read off the display, but it also protects your eyes when you view it in dim conditions.

It’s not the cheapest rangefinder out there, but for the features that you get, it’s a bargain.


  • Fogproof and waterproof

  • Premium looks

  • Impressive range

  • Can range reflective targets of up to 3,400 yards

  • Five-year limited warranty

  • OLED display

  • Accurate within in 0.5 yards at 500 yards

  • 7x magnification


  • Eye relief at 0.6 inches could mean that those wearing glasses may not be comfortable using this rangefinder

  • Uses class 3 laser, which may be harmful to the eyes

Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 Review: You Won’t Regret Buying It

Rangefinders typically work the same way. It shoots lasers to your target and then sends it back. The device will then calculate the time it took for the laser to reach your target and return.

All of that happens in seconds, and you get a reading either in yards or in meters. What makes each rangefinder different from another is the glass used, the smarts, and even the appearance.

This Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 review can confirm that this device excels in all aspects. The design is not only eyecatching but also functional.

It is apparent that a lot of thought has been put into its design, from the lightweight magnesium cover to the rubber grips. But what makes the Kilo 2000 stand out is how it works.

It is accurate and fast. It can measure both line of sight and slopes. And compared to other devices, it offers more features.

All of these reasons combined make the Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 very easy to recommend.

Have you decided on a device mentioned in this Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 review? Tell us which one in the comments.

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Here’s How To Put Fishing Line On A Baitcasting Reel Without Getting Tangled Up

Fishing is a leisurely activity that’s enjoyed by millions of people all around the world. Although it might seem like a simple activity, there are skills you need to learn. One of those skills to learn is how to put fishing line on a baitcasting reel.

Learning how to put fishing line on a baitcasting reel might not seem complicated, but it takes a little bit of practice. However, if you take your time and work meticulously, you’ll be able to learn this skill in no time.

If you’re new to fishing, there’s probably a couple of terms you’re unfamiliar with, such as fishing line or baitcasting reel. You may have heard the names but might not be sure what these things are. As a result, you need to know what you’re working with before you learn how to put fishing line on a baitcasting reel.

graphic illustration of a fishing rod

What Is Fishing Line?

Fishing line is a very thin cord that you use for fishing or angling. It looks like string, but it’s much more durable. Although you might think that you can use regular string while fishing, you won’t have as much success as you will with fishing line.

Several things make fishing line better than regular string for fishing. Firstly, it’s much thinner than regular string. This makes it more difficult for the fish to see the line.

Since they can’t see the line, they won’t be scared away from the bait. This will give you a higher chance of catching a fish.

Not all fishing lines are the same. Some need to have more abrasion resistance, and some need more breaking strength. The fishing line you need depends on the environment you’re fishing in.

However, as a beginner, you should be stick to regular fishing line for your expedition. There’s no need to start using special fishing line until you’re a little more experienced.

graphic illustration of a fishing rod

What Is a Baitcasting Reel?

Before you can learn how to put fishing line on a baitcasting reel, you need to know what a baitcasting reel is. A baitcasting reel is a specific type reel used by fishers.

With a baitcasting reel, you can launch the lure further than with other reels. This is because the line flows in a straight line off the spool. In other reels, it moves in a more circular motion.

Unfortunately, baitcasting reels are more challenging to use than other reels. They take a lot of time to master, and it takes a while to get comfortable. However, once you master the baitcasting reel, you’ll be able to cast with great accuracy.

Baitcasting reels also allow you to fish from a longer distance. This makes them an appealing choice in many fishing locations if you have the space.Unfortunately, baitcasting reels are more challenging to use than other reels. They take a lot of time to master, and it takes a while to get comfortable. However, once you master the baitcasting reel, you’ll be able to cast with great accuracy.

a man holding a baitcasting reel

Image Source:

Baitcasting reels also allow you to fish from a longer distance. This makes them an appealing choice in many fishing locations if you have the space.

graphic illustration of a fishing rod

What’s the Difference Between a Spinning Reel and Baitcasting Reel?

a spinning reel installed on a rod

Image Source:

Now that we’ve covered what a baitcasting reel is, we’d like to compare it to spinning reels. Spinning reels are some of the most popular reels among fishers. They are incredibly easy to use, especially for someone new to fishing.

