Benchmade Adamas Sibert Knife Review


In honor of American soldier’s commitment to their country, Shane Sibert designed the Benchmade Adamas Sibert 275 knife with quality in mind. Although it isn’t classified as a military knife, this knife stands up to it in every sense of the word. It’s a large top-quality knife, one of Benchmade’s toughest full-size folders.

Adamas Sibert Knife

According to one Benchmade Adamas Sibert reviewer, “it’s sturdy and well balanced,” and from another customer, “it is the stoutest, strongest knife that Benchmade has made.”

Benchmade Adamas Sibert knife specs:

The nice thing about Benchmade knives is their lifetime warranty. This knife falls into the Extreme Duty or Black Class category. The model 275 has a jimped thumb control that gives owners control over the cutting action when making finer cuts, yet it also acts as a safety guard while making heavy cuts. Its 3.82 inch blade is made of black semi stainless tool steel that is 0.16 inches thick. As a wilderness survival knife, it is sharp and strong, perfect for most heavy tasks.

The overall length of the Benchmade Adamas Sibert 275 folder knife is 8.7 inches and when closed it measures nearly 5 inches. It weighs 7.7 oz. The G-10 boxy tan handle length measures 4.88 inches and with over-size phosphor washers and with a large axis lock, it is easy to open with one hand. While some owners think that the knife is a little heavy, it has been designed with three large holes drilled through the scales and double tool steel liners to lighten it up a bit.

The Benchmade Sibert 275 has a coated BK1 semi stainless steel black matte finish on the blade that’s strong, yet it does need some maintenance to help keep it rust and corrosion free. The drop point tip is strong enough for heavy duty use. It dons cone-shaped thumb studs that are supported by a sound stop pin and pivot mechanism for ease in opening.

This knife comes with a MOLLE pocket clip pouch made of nylon material that’s use is recommended to prevent accidental opening during use. The handle length of the knife measures 4.99 inches and the stainless steel liners are 0.73 inches thick, so it’s very durable.

Pros and Cons:

Owners say in the Benchmade Adamas Sibert review that it is designed for quick reliable deployment like many of the Benchmade folder knives, and the time-tested steel is hard wearing. “Its decorative fuller and neat logo on its strong powerful blade round out its aesthetic look.” Some owners think its a little too heavy though, and it does require regular maintenance to keep it from rusting.

Since its name means “invincible” in Greek, this knife stands up to it in every sense of the word. It is also available in a serrated model #275 SBKSN. The spine of the knife has a log swedge and jimped thumb rise for making finer cuts that also act as a safeguard when making longer cuts.

Benchmade makes a high quality product and part of every sale is donated to the Ranger Assistance Foundation. According to one reviewer, “this knife is so sharp it astonished me right out of the box.”

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