50 Breathtaking Images of the Grand Canyon

The epic Grand Canyon.  One of the seven magnificent wonders of the world. One of the most visual spectacles on the planet. The views are absolutely stunning and can only be described as a natural masterpiece.

In the past decade, popular vacation spots like Six Flags, Disneyland and Sea World would trump the most amazing natural wonders as families went looking for more “entertainment” themed family trips.

Recently however, there’s been a growing outdoors movement and some of the most amazing places are starting to make their way back as popular vacation spots.

The Grand Canyon is no different and some of the surging tourist businesses have experienced growth as a result.

The Grand Canyon Railway for instance, runs a train from Williams Arizona to the Grand Canyon. The GCR has become an extremely popular tourist attraction during the wintertime with its keynote experience, “The Polar Express” train ride themed after the popular children’s book & movie.

It’s not all tourist trap themes though. Far from it.

The Grand Canyon boasts camping, hiking, white water rafting, fishing, solo or tandem kayaking and just about any other outdoor activity you can think of including horseback riding, sport rock climbing, or just setting up shop with your favorite camping chair.

There are several natural attractions that we feature in the image gallery below that offer plenty of history and, we hope, enough enticement to place them on your “bucket list.”

If you live in Arizona, you have no excuse not to take a quick weekend trip to see the Grand Canyon, and if you live anywhere within driving distance (We’re looking at you Utah, Nevada & California) then you should definitely make a visit to the Grand Canyon part of your next family outdoor excursion.

Enough rambling from us about how amazing the Grand Canyon is.

If what we’ve said already isn’t enough to convince you to make a trip, check out the totally awesome images below.

We’d also encourage you to share these images and this post with anyone you think might need a nudge in the right direction!

Majestic Vista of the Grand Canyon at Dusk

Anyone looking at just how breathtaking this view is will understand that by making a trip to the Grand Canyon, you are viewing one of the world’s most magnificent wonders.

Havasu Falls Near Grand Canyon

This image was captured at the Havasu falls in the Grand Canyon National Park.  It’s one of the little known secrets near the Grand Canyon and is frequented by amateur hikers and backpackers alike.  The blue water looks completely out of place from the rest of the scenery.  Be prepared for a hike, as you have to book time to go in advance and you can only hike in or get there by helicopter.

Havasu Falls, Arizona

This is another spectacular image of the Havasu Falls Area.  There are several rock ledges where water flows back and forth from.

Snow Storm in Grand Canyon Forest, AZ

Snow storms are common in the winter time.  As mentioned earlier in the article, the Grand Canyon Railway does run trips to the Grand Canyon, even in the wintertime.  This is a cheap yet fun getaway that the entire family can enjoy.

Horseshoe Bend - Near Grand Canyon Arizona

This image was taken at Horseshoe Bend.  While it’s technically in Glen Canyon and not inside the Grand Canyon, it’s only about 5 miles from the start of the Grand Canyon National Park and 140 miles or so from the North/South Rim.  While it’s not technically “inside” the Grand Canyon, it’s still beautiful and warrants a stop on your way.  It’s also a great hiking location.

South Grand Canyon Rim in Winter

This is another amazing picture of the Canyon during the wintertime.  There are several scenic stopping points that you can pull over on and take some absolutely awesome photographs.

Helicopter View of Grand Canyon

Helicopter tours have increased in popularity over the years.  While much more expensive than a simple hike, you can get views like these for miles.

Grand Canyon National Park Desert View

Desert View Drive is a scenic location.  It’s known for having some of the most amazing photo opportunities across the entire canyon.

Vishnu Temple Grand Canyon North Rim

Vishnu Temple is another great location.  While not quite as scenic as Desert View Drive, it still  offers amazing views and great scenery.

North Rim Grand Canyon Area

The North Rim offers some spectacular views.  Springtime and summer are both great times to visit.  Monsoon season happens in the summer and can bring some very scenic photo opportunities with the clouds as they roll in.

Havasu Falls Grand Canyon Area

Another amazing picture of the falls on the Havasupai reservation.  Make sure you bring plenty of water if you decide to make the hike.  You can camp in Havasu Creek and the hike is about 10 miles from the trailhead.

Winter Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon makes for an amazing get away from city life in the winter time.  You can find some amazing places to stop and take pictures and the weather usually just touches below freezing.

Toroweap Point Grand Canyon

55 miles west of the Northern Rim, Toroweap Point offers camping and some amazing views of the Colorado River.

Timp Point North Grand Canyon

Timp Point offers some majestic views of the Grand Canyon.  This location is north of the Canyon near the Kaibab Plateau.

Timp Point Sunset Grand Canyon

Another great Timp Point view of the Grand Canyon.

Sunset at Lodge North Rim Grand Canyon

This is a sunset view from the lodge at the north rim of the Grand Canyon.  There is lodging here which makes it convenient if you like modern amenities but still want to enjoy the outdoors.

South Rim Picture Grand Canyon

Here’s an amazing shot of the south rim.  You can see that the landscape is slightly different from the northern side, but still just as beautiful.

Grand Canyon in Arizona Snow Topped Mountains

More winter wonderland.  The wintertime in Grand Canyon country is extremely mild, even when there is snow.  It typically doesn’t get much below freezing during the day making it extremely tolerable even in the wintertime.

Rainbow in the Canyon

There isn’t always a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but it’s pretty close here in Canyon life.

Desert View Point

Desert View Point has some of the most amazing sunsets, no matter what time of year it is.

Ooh Aah Point on the Grand Canyon South Kaibab Trail with background rock formations.

OOH…. AHH, yep, that pretty much sums it up.  Ooh Aah point is a stopping area that has a scenic view that’s primed for pictures.  You can access this area by hiking the South Kaibab Trail.  There are guided tours and you can always just hike it yourself.

Forest Near Grand Canyon Arizona

The Grand Canyon isn’t all about canyon views.  There are forests nearby the South Kaibab trail that offer canyon views and some lush pine trees.

Autumn at Grand Canyon, north rim

More amazing pictures of the South Kaibab trail area that offer amazing treeline panoramic views.

Grand Canyon Sunset in the Winter Time

 As you can see, the evening views are just as stunning as they are when the sun rises in the morning.  It’s almost impossible to pick a bad time of year to take a trip and visit.

AZ-Grand Canyon-N Rim-Saddle Mt.Wilderness-Nankoweep Trail

This picture was taken near Nankoweap Trail, which is dubbed as one of the HARDEST trails in the canyon.  It’s not recommended for novices.  You should be well prepared to take on some tough areas if you decide to make a venture here, but the scenery is absolutely amazing.

Majestic Vista of the Grand Canyon at Dusk

Another long range picture of the Colorado River at the Canyon during dusk.

Cool Tree in the Grand Canyon

There are some awesome looking trees all over the place.  In this particular shot, you can see it was taken in a more desert looking terrain of the Canyon, probably somewhere near the South Kaibab Trail.

Desert View Point Watchtower

The Desert View Watchtower, (AKA Indian Watchtower) is one of the cooler man made features anywhere near the Canyon.  It’s absolutely a must visit if you take a trip.  It’s in the Desert View area of the canyon and offers some truly spectacular views in this area.

Desert View Watchtower Grand Canyon

Another awesome picture of the Desert View Watchtower in the wintertime.

Amazing Panoramic from Desert View

This is another awesome picture from the Desert View area.

Hoseshoe Bend, Colorado River

Another amazing sunset at horseshoe bend, near the Grand Canyon National Park.

Havasu Falls Grand Canyon Area

Another great shot of the Havasu Falls near the Grand Canyon.  As we said earlier, please make sure you’ve planned on venturing a 10 mile hike if you try to take this one on.

Sunrise at Desert View

Another perfect sunrise at Desert View.  You can see the Colorado River with a view that could capture your attention the entire day.

Summertime View

Here’s an awesome view of the Grand Canyon in the summertime.  You can tell that the Colorado River has a touch of dirt running through it, more than likely due to monsoons that may have pushed the dirt down into the river during a storm.

Afternoon in Grand Canyon Springtime

You can tell this photo was taken during the spring.  The Canyon will show a lot more green during the spring season before temperatures start to spike in the summertime.

Snow View Grand Canyon

Here’s another great view from up top.  As mentioned before, views like this often come at the expense of a helicopter tour.  While a guided tour can take you down into the canyon itself, a Helicopter ride can do much of the same and without the legwork if you aren’t used to hiking long distances.

The Grand Canyon National Park in the Snow

This is another aerial shot during the wintertime.  The snow will rest on the peaks during the winter months.

North Rim with Cloudy Background

This north rim picture was taken during the end of spring, just approaching summer.  You can see the monsoon clouds starting to roll in to the area.

Guano Point

This is a view from the Western Rim of the Canyon at a place called Guano Point.  There is a historic Tram in the area to check out and this is one of the more popular attractions along the West Rim.

Grand Canyon with Fog

A great shot of the Grand Canyon with some desert haze in the early morning.

Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim), Arizona USA - Landscape

Here’s another great desert shot of the South Rim landscape.

Grand Canyon South Rim Winter Shot

The South Rim in the winter time after a fresh dusting of snow.

Early Morning View

Here’s another great shot of the area before sunrise during the winter.  It’s amazing how much detail goes into every crevasse of the Canyon.

Colorado River, Horseshoe Bend at Sunset

Another Great Shot of Horseshoe Bend.  It’s common for people to take a day rafting trip to explore the bend from the river instead of just hanging around up top.

Desert View Spring Season

Here’s another great shot of desert view in the spring.

AZ-Grand Canyon- S Rim-Bright Angel Trail

Here’s a shot of Bright Angel Trail at the South Rim.  It’s an amazing trail where you can occasionally see people getting the rare experience of riding a mule on a trail.

Hopi Point, Grand Canyon National Park

Hopi Point is along the West Rim and offers some amazing desert canyon views.

Grand Canyon with snow in winter

Another fresh dusting of snow taking the Canyon hostage in the winter time.

Canyon in the Winter

Here’s another amazing shot of the Grand Canyon in the winter time as the snow is melting away.

Horseshoe Bend Grand Canyon Arizona

We close out our top 50 images list with one final credit to Horseshoe bend.