All you need to do is flip the bail, put a finger on the line and cast. They close the bail and turn the handle to reel it back in. It’s as easy as that.

Spinning reels are preferred when using lighter baits. This is because the distance you get on a cast is limited by how hard you’re able to cast the bait.

The line flows off the spool with almost no resistance. As a result, the lighter baits allow you to get more distance.

When comparing the two reels, spinning reels are the easier of the two to use. As a result, if you’re a beginner, you should go with this option.

However, if you’re more experienced, you may want to switch to the baitcasting reel in certain situations. Being able to get more distance when you cast will allow you to fish in calmer areas. This will lower the risk of the fish being scared off by the motion of your boat.

graphic illustration of a fishing rod

How to Put Fishing Line on a Baitcasting Reel

Now that you have the basic knowledge, it’s time for you to learn how to put fishing line on a baitcasting reel. Make to pay attention, or you may end up getting things tangled.

The knots

Before you can begin learning how to put fishing line on a baitcasting reel, you need to figure out which knot is best for you. The knot you should use depends on the type of line you’ll be using with your reel.

Arbor knot

The arbor knot is one of the most common knots used by fishers. When using mono backing, it’s best to use this knot. It’s also good to use an arbor knot if you’re planning on attaching braid to the spool.

An arbor knot is simple to tie. The first thing you’ll want to do is wrap your line around the arbor of the spool. Next, tie a simple overhand knot around the standing portion with the tag end.

Once you’ve done this, you should tie a second overhand knot in the tag end. It should only be an inch or two away from the first knot.

Then pull the standing part of the line to slide the first knot down to the spool. Jam the second knot against the first. Trim any extra line, and you’re good to go.

Double uni-knot

If you’re using a mono backing, you’ll need to attach it to the braided line. The best knot to use here is the double-uni knot. This knot is a little more complicated than the last and will take some practice.

First, overlap the ends of the lines to be joined. Then, take the end of the line from the left side and double back. You wrap it around both lines three to four times and through the loop.

Makes sure everything is tight and repeat the process on the other end. Once this is done, you can pull the lines away from each other to slide the knots together. Then all you need to do is clip the ends, and you’re good to go.


Spooling is the part of the process that most people will think about when they think of learning how to put fishing line on a baitcasting reel. Although this step isn’t difficult, there are ways for things to go wrong. So, you need to be slow and meticulous while working.

baitcasting reel installed on fishing rod

Image Source:

Once you have your knots tied and the line is through the line guides, you can get started. You’ll want to have someone else at the end of your rod holding the spool between a pencil. This will make it so the line comes off smoothly.

Make sure that before you start reeling to grip the line with your thumb and pointer finger. This will create tension, and it will force the line to go on the spool tightly.

To reel the line onto the spool, all you need to do is turn the handle in the same way you would reel in a fish. This will allow you to store lots of line on your fishing rod.

Don’t overfill the spool

A common mistake new fishers make is overfill the spool. You might not think that having a lot of line on the spool could cause issues, but it can. As a result, you should make sure to stop when the line reaches one-eighth of an inch from the top.

Having too much line on your spool will make it a lot more challenging to cast. You’ll also run into situations where the line is slipping off the edge. This will result in tangles, which can be a nightmare to deal with.

graphic illustration of a fishing rod

What Do You Need to Go Fishing?

Now that you’ve learned how to put fishing line on a baitcasting reel, you’re probably ready to start fishing. However, before you get started, you need to gather all the things you need for a fishing trip.
The first thing you need is your fishing rod and reel. You also need the fishing line that you attached to your rod earlier. However, you might want to bring some extra in case it breaks.

You should also bring extra fishing hooks and a wide selection of live and plastic bait. The exact bait you need is dependant on the type of fishing you’ll be doing.

licensed fishing preserve signage on a lake

Image Source:

Are there any fishing laws?

You may also need a state fishing license depending on your age. The fishing laws are different from state to state, so you’ll need to investigate that before you head out.