Grand Canyon: 5 Lesser Known Facts

  1. President Theodore Roosevelt was the first American politician to protect the Grand Canyon. America’s 26th President turned the natural wonder into a game reserve (1906) and a national monument (1908). Roosevelt was reportedly so impressed by the landmark that he said during a speech on May 6, 1903, “Leave [the Grand Canyon] as it is. You cannot improve on it. The ages have been at work on it, and man can only mar it.”
  2. With 6 million visitors every year, the Grand Canyon is the second most visited national park in the U.S., behind the Great Smoky Mountains (11 million).
  3. Surprisingly, the most dangerous animal in the Grand Canyon is not the California condor, the mountain lion, and not even the venomous Gila monster. It is the rock squirrel. The national park’s rangers warn that the bright-eyed bushy-tailed critters can be “absolutely ferocious.” There are numerous reports of rock squirrels teaming up and attacking lone tourists. Don’t try to feed them either, even if they aren’t in a group.
  4. The Grand Canyon is shrouded in mystery. In 1909, a team of Smithsonian-funded researchers reportedly found a bizarre system of tunnels and caves tucked deeply underneath the canyon with well-preserved artefacts pointing to a long-lost ancient civilization of unknown origin. Smithsonian denied the whole thing, dismissing it as a hoax. Many people believe to this day that we are dealing with a government cover-up. You can read more about this story here. It makes an interesting read.
  5. The Grand Canyon is the site of a geological anomaly, scientists have been trying to wrap their heads around for years with no success. The anomaly which goes by the name of “The Great Unconformity” refers to the fact that the top rock layers in the Grand canyon are reportedly 250 million year old while the bottom layers are 1.2 billion year old with no middle layer in between as if hundreds of millions of years simply didn’t happen.

Wrapping Up:

With so many beautiful and amazing images that can come from one small area (OK it’s pretty big), there is absolutely no reason why making a trip to one of the largest wonders of the world shouldn’t be on your bucket list at least some point in your life.

If you live anywhere near this amazing feat of nature, then you have no excuse not to make it one of your next weekend road trips. And if it’s your first time there, remember this little gem by Parks and Recreation’s anti-hero:

You’ll Be Amazed at What You See with the Best Night Vision Binoculars

Whether you’re hunting feral hogs, observing wildlife, or protecting your family from unwanted guests, the best night vision binoculars will let you see what’s lurking in the dark.

Night vision opens up a world of possibilities by allowing you to see in total darkness. The technology is used mostly by the military and law enforcement, but even consumers have options when it comes to buying devices with night vision capabilities.

So, how do you know what to consider when choosing the best night vision binoculars to fit your needs?


There are many factors to consider when choosing the best night vision binoculars. But, one of the most important considerations is whether or not using night vision devices or even hunting at night is legal in your state.

After that, it’s all about generations and lots of other features.


Generation indicates the level of technology the device uses. And this only applies to night vision devices.

Thermal night vision and digital night vision binoculars don’t come in generations. And neither do low or weak light binoculars.

If you’re in law enforcement or the military, you probably won’t care about Generation 1 (Gen 1 or 1+). But if you’re an average consumer, most night vision binoculars fall into that category.

There are also Generation 2 (Gen 2 or II) and Generation 3 (Gen 3 or III) devices available as well, but law enforcement and the military mostly use those.

And just in case you come across something labeled Generation 0, that’s the classification for the night vision devices first introduced during World War II.


Gen 1 devices are the least expensive. They have a maximum range of 75 yards and usually come with a built-in IR illuminator. They also have more distortion or “bloom” in their images.

Gen 2 and 2+ devices usually don’t need IR illuminators and have a long life expectancy up to 5,000 hours. They also amplify light up to 30,000 times because of an added micro-channel plate or MCP.

As the levels go up within this generation, so does the quality.

Gen 3 is the best of the best. They provide clear and bright images without any “blooming” and have the longest life expectancy, up to 10,000 hours.


Hunting is usually listed in two numbers such as 2×24 or 7×31.

The first number is how close the binocular lenses will bring your image to you. The second number is an aperture or how much light your binoculars gather.

Some night vision binoculars will only list its zoom capabilities such as 7x or 4x.

The best night vision binoculars will range from 1x on up, although 5x is the preferred magnification by hunters.


Gain level is the level of light you see through your lens. Low gain levels produce blurrier images, while high gain levels produce clearer images.

Gain level is also sometimes called resolution or image quality.


Field of view is how much area you can see in your night vision binoculars. Linear field of view is usually expressed in yards but is sometimes listed as width or feet.

Sometimes manufacturers will list the field of view range in degrees. This is called the angular field.

So, when you’re choosing the best night vision binoculars, select a pair that has a large field of view that will allow you to see a more detailed environment.


Lenses are an essential part of night vision binoculars. The best night vision binoculars will have multi-coated lenses.

Coatings protect your lenses from scratches, makes them water repellant, and gives them anti-reflective properties.


Eye relief is an important safety factor when choosing the best night vision binoculars. You don’t want your binoculars shoved up against your eyes.

If that happens, you might not see the bear coming at you from behind because you have reduced peripheral vision.

So, eye relief will give you space between the device and your eyes while still being able to observe your target.

Eye relief is also a useful feature for people wearing glasses because you’re naturally going to have space between your eyeglasses and the binoculars.


How horrible would it be if you’re tracking the perfect hunt and all of a sudden your vision goes dark? Well, that’s why the battery life is essential.

The best night vision binoculars will have up to 20 hours of battery life. They should also adjust image quality and resolution to save battery life. It’s kind of like what your smartphone does when you turn on the low power mode.

And just to be safe, always carry an extra set of batteries with you.


Other options to consider are whether or not your night vision binoculars offer a waterproof, fog proof, or water-resistant design.

Plus, you’ll want to consider comfort, size, and weight since these factors will affect your ability to use and carry your binoculars.


We researched the ins and outs of night vision devices from sources such as Police Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, and the NRA’s American Hunter and American Rifleman websites.

Also, we checked a variety of night vision​ binocular sellers and manufacturer websites to learn about the different features of full-dark vision binoculars and low/weak light binoculars. We also gathered information from hunters and users who field-tested night vision binoculars before we analyzed a selection and chose our final list.

Our top picks for the best night vision binoculars were based on magnification power, image quality, cost, and customer reviews.

Plus, we added a selection of low/weak light binoculars for those who don’t need or can’t use (illegal to use) full-dark night vision devices.

Top 5 Best Night Vision Binoculars for Full Dark Conditions

Although we’ve numbered our picks, it does not signify a ranking.


Bestguarder NV-900 4.5X40mm Digital Night Vision Binocular…


See what you want in the dark with the Bestguarder NV-900 Digital Night Vision Binocular. It has photo taking and video recording capabilities even at night. You can also mount these on a tripod.

In addition, these binoculars have a 1300-foot viewing distance in full darkness with a powerful 640×800 screen resolution. The binoculars also feature 2592×1944 HD image resolution and 1280×720 video resolution.

Plus, you’ll get a carrying case, cords, and a 32 GB memory card among other goodies.

Amazon users gave these night vision binoculars 4.3 out of 5.0 stars.


  • 4.5x optical magnification
  • 40 mm objective aperture
  • 46.2 mm exit pupil distance
  • Water-resistant
  • Micro USB 2.0 port
  • Uses 8 AA batteries or a 6V power bank
  • One-year warranty


  • Good IR range
  • 4 GB SD card included
  • Includes 32 GB SD card


  • Size is cumbersome
  • The LCD screen is smaller than advertised


Pinty 7×31 Night Vision Binoculars Digital Infrared Night…

  • COMPLETE SET: Comes with SD…

The Pinty 7×31 Digital Infrared Night Vision Binoculars will get you up close and personal with things lurking in the dark. These binoculars feature 7x magnification, allowing you to see up to 1300-feet in full darkness.

The image resolution is only 340×240, so the picture might be grainy at times. However, you can record or take pictures and even use these as an infrared surveillance camera with its TV-out connection.

Included with these binoculars is a carrying case, cables, users manual, and more.

Amazon customers rated these night vision binoculars 4.3 out of 5.0 stars.


  • 2x digital zoom
  • 31 mm objective aperture
  • 30 mm exit pupil distance
  • 640×480 image and video resolution
  • Water-resistant
  • Micro USB 2.0 port
  • Uses 8 AA batteries or a 6V power bank


  • Durable
  • Affordable price point
  • Includes 32 GB SD card


  • Size is cumbersome
  • The LCD screen is smaller than advertised


Nightfox 100V Widescreen Digital Night Vision Infrared…

  • Revolutionary widescreen…
  • Viewing range of up to and…
  • Straightforward and…
  • 6hrs battery life on eight AA…
  • 18 month warranty and Nightfox…

If you’re looking for an affordable night vision option, you won’t be disappointed with the Nightfox 100V Night Vision Binocular. These binoculars feature seven levels of IR illumination, allowing you to see up to 100 yards in full darkness.

In addition, the binoculars have 3x magnification and 2x digital zoom with a 340×240 screen resolution.

However, there are no recording capabilities, and they only have six hours of battery life using eight AA batteries. Plus, the binoculars don’t come with a carrying case or any of the other goodies you might find with other models.

But, if you’re looking for something simple, this is a good option. The company also offers an 18-month warranty.

These night vision binoculars received a 4.3 out of 5.0-star rating from Amazon customers.


  • Seven levels of IR illumination
  • 3x magnification
  • 2x digital zoom
  • 340×240 screen resolution
  • Uses eight AA batteries


  • Affordable price
  • Seven levels of illumination


  • No recording features
  • Carrying case not included


Digital Night Vision Binoculars 7x31mm-400m/1300ft Viewing…

  • Excellent optical clarity:Day…
  • Large 4’’ wide screen: The…
  • High performance:This night…
  • You can even take pictures and…
  • Specially designed:hunting…

You’ll be amazed at what you see in the dark with the SOLOMARK Digital Night Vision Binoculars. These binoculars feature 7x magnification, allowing you an up-close view of objects 1300-feet away in full darkness.

Plus, you can take videos or pictures and store them on an SD card (up to 4 GB). The LCD screen has 320×240 resolution with a built-in 2-inch TFT display screen.

You can even mount these binoculars on a tripod. The binoculars include a hand and neck strap, but there is no information about a carrying case or any other included accessories.

Amazon users gave these night vision binoculars 4.2 out of 5.0 stars.


  • 2x digital zoom
  • 31 mm objective aperture
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • 640×480 image and video resolution.
  • Micro USB 2.0 port
  • Uses eight AA batteries
  • Water-resistant
  • Day or night use


  • Day or night use
  • Water-resistant
  • Built-in TFT display


  • Limited screen resolution
  • No information about a carrying case or other accessories


Sightmark Ghost Hunter 2×24 Night Vision Binoculars

  • High quality image and…
  • Close observational range of…
  • High power built-in infrared…

The Sightmark Ghost Hunter 2×24 Night Vision Binoculars will become your best friend in the dark. These binoculars are compact and lightweight, featuring durable polymer construction that is built for endurance.

You’ll be able to view at close range with the 2x magnification lens for up to 20 hours using the IR feature. Plus, you get a handy carrying case and lens cloth so you can take these binoculars anywhere. Amazon users gave these night vision binoculars 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.


  • Gen 1 technology
  • 24 mm objective lens
  • 36 lines per mm resolution
  • 25 degrees field of view
  • 12 mm eye relief
  • Uses three AAA batteries
  • Three-year warranty on the tube and limited lifetime warranty on the housing


  • Compact size
  • Automatic shut-off feature when exposed to bright light


  • Missing items upon delivery
  • No recording capabilities
  • Short magnification

Top 3 Best Night Vision Binoculars for Low Light Conditions

Although we’ve numbered our picks, it does not signify a ranking.


The Kalawen 10×42 Nitrogen-filled Binoculars are the ultimate in low light performing binoculars. They offer 10x magnification with a 1,000-yard field of view. And your images will be bright and clear with its HD optics.

These binoculars feature an 18.5 mm eyepiece, a 6-layer green film coating, and a BAK4 roof prism.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about breaking these binoculars if you drop them because of their heavy-duty and shockproof casing.

In addition, they feature a non-slip, ergonomic design and are waterproof, fog-proof, and dustproof. These binoculars are also smartphone adaptable so you can save what you see and send it to friends or family.

Each binocular comes with a bag and strap for easy carrying.

Amazon customer gave these binoculars a 5.0 out of 5.0-star rating


Whew Binoculars for Adults,10×42 Compact HD Binoculars with…

  • 【Clear Vision with High…
  • 【Premium BAK4 FMC for Superb…
  • 【Portable and Easy to…
  • 【 Waterproof, Fog-proof and…
  • 【100% Risk Free Purchase:…

You’ll see things brighter and clearer with the Whew 10×42 Compact HD Binoculars. These binoculars feature a 42 mm wide-angle multi-coated objective lens with 10x magnification so you can see those birds sitting in the trees 1,000 yards away.

Plus the BAK4 prism and 18 mm ocular lens give you powerful visual clarity with every use. In addition, the binoculars feature a soft-rubber body design, so they’re comfortable to use and easy to hold. And they’re compact, lightweight, waterproof, and fog-proof.

The binoculars include a nylon mesh carrying bag, neck strap, two lens covers, user instructions, and a lens cleaning cloth. Plus, if you’re not happy with your purchase, the company offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

These binoculars received a 4.9 out of 5.0-star rating by Amazon customers.


occer 12×25 HD Compact Binoculars for Adults Kids,Long Soft…


You might not be able to use these in complete darkness, but for low or weak light conditions the occer HD Compact Binoculars are powerful. They feature 12x magnification with a 25 mm multi-coated objective lens giving you a wide field of view with the capability of getting up close and personal without disturbing your focus of attention.

Plus, they’re compact, lightweight, and foldable. In addition, these binoculars feature rubber eye cups for comfort. And the right eyepiece is even adjustable so you can customize the fit to your needs.

They’re also waterproof.

Each binocular comes with a carrying bag, cleaning cloth, users manual, and a neck strap.

Amazon customers gave these binoculars 4.6 out of 5.0 stars.

See Better in the Dark with the Best Night Vision Binoculars

You might not ever get the advanced nocturnal vision of your neighborhood owl or cat, but you can come close with the best night vision binoculars. Whether you want to see in full-dark conditions or need binoculars to navigate in low or weak light, the options are endless.

So, take a peek into the darkness with the best night vision binoculars. You might be surprised at what you see!

Have you ever used night vision binoculars? Share your experiences below!

Abu Garcia Pro Max Review

If someone says fishing is in the lure you use, tell them they’re wrong. It’s all about your reel, and if you’ve been searching for an Abu Garcia Pro Max review, you’re likely in the market for a high-quality spinning reel.

There are many important factors to keep in mind when choosing the right reel. Depending on your fishing style, location, and experience, you’ll want to get the proper reel for your next fishing adventure.

graphic illustration of a fishing rod

Abu Garcia Pro Max Review: Is It Worth It?

Abu Garcia Pro Max Spinning Reel with 30 5.2:1 Gear Ratio 7…

  • 6 ball bearings + 1 roller…
  • Lightweight graphite body and…
  • Machined aluminum spool…
  • Everlast bail system for…
  • Slow Oscillation provides even…

Let’s take an in-depth look in this Abu Garcia Pro Max review. We want to make sure you make the right choice with your reel.

First, if you’re looking for a reel that boasts some impressive features at an affordable price range, you’ll want to keep reading.

The Abu Garcia Pro Max has a lightweight graphite frame and rotor. The reel boasts a machined aluminum spool with the Rocket Spool Lip Design. This design is great because it promotes even line lay on the spool without causing the line to bunch o
r become loose.

Let’s take an in-depth look in this Abu Garcia Pro Max review. We want to make sure you make the right choice with your reel.

First, if you’re looking for a reel that boasts some impressive features at an affordable price range, you’ll want to keep reading.

Fishing with the Abu Garcia Pro Max

You want a reel that doesn’t restrict you, right? If that’s the case, you want the Rocket Line Management system. This setup allows you to cast longer and control your cast better regardless of where you’re fishing and what type of line you’re using.

The line management system works by slowing down your cast towards the end. It helps increase accuracy and prevents your line from becoming tangled. It also helps limit the likelihood of nesting in the line, which causes as a result of backlash during casts on windy days.

The slow oscillation system of the Abu Garcia Pro Max helps the line lay properly on the spool, and the Everlast bail is both durable and comfortable.

We also notice the overall size of this reel is small in comparison to some other models. Some of their midsize models weigh less than 10 ounces, which is ideal for preventing fatigue after a long day of fishing. The reels are lightweight, but they still offer around 14 pounds of drag and a 27-inch retrieval rate.

How We Reviewed

We understand that a fishing reel is an investment. This is not something you want to buy today and throw away tomorrow. You expect to get years of use out of your fishing reel, so it has to be something that lasts.

As a result, we bring in only the best information in our reviews. We take advice and points from experienced anglers with years of experience fishing and writing about fishing.

In addition to actual word of mouth, we use reviews from real anglers who have already purchased this reel. Who better to learn from than the people who are currently out there, on the water, fishing with the reel you want to buy?

Finally, we take our own experience and knowledge and put it into play. We’re anglers too, and we understand what separates a good reel from a bad one.

graphic illustration of a fishing rod

The Abu Garcia Pro Max: Stack It Up

One of the best ways to understand a fishing reel is to compare it to another. In this Abu Garcia Pro Max review, we’re taking a look at some other reels a well to see if they’re better or worse than this one.

All of these reels pass our extensive inspection, and although we’re comparing them, they are all great reels that we would recommend to anyone.

KastKing Crixus

KastKing Crixus Spinning Fishing Reel,Size3000

  • CRIXUS SERIES – Fish li
    ke a…

First, let’s take a look at this spinning reel from KastKing. This comes in four different models ranging from 2000 to 5000. The reel uses a zinc alloy and machined pinion gear made from brass. The spool and handle are both aluminum, so right off the bat, you get the feeling that you’re dealing with a durable reel.

This reel uses a five-plus-one bearing system. It contains five stainless steel ball bearings plus a zero lock anti-reverse to help set the hook. This setup is similar to the Abu Garcia Pro Max minus one bearing.

You get a carbon fiber drag system that helps you keep the larger fish in check. The amount of drag you get varies depending on how high you go in the model. The 2000 and 3000 offer 17.5 pounds of drag. The 4000 and 5000 offer 20 pounds of drag.

Comparing that to the Abu Garcia Pro Max, you’re getting a bit more drag for a lighter weight reel in the KastKing Crixus.

Overall, this reel is smooth, light, and durable, so it would be a great alternative to the Abu Garcia Pro Max.

Pflueger President

Pflueger PRESSP30X President Spinning Fishing Reel

  • 10 bearing System : corrosion…
  • Graphite body and rotor :…
  • Sealed Drag System : Sealed…
  • The “B” at the end of the…

Next in our Abu Garcia Pro Max review, let’s take a look at the Pflueger President. This reel comes in several different models with a 10 anti-corrosion bearing system. These bearings are stainless steel, and they do a great job of keeping the reel smooth while preventing corrosion from dirt or saltwater.

The reel itself is graphite with a lightweight reel construction and spool designed for braid. You can attach the braid directly to the spool.

The President also comes with a sealed drag system with lubricated and sealed washers. You get the feeling that the company really designed this spinning reel for saltwater applications. Based on its size and drag ratings, we would choose this over the Abu Garcia Pro Max for many inshore saltwater fishing situations.

This reel also comes with a slow oscillation gearing system to help improve line lay and prevent tangling.

Many people say that this reel is a bit slow, but it’s nice for keeping lighter baits suspended in the water for longer periods of time.

Overall, it’s one of the best fishing reels. If you’re looking for a lightweight reel geared more towards inshore saltwater, you’ll want to check out the Pflueger President.

Okuma Ceymar

Okuma Ceymar Lightweight Spinning Reel- C-30

  • Gear Ratio: 5.0:1, Precision…
  • 7BB + 1RB bearing system,…
  • Multi-disc, oiled felt drag…

If you’ve fished for a few years, you’ve likely heard of Okuma. For a long time, this brand was known for producing “less than desirable” reels that most people didn’t want. Over the years, they’ve progressed, and people are starting to see some star potential in these reels.

The Okuma Ceymar features an eight bearing system with seven stainless ball bearings and an anti-reverse bearing as well. You’ll get a multi-disc oiled felt drag system as well.