Rules and regulations about fishing in the United States differ by region. There are eight significant regions in the United States: Alaska, Atlantic Highly Migratory Species, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, New England/Mid-Atlantic, Pacific Islands, South Atlantic, and West Coast. Take the time to investigate the basic laws for your region and stay informed on any updates.

Safety tips for fishing

The first thing to do before you get on a fishing boat is put on a life jacket. If you fall off the boat, you’ll be glad to have the flotation device.

There are some of you who are strong swimmers and might not think you need a life jacket, but even experienced swimmers may panic from falling off a boat. As a result, having a flotation device is a must for everyone.

You should also keep your boat neat so you don’t bump into things. Additionally, keep your hooks in a box, so you don’t accidentally stab yourself. You should also keep a first aid kit with you in case of emergencies.

a life jacket

Image Source:

graphic illustration of a fishing rod

Let’s Go Fishing!

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The 11 Best Canopy Tents For Coverage When You Camp

When it comes to camping gear, cheap can turn into expensive rather fast. Repairing and replacing equipment can quickly add up financially, and it also raises frustration levels. Certainly not how you planned to spend your time connecting to nature. When it comes to buying gear such as the best canopy tent, it pays to pay attention to value.

That does not mean what you are looking for needs to be expensive. Keeping an eye on value compared with your actual needs means you will find a high-quality camping canopy that suits your camping lifestyle.

Comparison Table

The Best Canopy Tent: There Are so Many

There are several varieties of canopy tents. They tend to vary significantly in size, intended use, and ease of set-up.

It is what it is

Canopy tents serve many purposes, including commercial, beach, and camping. These tents are different than your camping tents you sleep in. Canopy tents offer protection from daily elements so your downtime is not spent in your tent when you could be enjoying the company.

In this case, we are focusing on the best canopy tent for camping. It is worth noting the canopy you choose may have an alternative use in your life, as it can go from the woods to the beach.

pop up canopy tent

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Let’s go camping, they said

Camping canopies are incredibly useful. From keeping the bugs away and the beating sun off you to shelter from unexpected torrential rain, the best canopy tent is worth toting to your camping adventure.

Choices, choices for the best canopy tent

Some options need considerations before you begin shopping. You need to ponder the ease of set up. Will another person be helping set up camp? Some canopies are more manageable to set up with a second person.

How many people are camping with you? If you have a crowd, you are going to need a bigger canopy or more than one.

a group pitching the canopy tent

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The ease of carrying varies between canopies. Some are easy to move, and others are bulkier and more difficult to maneuver. Generally, they all have a carrying bag of some sort.

Strength matters when it comes to canopy tents, as well. Depending on camping conditions, you will need to think about wind and rain when making your decision.

Size does matter, especially when you must think about how many people are camping with you. If you camp with a crowd, a small canopy will leave some on the outside looking in.

Accessories might be a deal-breaker for you. Knowing you can add sidewalls or other functional extras might be a tipping point in your decision-making process. Some helpful accessories include sand weights for the legs, and sidewalls both with and without windows.

How We Reviewed

Camping is one of those adventures people take seriously. We know how much you invest in the right gear to satisfy your adventurous spirit. We also know you spend time researching to make sure you buy what you need and avoid disappointment in products that do not measure up to your standards.

Also, we reviewed each canopy tent’s notable features pointing out the questions we knew you would ask. Finally, we looked at manufacturers’ specifications before presenting you with these options.

Introducing the 11 Contenders for Best Canopy Tent

In no particular order, here is an overview of several highly-rated options for the best canopy tent you might consider taking camping.


Euromax 10 by 10 Canopy Tent

Eurmax 10’x10′ Ez Pop-up Canopy Tent Commercial Instant…

  • Eurmax canopy is the most…
  • 10×10 Ez pop up frame:…
  • Three Height positions,…
  • 10×10 Commercial canopy tent…
  • Pop up canopy top front…

The Euromax Canopy Tent is not only easy to transport; it is easy to set up. The canopy comes with a rolling storage bag. This bag is easy to roll and is over-sized to avoid the struggle to put the canopy away when finished.

The frame of this canopy is adjustable to three different heights. A quick tip regarding adjustable legs on canopies: Adjust the canopy top on the top of the frame before raising the frame to its full height. The frame is rust-resistant and has a full truss structure design that makes it durable.