The reel comes in six different models ranging from 4-pound drag to 20-pound drag systems. I like the design of the reel, and I think it looks very attractive from a cosmetic perspective. If we dive a little deeper, the body is corrosion-resistant, which makes this one more ideal for saltwater fishing as well.

It doesn’t have the same type of sealing like the Pflueger President, though.

Finally, anglers get the Okuma RESII computer balancing system in the rotor. It helps ensure you don’t feel any friction on your casts. This will help you get the most accurate and distant cast each time.

graphic illustration of a fishing rod

Fishing Is Serious Business

By this point in our Abu Garcia Pro Max review, you should have a solid understanding of whether or not the Abu Garcia Pro Max is for you or not. The reel has a lot to offer, and it’s a great reel at this price range.
That said, it doesn’t have a lot of saltwater corrosion protection like some of the other reels we looked at. It also has a lower drag rating for the extra weight you’re carrying.

Overall, it’s still a popular reel that is durable, comfortable to handle, and long-lasting.

If you have some experience with any of the reels we’ve reviewed in this article, be sure to drop us a comment and let us know what you think.

Featured Image Source: Unsplash.com

Fishing Rod Icon Source: Icons made by Eucalyp from www.flaticon.com

Slide Down the Slopes on the 10 Best Skis

There are a lot of really great companies out there that make really great skis. So how do you choose when there are so many good options?

If you’re new to skiing or are buying instead of renting for the first time, we’ve gathered the best skis on the market and an explanation of how to choose the right pair for you. Your next winter camping trip is about to get a lot more fun!


snow skis

It helps to know some basic ski terminology when deciding on the best skis for you. Knowing how to talk to a salesperson will make it much easier to let them know exactly what you’re looking for.

Ski shape

It seems simple, right? They’re two long pieces of wood that you strap to your feet to slide down a mountain. But there’s actually a lot that goes into ski construction.

Waist width

The first thing you want to think about is the waist width. The waist is the narrowest part of the ski and is measured in millimeters.

The wider the waist, the better it moves over fresh snow. The narrower the waist, the better it cuts into packed snow.

Turn radius

You’ve heard this in reference to your car. The turn radius is how sharply your skis can turn, measured in meters. It’s closely related to the sidecut.


This is the profile of the ski and directly affects your turn radius. In general, the arc of the ski is consistent along its length, though some companies are experimenting with this.


The rocker is how much above the ground the tip and tail rise. The more rocker, the easier it is to turn.


Beginning skiers will likely want a shorter ski. If you’re unsure what length you should have, use your height as a starting place.


The camber is how much of an arch the ski has. If you place the ski on a flat surface, a cambered ski will rise a bit in the middle. You can also have a reverse camber, meaning the middle sits on the ground while the tip and tail curve upward.



When you’re talking about the feel of a ski, you’re talking about how it performs at various speeds. A damp ski will absorb vibrations well and is stable at high speeds.

Powerful skis are more rigid, making them slightly harder to control. These skis are best for experienced skiers because they take a bit more energy and skill to maneuver.

Playful skis, on the other hand, are the opposite of powerful skis. These skis like to skid and are less rigid and more springy.

feet on skis


In terms of construction, you definitely get what you pay for in skis. If you ski a lot, you’ll probably want to consider the top end of ski construction, as it will save you money in the long term.

The construction also determines how powerful, playful, and damp a ski is.


The flex of a ski is how much it can bend at various points along its length. A flexible tip will help start turns and will absorb bumps while a less flexible tip will cut into the snow and is more suitable for carving.

A soft center will also absorb much of the vibrations and will also make the ski easier to turn. With stiff centers, you have a more powerful ski that is stable at high speeds.

When the tail is flexible, you have a smoother exit out of turns. A stiff tail is particularly good for landing jumps and for going over uneven terrain.


The top sheet is the topmost protective layer on the ski. This is where the graphics are printed.


The sidewall of a ski is the part between the top sheet and the base of the ski. A vertical sidewall makes a more powerful ski that is harder to turn.

On the other end of the spectrum is a sloping sidewall, in which the upper part is slightly wider than the bottom. These make turning much easier.


The base is the bottom of the ski and is made of plastic. The base is where when your skis are in need of tuning will take place. 

2 man on skis


There are two mounting types: system skis and flat skis. A system ski has an integrated ski binding. Flat skis come without bindings, so you’ll purchase that separately and screw them together.


Now that you know a bit about the parts of a ski and the feel of different skis, it’s time to talk about ski varieties.

Before you go to purchase your ski, ask yourself a few key questions: What kind of skiing do I like to do and on what kind of terrain? Am I going to purchase one set of skis or do I want multiple pairs? Do I like to skid or would I feel more comfortable carving into the snow?

And remember to test drive your options before you choose!


These are your basic, do-it-all skis. All-Mountain skis are great on various types of terrains and in various types of snow. Think of them as your jack-of-all-trades.

This means, of course, that they are masters of none. However, most experts will tell you that if you’re only going to purchase one pair of skis, these are the best skis to choose.


Powder skis are great for fresh snow, as the name suggests. These have a wider waist that makes them unsuitable for packed snow. This is also where you see a lot of experimentation with ski shape.


These skis are best for packed snow. Their slim waists make them easier to turn. If this is where you like to ski, look for a waist of 88 millimeters or less.


If you’re more into tricks and stunts, you’ll want a more durable, stiffer set of skis. The best skis for parks will be twin-tipped, making landing easier. They’ll also be softer in the tips with a firmer middle to provide stability.


ski race

In reviewing the best skis, we compiled reviews from users and professional reviewers alike. It’s important that the best skis function well in real-life situations and also that they pass the intense scrutiny of professionals.

All of the skis on our list are fantastic, so these are presented in no particular order.


The best skis will vary by personality and ski type. Make sure you know what you’re looking for before you start demoing skis so that you make the best choice for you.


Volkl 2020 M5 Mantra Skis (184)

  • Sidecut: 134/96/117 mm at 177…
  • Wood Core
  • Titanal Frame Construction
  • Rocker/Camber/Rocker Profile
  • Carbon Tips

The Mantra M 5 is one of the best free-ride skis out there. Volkl has always been a reputable brand, and this latest iteration of their Mantra line is a prime example of why.

This is an all-mountain ski, with a pretty damp feel. It’s a bit stiffer underfoot than other all-mountain skis, making it very stable at speed.

The turn radius on this ski is really great at 21.4 meters. This improved radius is due to the smaller waist width of 96 millimeters, compared to the 100 millimeters of previous iterations.

This version has a full camber underfoot, giving you plenty of support on powdery snow, and the rockered tips help the ski deal with freestyle skiing better than most all-mountain skis.


  • Versatile

  • Damp feel

  • Stable at speed

  • Nice turn radius

  • Decent in powder


  • Not made for intense powder

  • Not great with moguls

Where to buy


Line Sick Day 88 Ski, 179

  • Dimensions(mm): 127-88-113
  • Profile(mm): 7-5-2
  • 5-Cut Sidecut Radius Avg(m):…
  • Stance Back From Center(mm):…
  • Mounting Distance Fromt…

The Line Sick Day 88 is another all-mountain ski with a damp feel. It’s a bit less of an investment than the Mantra M5, but that doesn’t make it a less fun ski.

The 88-millimeter waist and the five-point sidecut on this ski give it an incredible turn radius of 17 meters and make it great for carving packed snow. It’s a fairly snappy ski, which allows turning with minimal effort, but this snappy feel does slightly reduce its stability at speed.

Its full camber and rockered tip allow you to ski in most powder situations as well.


  • Less of an investment

  • Versatile

  • Damp feel

  • Great turn radius

  • Decent in powder


  • Not as stable at speed

  • Not meant for moguls

Where to buy


Armada 2019 ARW 86 170cm Womens Skis

  • AR75 Sidewall
  • Pop-Lite Core
  • AR Freestyle Rocker
  • S7 Base
  • Spin Tip

This park ski is versatile enough to handle, not only freestyle skiing, but also some fresh powder and bumps. Because of its versatility, this ski deserves to be in the list of some of the best skis available.

The Armada ARW is able to withstand landings, rails, and crashes due to its stiffness, especially in the tail. It also has a rockered tip and tail to assist with getting into and out of jumps and bumps. The give of the tip with the stiffness of the tail makes moguls much more enjoyable as well.

The 86-millimeter waist means this ski has a great turn radius and can carve into packed snow quite well.


  • Great with moguls

  • More versatile than most park skis

  • Solid construction

  • Handles both powder and hard snow


  • Some loss of stability at speed

Where to buy

4. FISHER 10
2 FR

Fischer 2019 Ranger 102 FR Skis w/Marker Griffon 13 ID…

  • Sidecut: 136/102/126 mm at 177…
  • Sandwich Sidewall Construction
  • Air Tec Ti Technology &…
  • Freeski ROCKER
  • Weight per Ski: 2000g at 177…

The FR in this model name stands for freeride, a more playful feel to a ski and best suited to softer snow. This is a ski you’d want to take off the piste.

The Fisher 102 is an All-Mountain ski that does particularly well on powder, due to its wide 102-millimeter waist. This is a new iteration of the 98 Ti, which was a powerful All-Mountain ski that tended to be difficult to control for most users. By adding four millimeters and removing some of the metal, Fisher made this ski much lighter and easier to control.

The flexible rockered tip and stiff rockered tail allow this relatively wide ski to maintain an 18-meter turn radius and gives it better control on packed snow than other comparably wide skis.


  • Versatile

  • Made for powder

  • Good turn radius

  • Lightweight

  • Playful yet sturdy


  • Some users found it difficult to cut through chopped snow

Where to buy


DPS Foundation Cassiar 94 Ski – Green 178cm

  • The Foundation choice will…
  • C2 chassis
  • Weight: 1590g-2110g

The Cassiar is an almost-perfect All-Mountain ski. DPS has done away with the sidecut, making the tail virtually flat. This unusual shape makes turning the Cassiar much easier.

The tip is heavily rockered and fairly flexible, making turn initiation a breeze and allowing it to float pretty well in powder. It performs well both on moguls and at speed. Its 94-inch waist gives it the versatility to perform equally well on groomed snow as on powder.

If you decide you only need one pair of skis, this is very likely the ski for you.


  • Most versatile ski on this list

  • Accessible for beginning to intermediate skiers

  • Stable on moguls and bumps

  • Can handle powder


  • At incredibly high speeds, the tip can flap a bit

Where to buy


SALOMON S/Max Blast Skis w/ X12 TL Bindings Mens Sz 165cm…

  • Edge Amplifier
  • Full Sandwich Sidewalls
  • Full Woodcore
  • Instinct Tip
  • Double Ti Laminate

These are high-performance carving skis and are meant for experienced, techiniquely-sound, athletic skiers. If you can handle them, they are some of the best skis available.

The S/Max Blast is a much stiffer ski, which is one of the aspects that make carving so easy for this ski. Likewise, the Edge Amplifier, a layer of top sheet material that creates a rail over the edge of the ski, allows it to turn easily and quickly, with only a 13-meter turn radius on some of the shorter lengths.

This is not a ski you’d want if you’re only planning to get one pair. Its 72-millimeter waist makes it as unsuitable for powder as it is suitable for packed snow.


  • Performs well at speed

  • Great for experienced skiers

  • Made for carving

  • Small turn radius


  • Not an all-purpose ski

  • Not for beginners

Where to buy

7. K2 WAYBACK 106

K2 Wayback 106 Ski 2019 – Men’s 179

  • Sidecut: 136/106/124 mm at 179…
  • Wood Core with Carbon,…
  • Rocker/Camber/Rocker Profile
  • 1550 grams per ski
  • Ability level: Advanced and…

The K2 Wayback 106 is one of the best skis for the backcountry. The Wayback has a 106-millimeter waist and fully rockered tip, making it float on fresh powder perfectly. However, while most wide-waisted powder skis are terrible for carving, this ski is able to carve fairly well, despite a pretty wide turn radius of 22 meters.

These skis are firmer than typical backcountry skis thanks to a spine of Titanal, but they’re still quite light because of the light wood core. The stiffness of the tail makes it easy to dig in on switchbacks despite the lightness of the ski.


  • Better at hard snow than most powder skis

  • Great in powder

  • Lightweight

  • Stable


  • Wide turn radius

Where to buy


HEAD Women’s Kore 99 W Graphene Violet Freeride All-Mountain…

  • TOPLESS TECH: Head uses a…
  • GRAPHENE: The strongest,…
  • KOROYD: A honeycomb shaped…
  • BINDING: The tough, compact…

The Kore 99 has a honeycomb core material and a top sheet of polyester fleece, making it more lightweight than many other park skis.

But the reduction in weight does not correspond to a reduction in capability. This hard-wearing ski is great on rougher terrains, jumps, and tricks, thanks to the graphene infused in the tip and the tail.

This ski is fairly rigid, providing more control in and out of jumps as well as a great turn radius of 15 meters, while the wider 99-millimeter waist allows it to function in powder as well.


  • Lightweight

  • Hardy

  • Gives a lot of control


  • Not suitable for beginning or intermediate skiers

Where to buy


Rossignol Soul 7 HD Skis Mens Sz 180cm

  • Sidecut: 136/106/126
  • Radius: 18m @180cm
  • Weight: 3.8 kg/pair @180cm
  • Tech: Air Tip 2.0 w/…
  • Core: Carbon Alloy/Paulownia

This wide-waisted powder ski is made for freeriding. With its 106-millimeter waist, it can handle any powder you come across, while maintaining the versatility you need in the backcountry.

The carbon-alloy in its construction reduces the vibrations underfoot and gives this ski a more stable feel. At the same time, the rockered tip flexible enough to give this ski a respectably 18-meter turn radius. A stiffer, flat tail gives you more control coming out of turns.

The Air Tip 2.0 infused into this ski decreases its weight without decreasing its stability at speed.


  • Good in powder

  • Decent radius

  • Versatile

  • Lightweight


  • Not particularly suited for carving

Where to buy


Nordica NRGY 90 Skis Black Mens Sz 177cm

  • Sidecut: 126/90/110
  • Radius: 19.5 @ 177
  • i-Core Torsion Bridge Ti
  • All Mountain camROCK
  • Skill: Intermediate to…

The Nordica NRGY 90 is another great all-purpose ski, especially for advanced skiers. Its sturdy construction gives it a solid, predictable feel, and this ski performs equally well in powder and on groomers.

The 100-millimeter waist lets this ski float above powder almost as well as a dedicated powder ski. At the same time, because of the rigid edges of the NRGY, this ski is better at carving than most skis of its width.

This same rigidity allows the ski to maintain its stability at speed as well as handle the bumps you’d expect to find in freeriding. This is another great option if you’re looking to purchase only one set of skis.


  • Versatile

  • Performs in powder and on groomers

  • Sturdy construction


  • Not specifically tailored to either powder or carving

Where to buy


Now that you’ve bought the best skis for you, it’s time to try them on the slopes! Happy skiing!

If you found this guide helpful, please comment below.

How Does a Fish Finder Work? The Scoop on This Fishing Companion

It sure would be handy if you could see down in the murky water so you could reel in the biggest catch of the day. Luckily, you brought along a fish finder to help, but how does a fish finder work?


Humminbird 410210-1 HELIX 5 CHIRP GPS G2 Fish finder

Image from Amazon

A fish finder works by using a sound navigation and ranging (SONAR) system to peer down into the depths. You’re utilizing an echo! The soundwaves produced by the fish finder bounce off objects underneath the waves to bring you a picture of what’s there — including fish. It also tells you how deep the object is.

But there are more solid things under the water besides fish, so how does a fish finder work to locate what you want to catch?


The fish finder attached to your boat produces a small soundwave, which grows as it travels through the water. When it hits an object, it bounces off of that object and travels back to the fish finder.

So, the fish finder uses the time it takes for the soundwave to travel back to determine how deep the object is and exactly where it is underneath the surface. That helps you determine where to cast your line.

PLUSINNO Spinning Rod and Reel Combos Telescopic Fishing Rod…

  • Warm Prompt: Full Kit with…
  • Full Kit with Carrier Case is…
  • Perfect elasticity, high…
  • Instant anti-reverse; Power…
  • It’s the best gift to send…


SONAR waves are going to pick up everything in the water, including your fishing line, so how can you tell you’re looking at fish?

While it might be nice to see a fish shape down in the water, that’s not what the soundwave is going to bounce back. You’ll get to know what’s what by simply using your fish finder.

The fish are moving, of course, and the fish finder is constantly sending down soundwaves, so you won’t see fish-shaped blips on the screen. Instead, you’ll likely see trails.

Notice how you can see the fishing lines bobbing up and down? Then you can see the fish as they swim up to the lines and back down again. You can also see the trail of the fish who are hanging down below.


When using your fish finder, you’ll get to know what the images are that are coming back to your screen. If you have a color screen, the different colors will also give you a clue as to what you’re looking at.

Humminbird 410210-1 HELIX 5 CHIRP GPS G2 Fish finder

  • 5-Inch Color WVGA Display
  • CHIRP Dual Beam PLUS Sonar….
  • Precision Internal GPS Chart…
  • Micro SD card slot for…
  • Target Separation – 2.5 Inches

Image from Amazon

Remember, the fish finder works by sending a soundwave down into the water. Smaller objects will have a smaller surface area to bounce the soundwave and will show a smaller picture on the screen. They will also typically be a consistent color or shade.

Usually, solid objects will be the darkest — think rocks. Fish will be lighter in color or shade and will be smaller. They’ll also likely be moving in the water.


Deeper Chirp Smart Sonar – Castable, Portable Fish Finder...

Image from Amazon

If the answer to the question “How does a fish finder work?” sounds familiar — it should. After all, there are natural fish finders who’ve been using this technology since the beginning of their existence.


Deeper Chirp Smart Sonar – Castable, Portable Fish Finder...

Marine animals, like whales and dolphins, use biosonar to find their prey and they are the best fish finders. They also use it to locate their families and familiarize themselves with their environment under the ocean.

Using their own soundwaves, they can tell not only the location of an object, but also where it is, its shape, and whether it’s coming toward them or moving away.

So, when you’re thinking, “How does a fish finder work?” and you’re happy about how easy it is to find fish, thank the marine animals for their technology.

And you might be interested to know that it’s not just whales and dolphins who use this tech. Many fish and invertebrates use sound for food and other reasons like warding off predators.


red fish

image by pixabay

Now that you know “How does a fish finder work?” you can use that knowledge to understand what you see on your fish finder screen. And the more you use your device, the easier you’ll be able to read it, so you’ll know exactly where and when to cast your line.

One thing to note: Read the instructions that come with your fish finder. In order to see what you want to see, you need to know the proper settings.

You can change the depth in which you’re looking as well as the angle you’re sending the SONAR wave. Plus, most allow you to use filters to better understand the environment under the water as you fish. So, know your fish finder before you head out.

How does a fish finder work to help you with your fishing adventures? Tell us your fish tales in the comments!

Featured Image by Florida Fish and Wildlife from Flickr

How to Use a Bike Pump in 5 Simple Steps to Get You Rolling Again

A flat bike tire can ruin your mood if you don’t know how to use a bike pump. Instead of letting that happen, you can get back on the trail in a few easy steps. But, there are a few things you need to know first.

What kind of bike pump is the best to use? Do the types of tires matter? The truth is, you’ll need to make sure you have the right bike pump for your tires before getting started.



image by pixabay

The best bike pump for you will depend on the valve on your tires. Two kinds are easily distinguishable.

The first is a Schrader valve, also known as an American valve. It consists of a threaded metal piece with a thin metal stem inside it. If you press on the stem, you can hear air escape the tire. These are common on car tires, mountain bikes, and some road bikes.

The other valve is a Presta valve. It’s skinnier and longer than a Schrader, and it doesn’t have an internal valve stem. Instead, it has a valve cap that you unscrew to expose the stem.

Presta valves are common on more sophisticated road bikes.

Different bike pumps accommodate various valves, so it’s essential to choose a pump that’s compatible with your bike tires. You can also purchase an adapter.

Diamondback Bicycle Presta Valve Adaptors

  • Adapts presto valves for us…
  • Full low-lead brass…
  • Rubber O-rings keep air…


bike wheels

image by unsplash

Once you have the right pump, you can learn how to use a bike pump.