Being 10 feet by 10 feet, it can hold 8 to 10 people, depending on everyone’s comfort level with closeness and, of course, what else you need to keep under your canopy other than people. We noted not every canopy indicated it could hold the same amount of people, even if the canopies were the same size. In the case of camping, the answer depends on what you need.

This camping canopy comes with four sidewalls. These sidewalls help protect from rain and other elements of nature. Since these are included with the canopy tent already, you eliminate needing to buy them afterward.


Core 10 x 10 Instant Canopy

CORE 10′ x 10′ Instant Shelter Pop-Up Canopy Tent with…

  • Instant 2 minute setup; 100 sq…
  • CORE H2O Block technology with…
  • Large oversized pinch-free…
  • Includes wheeled carry bag for…
  • Straight Leg Canopy measures:…

The Core Canopy has a wheeled case for travel. It also takes only two minutes to set up and take-down, as it has scissor joints making raising this canopy easy.

The canopy has a steel frame, has three leg positions, and the buttons on the legs to adjust the height are large enough for easy raising and lowering.

With a size of 10 feet by 10 feet and straight legs, this canopy gives you the most of the 100 square feet cover.

This canopy does not come with accessories such as sidewalls and weights, so these would need to be purchased separately.


Crown Shades Straight Leg Canopy

CROWN SHADES Patented 10ft x 10ft Outdoor Pop up Portable…

  • Straight leg design with…
  • Easy central hub set-up:…
  • Adjustable height. Push…
  • Sturdy steel frame…
  • Bonus roller bag for easy…

Crown Shades also comes with a rolling travel bag for easy transport. The canopy has a central hub system to aid in the ease of lifting it into place with just one person.

The frame is powder-coated steel, and it features adjustable feet to aid in leveling. Furthermore, the canopy itself features a drain hole to keep water from pooling on the cover.

The size is 10 feet by 10 feet, which ensures you have every inch of the 100 square feet of space under the canopy.

The canopy tent does come with the guy ropes and stakes, but the sidewalls are not included. If you hope to be cover the walls in the event of rainy weather, those can be purchased separately.
For a close-up view of how easy this camping canopy is to set up with just one person, check out this video.


ABCCanopy Pop Up Canopy Commercial Shelter

ABCCANOPY Pop up Canopy Tent Commercial Instant Shelter with…

  • Canopy coverage: 10x10FT of…
  • Heavy duty fabric: Sliver…
  • Set up in second: Super easy…
  • Multiple use occasions:…
  • One year after-sale…

The ABCCanopy is another canopy that comes with a roller bag. This roller bag has heavy-duty wheels and roomy design so that the accessories can be packed right along with the canopy without struggling to make it all fit. The handle itself is designed to bear the load of the case being packed full.

The strength of the steel frame is commercial quality for durability and includes a push-button system for raising and lowering the legs.

This camping canopy is also 10 feet by 10 feet with straight legs giving you the full 100 square foot space.

The canopy comes with the stakes, guy ropes, and sand weights, but does not come with the sidewalls. If sidewalls are vital to you, you will need to purchase them separately.

The canopy does have a one year warranty with all spare parts available.


E-Z UP Sierra

E-Z UP SR9104BL Sierra II 10 by 10-Feet Canopy, Blue, Royal…

  • ONE MINUTE SETUP – Takes only…
  • ANGLE LEG DESIGN – 64 sqft of…
  • TAKE ANYWHERE – This canopy is…

The Sierra has a roller bag that has two side handles and reinforced material to prevent tears. The wheels are built to glide, and the zipper is heavy-duty. This canopy takes one minute to set up.

The frame is folding steel with no parts that can become loose and lost. The frame has push buttons to adjust the legs and pins that are pulled at the corners for ease of set up and take-down.

This camp canopy has angled legs. The top is 8 feet by 8 feet, with the legs angling out to 10 feet by 10 feet. This means there are 64 square feet of space under the canopy. It is the lightest at 31 pounds, but it is also the smallest due to its angled legs and smaller canopy.

It is necessary to note the cover is water-resistant, not proof, so It will work for light rain, but you may struggle with a deluge.