Whether you have a floor or a hand pump, the process is the same. You’ll need to prepare the bike valve, adjust the pump, and fill the tire with air. Once you have the right air pressure, you’ll be ready to ride again.

Prepare the bike

The first step on how to use a bike pump is to get your bike ready. Make sure your bike is standing and won’t fall over. Once you’ve done that, move on to the valve.

Both Schrader and Presta valves have a dust cap you’ll need to unscrew. Store the cap in your pocket or another safe place so you don’t lose it.

A Schrader valve is ready once the dust cap is off, but a Presta valve has one more step. You’ll need to unscrew the valve cap and expose the stem.

Adjust the pump

The next step is to get your pump ready. Be sure to read and follow any safety instructions that come with the pump so you can stay safe while you operate it. You can’t have fun riding your bike if you injure yourself while filling up the tires.

Press the nozzle to the tire valve. This is all you have to do for some pumps.

Others have a lever near the nozzle that locks the nozzle onto the valve. This requires you to move the lever both to lock it in place and remove the nozzle from the valve.

Fill the tire

Once you have everything ready, follow the instructions for your bike pump. It will tell you how to use a bike pump safely and effectively.

A floor pump requires you to stand on the bottom and use your arms to operate the pump. This kind of bike pump is popular in most households. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require much effort.

A hand pump is small and portable, so you can fill your bike tires with air on the go. Instead of using both arms to operate this pump, you only need one hand to steady the pump and the other to work it. However, it doesn’t fill tires nearly as fast as a floor pump.

Once you’ve filled the tires to the appropriate air pressure, you can remove the nozzle from the tire valve. Screw the valve and dust caps back on, and you’re ready to hit the road.

Check the air pressure

It’s difficult to know how to pump up bike tires if you don’t know what the air pressure needs to be. The best way to know your bike tire air pressure is to look at the tire itself. The side of the tire should give you a minimum and maximum pounds per square inch (PSI).

If your bike pump has an air pressure gauge attached to it, you can check the PSI as you pump. You can also purchase a separate tire pressure gauge that can check the pressure after you pump.

AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 150 PSI 4 Settings Car…

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  • Designed to maintain correct…
  • Nozzle easily forms a seal…
  • Simply press “ON/UNIT/OFF”…
  • 1 Year Warranty and battery…

If you don’t have an air pressure gauge, it’s possible to check the pressure with your hands. This is less accurate, but it can help you get back on your bike in the meantime.

Do this by pressing your thumbs against the tire’s side. On a road bike, you should barely be able to press into the tire. On a mountain bike, your thumbs should only move the tire by about a centimeter.


In some cases, you may find that your bike tire won’t take air as you pump. There are a few steps you can take to make sure everything is working correctly.

The first is to make sure the air pump’s nozzle is secure on the tire’s valve. It should go on straight, and there shouldn’t be any air seeping out. If the nozzle isn’t secure, you’ll likely pump some air before you realize the tire isn’t taking any of it in.

If the nozzle is secure, you may find that the pump won’t even go down to pump air. The best way to remedy this problem is to remove the nozzle from the valve. Then press down on the stem a couple of times. The valve stem may have gotten stuck, which would prevent air from going into the tire.

After this, you should be able to reattach the nozzle and fill the tire with air.


If you know how to use a bike pump properly, you can get back on the road in no time. Be sure to check your bike’s tire pressure regularly so that you can keep them at the recommended PSI. Failure to do this can not only damage your bike, but it can also affect your riding experience.

The best bicycle pump for you will have a nozzle that matches the valves. Once you have the right pump, you’re ready to fill your tires and get back to riding.

Do you have additional tips and tricks on how to use a bike pump? Let us know in the comments section.

Featured image by: Freepik

La Sportiva Skwama Review: Is It Worth The Money?

Have you been searching the internet for the best climbing shoe to tackle that next climb? You might search for a La Sportiva Skwama review to see if that shoe could be it.

Climbers all over the world are tackling bigger and better endeavors. From free soloing El Cap to simply getting your first membership at a climbing gym, you want a shoe that can help you improve. We get that. And with the vast amount of shoes on the market these days, it can be hard to see the differences between them.

Fortunately, finding the information you need has never been easier. Let’s take a look at this popular climbing shoe.

Our La Sportiva Skwama Review: An Overview

LA SPORTIVA Men’s Skwama Rock Climbing Shoe, Black/Yellow,…

  • ADVANCED EDGING – Designed to…
  • STICKY TOE BOX – The Skwama…

The La Sportiva Skwama is a technical and aggressive shoe that specializes in all-around feel and grip. It is built to be extra sensitive through its glove-like slipper fit and precision rubber cut-outs. With a simple hook and loop closure strap to lock you in, this is a well-loved climbing shoe.

The Skwama is made for crack climbing, toe hooking, and steep boulders. Its patented S-heel construction leaves you with no wiggle room, which is just what you want in a technical climbing shoe. While it is quite tight, after a break-in period, you can still make it work well for multi-pitch climbs.

With all of its wonders, it does have a bit of flexibility in the shoe. It is decent at edging, but it is not its strongest capability.

About La Sportiva

La Sportiva is one of the few companies left which owns and operates its factory right at its headquarters. In the little mountain town of Ziano di Fiemme, Italy, you can find their employees working hard at giving you the best product every time.

For almost 90 years, they have been designing, perfecting, and manufacturing some of the world’s best climbing shoes. This family-run business will never sacrifice their product or standards in order to make more money. Their attention to detail, the environment, and ethics are all reasons for you to be excited to buy a La Sportiva shoe.

Specifications of the La Sportiva Skwama

There is a reason this is not the only La Sportiva Skwama Review you will find. This is an insanely popular shoe, and there are quite a few reasons why. Climber Ben Rueck uses this shoe quite a bit as he learns to push himself further.

To start, La Sportive has patented a new P3 technology. This involves a split-sole construction that simply looks like a small triangle cutout near the ball of the foot. Users have found this helps spread out the weight on the sole, in turn reducing edge deformation.

In addition, this shoe fits very snugly on your foot. This is La Sportiva’s S-Heel construction, which leaves no room for air or movement, allowing you to know your exact foot placement. When that is matched with the all-around sticky rubber heel, you will have your best heel hooks yet in this shoe.

The heel is not the only glorious patch of 4mm Vibram XS Grip2 rubber. The La Sportiva Skwama has a unique patch of rubber on the top of the toe, making it ideal for toe hooks and scums. So, if you are needing a shoe to help with mantling, consider this your best bet.

The La Sportiva Skwama weight in at 7.5 ounces, making it a light shoe that comes in sizes from 34 to 46, including half sizes. Made of leather instead of synthetic material, it will stretch a bit over time. The upside of this is it will be less stinky than its synthetic counterparts.

A La Sportiva Skwama review would not be complete without a simple list of pros and cons. So, check out these boiled down lists of what are some favorite, and least favorite, features of this shoe:


  • A technical shoe that still performs well in all types of climbing

  • Rigid, suction-like heel cup

  • Thick, sturdy hook and loop closure strap for a snug fit every time

  • Excellent grip on smears


  • Toe rubber has worn out quicker than expected by some users

  • Shoe stretches out over time

The La Sportiva Skwama: How We Reviewed

Gear junkies all over the world are each writing their own La Sportiva Skwama review. We have read a multitude of them, taking each of their praises and criticisms of the shoe into account. Pro climbers are mentioning when they climb new routes in them, so we can see what these shoes are best at.

With each of these intense product tests, we have dug into what makes this shoe what it is. We can fully stand behind our La Sportiva Skwama review as an excellent technical shoe for any climber after having condensed a multitude of gear tests and reviews into this article.

Alternatives to the La Sportiva Skwama

Hopefully, you are getting just as excited as we are for the La Sportiva Skwama. For being a high-quality shoe, it is a great value in comparison to others in its price range. However, we do understand that you might be looking for something a little different.

If you are not sold on the Skwama yet, consider these alternatives.

SCARPA Maestro ECO Climbing Shoe – Men’s Ink 43.5

  • Upper Material: Eco Leather…
  • Closure: lace
  • Midsole: Talyn (1.4mm)
  • Rubber: Vibram XS Edge (4mm)
  • Last: FY

A little bit heavier than the Skwama is the Scarpa Maestro Mid Eco. But, it is made with the same rubber and leather, making it a great alternative. It is a little bit pricier, but it has a few different features to help it stand out. Let’s check them out.


  • Incredibly comfortable mid-height shoe

  • Great for crack climbing and edging

  • Eco leather has less environmental impact than other brands

  • Flat toe box and padded tongue provide all-day comfort


  • More expensive than many similar shoes

  • Laces take a bit of time to get on and off

Where to buy

Tenaya Masai Unisex Rock Climbing Shoe, 11.5 Men’s / 12.5…

  • TENAYA MASAI – The most…
  • TECHNICAL SPECS – Uppers:…
  • TIPS FOR SIZING – Climbing…

So, maybe you are not as much of a crack and toe hook climber. Are you looking for a better edging shoe? Check out the Tenaya Masai.

This shoe focuses your power into small areas, allowing you to do some of the best edging maneuvers. Through its asymmetrical toe box, your toe will become a powerhouse. With this, you will be able to find all of the microholds.


  • Excellent for vertical and overhanging routes

  • Incredibly precise on small edges and cracks

  • Cotton-lined with leather laces for cozy and comfortable climbing

  • Great all-around shoe


  • Lining lends itself to getting a little smelly

  • Heel can slip on hard heel hooks

Where to buy

La Sportiva Unisex Katana Lace Climbing Shoe, Yellow, 44.5 M…

  • QUALITY BUILD – Leather /…
  • TIPS FOR BUYING – Reference…

The La Sportiva Katana Lace is a well-rounded shoe that is just that: decent all around, without having one particular stand out strength. That being said, it is a ridiculously comfortable shoe that can do just about everything. However, being such a well-loved shoe, the La Sportiva Katana Lace can be difficult to find.

So, glance through these pros and cons to see if it is a good alternative to the Skwama for you.


  • One of the most comfortable yet high-quality climbing shoes on the market

  • Aggressive build, great for crack climbing and pockets

  • Easy to resole

  • Stiffer shoe to keep you climbing all day long


  • Longer break-in period than some shoes

  • Higher than the average cost

Where to buy

Our La Sportiva Skwama Review: An Excellent Climbing Shoe

Having searched the web for the best La Sportiva Skwama review, we believe we just made it here. The unique attributes of this excellent shoe help set it up for success. For aggressive climbers with sticky foot needs, this is the shoe for you.

So, if you are getting ready to climb El Cap, these shoes might be just the ones. Of course, we do recommend using a rope — unlike Tommy Caldwell, Alex Honnold, and Kevin Jorgeson as they push the free climbing limits once again.

Have you climbed in the La Sportiva Skwama? If so, what did you love about the shoe, and what did you find it lacking in? We would love to hear below in the comments.

Featured Image Source: Amazon.com

Here’s How to Move a Gun Safe in Simple Step-by-Step Instructions

You find yourself faced with a move, and now you need to know how to move a gun safe. It’s a moment you dread because the gun safe is heavy. However, you need to know how to transfer a gun safe efficiently and safely.

It can feel a little daunting when you have to move your gun safe from one place to another. By nature, a gun safe is a dangerous thing. Not only is it bulky and awkward, but it is also incredibly heavy, and even though you dread moving it, you know you have no choice.


When you consider the question, how to move a gun safe, there is only one answer. Safely.

You must take great care to remove the contents of the gun safe and hire the right equipment with which to move the safe itself. A good pair of gloves will prove essential, as well as a sturdy dolly cart for you to maneuver the safe. Additionally, you will need to ensure your path of movement remains clear and that you hire a suitable truck in which to transport your gun safe.

FCH Gun Safe Electronic 5-Gun Rifle Safe Large Firearm Safe…

  • Please make sure to purchase…

We would typically recommend that you hire a professional team of movers to perform this difficult task. However, you may wish to carry out the procedure yourself. Consequently, you need some hints and tips on how to move a gun safe.



A gun safe is heavy enough as it is, so ensure you empty out the contents before you begin. Make sure you store any ammo in a separate, secure box.

Clear the area

If you are moving to a new property, then you will need to remove the safe from your existing property. As such, ensure your path remains clear of obstacles. Also, park your truck as close as possible with the ramp ready to receive your safe.

Ask for help

Gun safes are very heavy. So, you should seek the help of friends or family to move the safe. There is little point in moving the safe by yourself if you hurt your back! So ask for help to make your life easier and safer.

Protect the surrounding area

Protect any walls and furniture you may pass with scratch-resistant material. If the safe bangs into furniture, it will scratch it. If you can move everything out of your path beforehand, all the better.

Make more space than you need

Due to the cumbersome nature of the safe, a bit of wobbling and curving from side to side may occur as you move it. Therefore, create more space than you think you need!

Be prepared

Use planks of wood as ramps wherever you may encounter steps. However, if this proves impractical, you will need additional hands to help you maneuver the safe up or down such obstacles. Get the pizzas in and plenty of cans!


Gun safes are heavy! Furthermore, the extra weight in the truck will result in extra gas consumption. You will need to budget for the additional fuel.

Safety first

When you wonder how to move a gun safe, the answer remains the same. Safely. Invest in hiring a good quality furniture dolly, or even a forklift truck if practical. You need to make the process as easy for yourself as you can. If you struggle, you may only injure yourself and those around you.



When it comes to the actual move, take your time, and wear your protective gloves.

G & F 15196L Seamless Nylon Knit Nitrile Coated Work Gloves,…

  • Ergonomically designed for…
  • Seamless fit provides maximum…
  • Breathable Nitrile coating
  • 100% Nylon Gloves shell…
  • SOLD by 6 Pair Pack

Gather the masses

Instruct your helpers to stand on one side of the safe and lean it back gently. Now you may slide the dolly underneath the safe.

Secure the safe

The last thing you want is the safe tipping or sliding off the dolly as you move it. Therefore, ensure the safe sits on the dolly properly and remains balanced.

A gun safe is so massive that if it tips, there remains very little you can do about it. It may cause serious injury. Ensure the dolly is fit for the purpose and large enough to take the safe comfortably.

Proceed to move the safe

With your path clear, you may start to move the safe. Take your time. Stop regularly to ensure the safe remains adequately balanced on the dolly. Move obstacles out of the way rather than trying to move the safe around the obstacle.


Corners and sharp bends can prove tough. Try to remain calm and perform each maneuver slowly. Try to support the safe on the side opposing the direction you are turning into. Consequently, the more help you have here, the better.

Swing the dolly out a bit further than you think you need to allow the safe and dolly to turn at a more comfortable angle.


So you have made it to the truck. Now you have to get the safe onto the truck.

Watch the video below:

Helpers assemble

Gather as many helpers as you can and position yourselves behind the safe. Tie straps around the safe so that one person may pull the safe while the others push. Keep up a gentle momentum with the person pulling acting as a guide for the direction of the safe.

Once the safe slides up the ramp of the truck, you can position it into its final position. If possible, ensure the safe is trapped down.


It is no mean feat to move a gun safe. Hiring a team of professionals will take the stress out of the move. However, with a little help and a lot of muscle, you can move the gun safe yourself.

Have you ever moved a gun safe? Perhaps you have some advice you would like to share with us. Why not leave us a comment in the space below as we would love to hear from you.

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Yeti Tundra 45 Review: A Rugged Camping Cooler

Are you planning on to take a camping trip but do not know what the best cooler is to buy? Well, you have come to the right place. We have an amazing Yeti Tundra 45 review for you!

Finding the right cooler is very important. So, is the Yeti Tundra 45 that cooler?



image by pexels

The Yeti company was founded in 2006 by brothers who love the outdoors but were tired of cheap, useless coolers. Once they created a cooler, they went on to make other stuff.

Now the company has bags, drinkware, gear, and accessories. Yeti has become a very well known company and loved by many. Users can not stop raving about all the benefits they get from these products.



image by pexels

Yeti offers some pretty amazing products with a few extra benefits to make the purchase even easier to complete.


A pretty awesome thing about Yeti is they let you pick from so unique designs for the products you buy.

So, let’s just say you have a favorite football team; they have got you covered. The company will add the logo and design on your cooler!.


Some users have a Yeti cooler, and after four days, they wonder if the ice would ever melt. That is right, the ice has been proven to last up to four days inside a Yeti cooler.

Now, it could melt or last longer depending on the temperature outside of the cooler, but for the most part, you are good to go up to four days.


Having options when buying a product is a huge plus. Yeti coolers come in many sizes and colors. No need to worry about carrying around the heavy cooler, you can add some wheels.

Now, we know you have come here for a Yeti Tundra 45 review, but we wanted you to know there was more behind Yeti than the basics. Without further ado, here is a Yeti Tundra 45 review for you.


YETI Tundra 45 Cooler

  • One piece roto-molded UV…
  • Constructed of food-grade…
  • Two inches of polyurethane…
  • T-latch keepers are molded…
  • Recessed drain plug and rubber…

The Yeti Tundra 45 can hold up to 26 cans with a little bit of ice or 35 pounds of ice at one time. The Tundra 45 holds 37 quarts.

This cooler has a proven technology to keep the animals away with the rubber pulldowns to close the top. The inside of the Tundra 45 has a rubber tight seal to prevent any heat from entering the inside of the cooler and a plug on the lower side to let the water out.

Each Tundra 45 cooler has 2 inches of insulation on the side to keep your stuff super cold.  This cooler has a rope handle on the side for you to pull the cooler, or you can pick it up with the built-in handles. Yeti also provides each customer with a dry food basket to be placed inside the cooler.

Users love how long their ice lasts and how durable this cooler is. A few users do not like that it is called 45 even though it only holds 37 quarts.

Please check out this awesome informational video below:


  • Holds 26 cans with ice at one time

  • Rubber tight seal

  • Dry food basket included


  • Expensive

  • No wheels

Where to buy



image by pexels

We know when you are out camping, hunting, fishing, or even just a picnic, you want your things to stay nice and cold. So we took to professional reviews, to see what makes a cooler the very best.

After we read through what they had to say, we then read many user’s comments about the products.

Once we were done, we were able to give you an amazing Yeti Tundra 45 review and provide you with some great competition to help you compare.


When you are buying a cooler, you want the very best, right? Well, we totally understand, and we have got you covered with a little competition against the Yeti Tundra 45 review.

Please take a moment and see what other options are out there in the list below.


OtterBox Venture Cooler 65 Quart – Shoreline (Citadel…

  • The OtterBox Venture 65 Cooler…
  • Mounting system: attach…
  • Tough latches: lock in…
  • Slanted interior bottom:…
  • External dimensions: 40.01″ L…

This OtterBox Venture cooler can hold up to 65 quarts, and it is made in the United States. This cooler has tough latches to keep the top closed and a rubber seal to keep the heat out.

The Venture cooler can hold 36 cans and a little bit of ice or 75 pounds of ice at one time. OtterBox product makes this product with a slight angle to make draining much easier.

This cooler has built-in handles on the sides to make carrying it a little easier. Each cooler comes with a bottle opener built-in, and a dry storage tray. You can also purchase more add-ons if you want.

Users are very happy with how much this cooler can hold. A few users say the ice does not last long enough.

Check out this amazing overview below:


  • Holds up to 65 quarts

  • Tough latches to keep animals out

  • Angle design for better draining


  • Expensive

  • Does not come with wheels

Where to buy


Frosted Frog Gray 45 Quart Ice Chest Heavy Duty High…

  • ADVANTAGES: Military grade…
  • EXTREMELY TOUGH: Virtually…

Frosted Frog makes a cooler that holds up to 45 quarts, and it has three inches of insulation. This cooler has rubber pull down latches to keep it sealed shut when not in use and a rubber seal to keep the heat out.

The Frosted Frog gray cooler has ropes with handle covers for you to be able to carry this cooler everywhere. The cooler also has an easy to pull drain plug to get the water out. The company provides each customer with a five-year manufacturer warranty.

Users say this cooler does the trick, and they recommend it to everyone. A few other users say the ice does not stay over two days.