This option does not come with extras. If you want sidewalls or weights for the legs, they will need to be purchased separately.


Leader Accessories Pop Up Canopy

Leader Accessories Pop Up Canopy Tent 10’x10′ Canopy Instant…

  • Large Space: 10 x 10 Pop Up…
  • Easy Set Up: With fully…
  • Assembled size :10′ x 10′ x…
  • Solid protection from Sun,…
  • Vented top for additional…

Leader Canopy comes with a wheeled bag featuring leather handles. It can be set up with one person, but it is easier to manage with two. The legs adjust to three settings, which is similar to the models we have looked at so far.

The frame is all one piece and is rust-resistant steel. The size is 10 feet by 10 feet with straight legs giving you the full 100 square feet space.

This canopy comes with stakes and ropes. It also features vents in the top and wind-proof guides. If you want sidewalls or weights for the legs, those will need to be purchased separately.


Eagle Peak Commercial Canopy Tent

EAGLE PEAK 10′ x 10′ Commercial Canopy Tent Pop Up Instant…

  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: The durable…

The Eagle Peak canopy is very compact, as it folds to less than 5 feet. The canopy has push buttons that are pinch-free and easy to adjust. It also features legs that have up to 5 positions so you can adjust the height and the angle.

The frame is steel, and the feet of the structure are over-sized for stability on a variety of surfaces.

If there is a problem with your Eagle Peak canopy, there is a warranty on the frames, canopy, and the bag. Any replacement parts will be under warranty, as well.

This canopy is 10 feet by 10 feet and features straight legs, so the entire space under the canopy measures 100 square feet.

If you are planning on adding sidewalls and weight bags to this canopy, you need to buy them separately.


Tusy Instant shelter 10 x 10

TUSY Instant Shelter 10′ x 10′ Pop-Up Canopy Tent,…

  • Easy to Set-up: Create an…
  • Large Coverage: 10x10Ft pop…
  • Protective Construction:…
  • Strong Frame: Stand steadily…
  • 3 adjustable height to meet…

The Tussy canopy includes a roller bag with heavy-duty wheels for easy transport and, it is easy to set up in just seconds.

The frame is heavy-duty and commercial grade. Also, the canopy is not just waterproof; it also offers UV protection. The legs are adjustable to meet your needs, and the buttons are easy to manage to help with raising and lowering legs.

This camping canopy is 10 feet by 10 feet model with straight legs. It offers 100 square feet of protection from the elements.

This canopy does not come standard with weights or sidewalls.


ALLINBOOST 10×10 Pop Up Outdoor Canopy Tent

ALLINBOOST 10×10 Pop Up Outdoor Canopy Tent, Beach Canopy…

  • BEST APPLICATION : (1) Easy to…
  • WHAT YOU GET:10×10 Canopy…

The AllINBOOST canopy features a wheeled carrying bag for convenience. The canopy sets up in three minutes with one person and under two minutes with two people.

The frame is a full cross-truss high-quality coated steel. The sliders for the release of the legs operate smoothly.

This canopy gives you the full 100 square feet of canopy space due to the straight legs.

This option comes with the frame, bag, canopy, and an 18-month warranty. If you want sidewalls and weights for the legs, they need to be purchased separately.


Quick Set Escape Sport

Quick Set 9281 Escape Shelter Popup Tent, 12 x 12, Green

  • Sets up in 45 seconds and…
  • 94 total square feet of…
  • No-see-um mesh screen, water…
  • Hub-to-hub 140″ X 140″ – Fits…
  • 210 denier poly-oxford fabric…

Quick Set’s canopy sets up in 45 seconds with just one person. Lay it out, pop out the hubs, and pop the roof up. It’s really that easy. The carrying bag features a shoulder strap to carry this 34-pound canopy.

This canopy is a high-quality screen tent with large fiberglass poles. It features canopy has water-resistant seams and features a no-see-um mesh screen.

The Escape canopy gives you 94 square feet of space and is expected to provide you with room for 6 to 8 people.

The canopy comes with an over-sized carrying bag as well as stakes and tie-downs. Quick Set sells separately optional side wind panels for this particular canopy. This canopy paired with a tent footprint makes for a great place for family at your favorite campsite. 