  • Five-year manufacturer warranty

  • 3 inches of insulation-to keep everything cold longer

  • Easy pull plug


  • Expensive

  • No wheels

Where to buy


Cascade Mountain Tech Heavy- Duty Cooler Built-in Bottle…

  • Tough roto-molded…
  • Ice retention for days: with 3…
  • Perfect for every occasion:…
  • Dimensions: 45-quart internal…
  • Want accessories? Purchase at…

Cascade Moutain Tech makes a heavy-duty cooler that holds up to 45 quarts. This cooler has durable pull-down rubber latches to keep the wildlife out. The Cascade Moutain Tech cooler can hold up 36 cans and ice at the same time.

Each cooler comes with a built-in bottle opener and rope handle to carry it everywhere you go. There is also a pull plug to drain the water that is attached to the cooler.

Many users say the ice can last for more than two days. A few users say the cooler gets very heavy when it is full, so you need two people to get the job done.

Check out the details on this cooler below:


  • Holds up 36 cans with ice at one time

  • A built-in bottle can opener


  • Expensive

  • No wheels are included

Where to buy


Fatboy 45QT Hard Sided Rotomolded Chest Ice Box Cooler White

  • Extreme Hard Sided Roto-Molded…
  • External Dim: 26.5″W x 16″D x…
  • Internal Dim: 20.5″W x 11″D x…
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Holds Ice: Up to 8 Days Color:…

This Fatboy cooler can hold up to 45 quarts, or it can hold up to 60 cans, and it has rubber pull down latches. The cooler comes in five different colors and a rubber seal to keep the heat out. This cooler has a handle on each side for you to carry the cooler everywhere you go and an easy-to-pull plug to get the liquids out.

There is a button on the outside of the cooler you can push to help empty the water faster. Each Fatboy cooler has a bottle opener attached on the side and an option to lock the cooler with your lock. The company claims this cooler will keep your ice for up to eight days without melting.

Users love this cooler and say it does keep the ice for long periods of time. Other users think it should come with a dry food basket or wheels.

Please take a moment and watch this video:


  • Pull down rubber latches

  • Bottle opener

  • Able to lock the cooler


  • Expensive

  • No wheels

Where to buy


Igloo BMX 52 Quart Cooler with Cool Riser Technology, Fish…

  • ABOUT IGLOO: Born from a…

The Igloo BMX holds up to 52 quarts or 83 cans with a little bit of ice. It is held shut with rubberized latches, and it has handles on each side for you to carry. The company claims this cooler will keep ice perfect for up to five days.

There is an extra feature on this cooler where you can strap the lid and cooler down with the four tie-downs openings. Igloo claims the cooler is rust-resistant, and it has measurement marks on the lid. The easy to open water relieve valve can also be attached to a hose.

Many users say the ice lasts more than four days. Other users love how much space they get in this cooler. A few users say the cooler leaks too much.

Check out this quick video below that shows in-depth the cooler’s features:


  • Holds ice for five days

  • Can hold up to 83 cans

  • The valve can be attached to a hose

  • Able to measure your catch on the lid


  • Expensive

  • Wheels are not included

Where to buy



So, after reading our Yeti Tundra 45 review and its competition, you are probably wondering is the Yeti Tundra 45 right for you? Well, we can definitely say the Yeti Tundra 45 is amazing at taking a long time for the ice to melt, and the cooler can keep the animals out. The Yeti Tundra 45 is perfect on day trips and overnighters, but it only holds up to 37 quarts.

Overall, it is an amazing cooler but with a little above average price tag. So, if you are okay with the price, it is definitely worth the buy. If you do not want to spend that much, we have provided you some other awesome options.

Now off you go to the next adventure!

Have you ever owned a Yeti Tundra 45 cooler? If so, what did you like about it most, and why? Please let us know in the comment section below.

Featured image by: Amazon

Kershaw Blur Review: Offering Quick Cuts in the Wilderness

Are you looking for a pocket knife to take with you on your next camping trip? Have you ever heard of the Kershaw Blur knife? Well, you will now with our Kershaw Blur review.

When you are out in the wilderness, you need to have something to protect yourself with and something that can cut you out of a tight spot. Some knives just do not cut it and may leave you struggling.


man cutting using knife

image by pixabay

Kershaw has been around since 1974 and has invented some pretty unique knives over time.

Over the years, the company has started to make many different things like gear and accessories for others who are looking for more than a knife. The products are assembled in Tualatin, Oregon, and the blades themselves are from Japan but assembled in the United States.


Kershaw Blur, Olive/Black Pocket Knife (1670OLBLK); 3.4”…

  • SpeedSafe Assisted Opening…
  • Reversible pocketclip allows…
  • Knife blade held in place with…
  • Trac-Tec inserts give quality…
  • Great EDC knife for anyone in…

Kershaw makes a knife with a carbon-coated steel blade with an aluminum handle. The Kershaw Blur has a safety locking feature to help prevent injuries. The company claims you can open this knife with one hand. This knife comes with a reversible pocket clip so you can keep it with you at all times. The blade is 3.4 inches long, and the total length of this blade is 7.9 inches.

Most of the users love how durable the blade is and the length of the blade. Other users say the safety feature has saved their hands many times. A couple of users say the blade is dull right out of the box, but you can simply sharpen it to make it super sharp.

Please take a moment and see how sharp it is in the YouTube video below:

Where to buy


We know when it comes to having a knife, you need the very best. So, we took to the professional reviews to make sure you had the sharpest options out there.

Once we went through the professional reviews, we went through the user’s comments about each product. The comments helped us find out which blades could make the list.


mans tools

image by unsplash

Let’s cut to the competition, shall we?

When it comes to having a reliable knife, we knew you needed some options. Please take a moment and read through other great knives that may make your decision for you.


Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S 7.1in S.S. Folding Knife…

  • DIMENSIONS: 7.1 inch (18 cm)…
  • DURABLE: Blade is made of…
  • DEPENDABLE: Quick and easy…
  • SECURE: Have confidence that…
  • BE PREPARED: Knife features…

The Smith and Wesson Extreme Ops knife has a 3.1-inch blade, and the total length of this knife is 7.1 inches. The company claims this knife is durable, easy to flip open, and it has a comfortable grip. Smith and Wesson makes these knives with aluminum and stainless steel. The Extreme Ops comes with a pocket clip so you can carry it with you everywhere.

Users love the size of this knife, and it’s sharpest. Other users say it is not durable and broke quickly.

Check out this review below:

Where to buy


Spring Assisted Knife – Pocket Folding Knife – Military…

  • Gifts for husband from wife,…

Grand Way makes a spring assisted knife that is easy to open. This knife has a pocket clip for you to attach to anything you choose. The size of this knife is almost 8 inches long, and the blade is a little over 3 inches long. The Grand Way knife is made with stainless stain and aluminum. A great plus is there is a safety switch on the knife.

Users think the knife is fantastic for everyday use, and it is a perfect size. A few users are upset the screw fell out within the first month of using it.

Take a moment and see what this user said about the knife below:

Where to buy


MTech USA MT-A845BK Spring Assist Folding Knife, Black…

  • Spring assist Folding knife…
  • Black stainless steel blade…
  • Black aluminum handle with…
  • Pocket clip for easy and safe…
  • 5-inch closed length; 3….

The MTech MT-A845BK knife is easy to open with the spring assist feature. The company makes this knife with stainless steel and aluminum. MTech USA claims the pocket clip is easy to use. This knife also has a glass breaker and seat belt cutter as extra features. The blade is almost 4 inches long.

Most users say this knife is awesome and very sharp. Users say it is longer than expected, but it is perfect for everyday use. Unfortunately, a couple of users say screws fell out within a month.

Please take a moment and watch this great review below:

Where to buy


Pocket Folding Knife, RegerKnife 6 Multi-Function Knife with…

  • 【Premium & Very Sharp…
  • 【Compact & Portable】The…
  • 【Widely Use &…
  • 【Super Safe &…
  • 【Lifetime Assurance】Our…

RegerKnife makes a knife with multiple functions, and it is made with fiberglass and stainless steel. It has a screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener, resue hook, pocket clip, and glass breaker.

The blade is 3.3 inches long, and the total length of this knife is 7.6 inches. The company claims the blade is sharp and durable. You will also get a carrying case with your purchase.

Users love how sharp the blade is right out of the box. Users say the knife is very durable. Other users say the knife is not easy to open.

Please take a moment and watch a detailed YouTube video below:

Where to buy


KINGMAX Pocket Knife,Multitool Tactical Knife with…

  • Save Money & Space-Just one…
  • Stainless Steel Multitool-The…
  • Designed for Safety-To prevent…
  • Easy to Carry- All little…
  • Best Gift for Outdoor…

The Kingmax pocket knife has a few extras and a carrying case. This is truly a knife that has nine different things that can help you with so many obstacles. It has needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, and a screwdriver bit adapter. The knife is a total length of 7.6 inches long. Kingmax makes this knife with stainless steel.

Many users are impressed with how handy this knife is and how easy it is to use. A few other users say it is too bulky, and the extra things are not sturdy.

Watch this quick review of each accessory this knife has in the YouTube video below:

Where to buy


Steinbrucke Tactical Knife Spring Assisted Opening Pocket…

  • Portable and easy to use:…
  • Exquisite Workmanship:…
  • Heavy Duty Material: Blade was…
  • Premium Design: Ergonomic…
  • Wide variety of uses: Multi…

Steinbrucke claims its knives are easy to use and durable. This knife comes with a reversible pocket clip for you to carry it with you everywhere you go. The company makes the handle with aluminum and the blade with stainless steel. The blade is 3.5 inches long and the total length for this knife is 8 inches.

This knife also has a seatbelt cutter and glass breaker in case of an emergency. The company claims you can open and close this knife with one hand.

Users say this knife is made with quality materials. Other users love how sharp the blade is right out of the package. A few users say the spring-assist does not work properly.

Where to buy



So, I bet you are wondering is the Kershaw Blur for you, right? Well, all in all, the knife is pretty awesome. Almost every user says the knife is sharp and very easy to use. The Blur is a basic pocket knife, and it does not have any extras.

It all comes down to whether you need extras features or not. If you just need a basic pocket knife to take with you every day, then you may have found your perfect match. If not, then we have provided you with some pretty sharp competition to take a look at.

We do need to remind you that all knives are extremely sharp and should be kept out of the reach of children!

Have you ever used a Kershaw Blur knife? If so, what did you like best about it, and why? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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Best Rangefinder in use by Hunter on Expedition

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