For a fantastic view of this canopy and a view of how easy it is to set up, check out this video.

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Ohuhu Pop-up Slant Leg Canopy Tent

Ohuhu EZ Pop-Up Slant Leg Canopy Tent, 10 X 10 FT Instant…

  • EASY SET-UP: Sets up in a…
  • PACK IT IN, POP IT UP: This…

Ohuhu’s canopy sets up quick. Just unfold the frame, attach the canopy at the top of the frame with the Velcro straps, and raise the legs of the canopy.

The legs are adjustable up to three heights and include pinch-free buttons for easy up and down action.

The dimensions of this canopy are 10 by 10 at the bottom. Coupled with the slant legs and the smaller top, it is not as large as some of the canopies. It does, however, pack up nicely and is not a burden to move.

The frame is stainless steel, and the canopy is silver coated to block the UV rays of the sun.

Ohuhu sells the sidewalls and the weight bags separately.

All Things Considered

Part of the joy of camping with friends and family is slowing down and taking time to invest in these relationships. Don’t let your plans derail due to unexpected weather or relentless sun.

Being prepared with a shelter to gather under gives you space to spend time with those you care about despite the weather.

Which did you find to be the best canopy tent for you? Answer in the comments!

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Magpul Bipod Review

In any Magpul bipod review, it is common to read that marksmen have always been finding ways to steady their rifles. Having a stable rifle ensures higher accuracy, and allows the shooter to adapt to the various environments. In our modern age, bipods and other accessories are mounted on almost every weapon to provide stability under any situation.

Accuracy and stability can mean everything in the proper situations, and it is comforting to know that you have chosen a reliable bipod. The importance of bipods arose in the mid-19th century by frontier hunters hunting buffalo and to this day, remain dependable.

Magpul Bipod Review: A Brief Overview of Magpul Bipods

Magpul Rifle Bipod, 1913 Picatinny Rail, Black

  • Made of lightweight Mil-Spec…
  • Optimized for rapid one-handed…
  • Easily loaded with stabilizing…
  • Spring-tension legs stow…
  • An industry-exclusive 50° of…

Magpul has been providing reliable products since 1999 with a focus on weapon accessories and gadgets to improve performance. In any Magpul bipod review, their products have always stood apart, are widely trusted, and used by civilians and soldiers alike.

Bipods are an everyday accessory that is mounted because they offer greater stability than any other object.

Bipods provide a forward rest and reduce motion, and can adjust their length to better suit the marksman. Some bipods tilt according to their design and also have their tilting point close to the barrel’s central access. However, let’s take a look at this Magpul bipod review and the six bipods and their features and specifications.


The Magpul Bipod for 1913 Picatinny Rails is a heavy-duty and adaptable bipod for all uses, situations, and builds. It’s built lightweight and with military specification anodized 6061 T-6 aluminum and injection-molded polymer for reliable strength and dependable rugged-ness.

It features an aesthetically pleasing, low-profile that conceals its hardware and mechanisms, leaving no snags and bumps that cause disturbances.

The Magpul Bipod is optimized for swift single-handed adjustments, allowing to transition through numerous configurations and variations for the marksman.

Overall construction

The Magpul Bipod is exceptionally strong and functions under brutal all-weather conditions because of its rugged, high-strength materials and designed to last. While in the shooting position, you can easily apply the stabilizing forward tension without fear of failure or warping.

Its Mil-spec hard anodized 6061 T-6 aluminum, stainless steel internals, and injection-molded reinforced polymer ensure a long life-span.

The Best Camping Lantern for Navigating the Wilderness

Camping is fantastic, and nobody sets out on a camping adventure to fumble around in the dark tripping over guy lines and sleeping people. Light is just necessary. We all need the best camping lantern to avoid frustrating fiascoes that develop due to lack of light.


camp site night

image by pexels

You have so many options when it comes to the best camping lantern. Before you decide, you need to evaluate what it is you need.

Are you lighting up an entire gathering area or just the inside of your tent? Or perhaps you need the best camping lantern that can do both.

Maybe you want the ability to focus your light on a specific area. There are camping lanterns that can do that. How the best camping lantern is powered makes a difference, too. Batteries are easy to forget, and you will want to be prepared.

Lanterns have different bulbs that throw off different qualities of light. Also, some lanterns allow you to adjust the level of light, keeping you totally in control. You might want to consider those options, as well.


camping tools

gif by giphy

In our review section, we took a look at several camping lanterns. Our goal is to represent a variety of the best camping lanterns with a balance of features to suit your needs.

The result is a comprehensive list of the best camping lanterns with a focus on quality and function.

We understand how vital camping gear is to those with an adventurous spirit, and we know how much time you put into choosing what is perfect for your next camping trip. We know it takes a lot of time and consideration preparing for camping. Our goal is to help make these decisions easier.



image by pexels

We know it does not take long to reset our internal clock when exposed to natural light and darkness routines. We also understand how beneficial following the cycles of natural light is for those who have insomnia.

The thing is, the middle of the night bathroom breaks happens regularly. Also, hanging out around camp in the evening is fun. The campfire will give you some light, but the experience warrants a camping lantern.


There are choices out there battling to be your best camping lantern during your adventurous rendezvous with nature, and there are a lot from which to choose.


Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern, LED Lantern, Suitable for…


The Vont LED lantern is compact and offers some flexibility due to the fact it collapses. It avails itself to three different heights to give you some choice in how much light you are using.

This option for best camping lantern has 30 LED lights making it impressively bright. It will help you light up the area you intend to gather at your campsite or use it to light up the inside of your tent.

The battery of this lantern lasts 30 hours with three AA batteries.

The Vont can handle a 10-foot drop and a quick dunk in the water and still work well. You also have a lifetime warranty to fall back on if things don’t go according to plan.

Where to buy


Etekcity LED Camping Lantern Collapsible Flashlight Portable…

  • EASY TO OPERATE: Easily expand…

Etekcity created a contender for the best camping lantern with its military-grade LED lantern.

This lantern collapses as small as a smartphone. The handles of this little light fold down on either side and can be raised for carrying or for suspension.

Do not be discouraged by its small size. This lantern emits quite a bit of light with its 30 LED bulbs, ensuring it will light your way through the darkness to the bathroom without tripping.

The Etekcity Lantern will give you 12 hours of continuous light with three AA batteries. As the batteries run low, the light will grow dimmer to reserve as much juice as possible to keep giving you light.

Where to buy


Etekcity LED Camping Lantern Collapsible Flashlight Portable…

  • EASY TO OPERATE: Easily expand…

Streamlight’s Super Siege has a lot to offer those looking to find their best camping lantern.

It features multiple light colors, including red and white, as well as six levels of light from which to choose.

The lantern has a removable globe cover. When you remove it and hang by the D-ring located at the bottom, it can give directional light pointed downward. You can expect it to light up a large area when suspended in this fashion.

For a softer light, leave the globe cover on and set on its base on a flat surface. It features one white LED bulb and four red Led lights.

The white light runs for nearly six hours on its highest setting, over 11 hours on medium, and over 36 hours on low. The red lights are perfect for preserving night vision and will last 140 hours on high and 248 hours on low. As a contestant for your best camping lantern, it is essential to point out it features a rechargeable battery and takes 7 hours to charge with its AV charger.

The Super Siege can float and can handle a meter of water. It also will survive the impact of a two-meter drop.

Where to buy


Gold Armour 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern COB Portable…


Do not underestimate the power of this compact lantern by Gold Armour. These offer ultra-bright lights in a small size.

This lantern gives you 350 lumens of soft light. The light itself is a warmer light that does not mess up the natural sleeping rhythms nature helps you reset. That is important to consider if you are trying to reset your rhythm and work through insomnia.

This lantern is water-resistant and is military-grade, which makes it very durable.

The handles fold down flat against the base when not in use. When you flip the handles up and pull up, the collapsible lantern extends. You can adjust the brightness with how it collapses.

Where to buy


LE LED Camping Lantern, Battery Powered LED with 1000LM, 4…

  • 【 Convenient to use】 This…
  • 【Waterproof and Enough…
  • 【Long Last Time】 Using…
  • 【4 Light Modes and…
  • 【Two-Year Warranty】 We are…

The LE lantern is a convenient contender for the best lantern. It has four different lighting modes, including daylight, warm light, combined options, and flashing.

The lantern can hang a couple of different ways, too. There is a hook at the top for the traditional way of hanging. It also has a ring at the bottom, letting you light up a more substantial area with the globe removed.

You will need three D batteries to power this lantern, and this will give you 12 to 25 hours of light, depending on how dim you have the light set.

The bulb has LED power giving you 1000 lumens of light. It is also waterproof, making it pretty handy when out in the elements.

For a video giving you an example of just how much light this lantern gives you and its functions, check out this video.

Where to buy


Energizer Lantern Flashlight, Bright 1000 Lumens, Camping,…

  • Energizer POWER: rugged and…
  • Virtually indestructible:…
  • Super bright LED technology:…
  • charges your devices: USB…
  • versatile modes: choose…

Energizer is a well-recognized brand that also makes a fantastic option for the best camping lantern.

This LED lantern gives you three different degrees of light to illuminate your camp area. When this lantern is on a high setting, you can expect 8 hours of light.

Plan to pack D-sized batteries to run this lantern, and you will need four. There is a cover over the battery area. That means you should bring a tool along in the event you need to change the batteries in the middle of your trip.

This lantern is water-resistant and can handle a drop of up to a meter. Also, this handy lantern doubles as a charging station for your small electronic devices.

Where to buy

TL 400-LR 400 LUMENS

Tough Light has a fantastic lantern for consideration with its LED rechargeable lantern.

This lantern is rechargeable with any charging block and can hold its charge for nine months when not used. With this lantern fully charged, you can expect 200 hours of light if you keep this lantern on low.

An added benefit is the power bank it provides for your small hand-held electronics. No one wants to be in the middle of an emergency with a dead cell phone.

This lantern can withstand a drop of five feet and can handle the rain, as well. The lantern can sit on a sturdy surface or be hung up the traditional way from the top. You can also remove the globe and flip the lantern upside down. There is another hook on the bottom so you can light up an area from the top down.

Where to buy


Internova Rechargeable Camping Lantern Power Bank – Massive…

  • BUILT-IN 2000mAh BATTERY -…
  • VERSATILE MODES – 70 full…
  • ADAPTABLE – Lightweight and…
  • DISCLAIMER: The Internova…

Internova does not play around when it comes to building a lantern. This option for best camping lantern comes equipped with a built-in battery that charges with a micro-USB cable and has an opportunity to add four D-sized batteries.

The power bank is useful for the light itself, but it is also able to charge your electronic devices. Expect 70 hours of light if you keep the lantern at low light and over 6 hours at high.

This lantern also has red lights for night vision and a blinking red for emergencies. The night vision is handy for those who wish to stargaze.

Don’t worry about the elements with this lantern, as it holds up nicely in the rain.

Where to buy


UST 30-DAY Duro LED Portable 700 Lumen Lantern with Lifetime…

  • BRIGHTNESS: 700 lumens of…
  • DIMENSIONS: 7.2” H x 3.75”…
  • VERSATILITY: Built-in,…
  • RELIABLE: 30 days of runtime…
  • DURABLE: Impact and…

UST’s Duro lantern won’t leave you out in the dark. It gives you 30 days of light if you keep the lamp on low. You are looking at 22 hours on high.

This light-weight option for best camping lantern uses three size D batteries and features a lifetime LED bulb.

The 30 Day Duro can take a beating as it is impact resistant. It can also handle splashing water and continue to light up your camping life. The Duro can hang a couple of different ways. It has the usual flip-up handle, but it can also be hung upside down.

You have to remove the globe and flip out the hook at the bottom. By hanging your lantern this way, it gives you a larger area of light directed downwards.

Where to buy


A camping lantern is one of those essentials you don’t want to forget when packing up for your trip. There is a particular type of frustration explicitly reserved for camping in the dark and fumbling around your campsite.

The best camping lantern for you is one that meets all your needs, even in the dark, while you enjoy the great outdoors.

What best camping lantern kept you out of the dark? Answer in the comments!

lamp in the ground

image by pexels

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