Benchmade Adamas Sibert Knife Review


Welcome to our review of the Benchmade Adamas Sibert knife. A rugged and robust folding knife designed to withstand the most demanding tasks. As part of Benchmade’s esteemed Adamas series, this blade is born from a collaboration with the talented knife designer Shane Sibert. Shane Sibert is known for creating tools tailored to the needs of military, law enforcement, and outdoor enthusiasts.

In this article, we’ll explore the unique features that set the Adamas Sibert knife apart from the rest. Delving into its construction, design, and performance. Whether you’re an avid collector or a seasoned adventurer join us as we dissect the essence of this extraordinary knife. We will discover how it fares in real-world scenarios.

By the end of this review, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the Adamas Sibert knife’s strengths and weaknesses. We hope this helps you make an informed decision about adding this versatile tool to your arsenal. Let’s embark on this journey to explore the rugged world of the Benchmade Adamas Sibert knife.


Customer Reviews

In honor of American soldiers’ commitment to their country, Shane Sibert designed the Benchmade Adamas Sibert 275 knife with quality in mind. Although it isn’t classified as a military knife, this knife stands up to it in every sense of the word. It’s a large, top-quality knife, one of Benchmade’s toughest full-size folders.

Adamas Sibert Knife

According to several Benchmade Adamas Sibert reviewers, “It’s sturdy and well balanced,” “This knife is so sharp it astonished me right out of the box.” and from another customer, “It is the stoutest, strongest knife that Benchmade has made.”

What Makes the Benchmade Adamas Sibert Knife Unique?

What sets the Adamas Sibert knife apart is its unwavering focus on durability and sturdiness. Crafted from premium materials like D2 tool steel, the knife offers exceptional edge retention and toughness, making it well-suited for demanding tasks. Its distinct reverse tanto blade shape provides a reinforced tip, perfect for piercing and thrusting actions while maintaining an overall robust blade profile. The knife’s deployment and operation are effortless, thanks to the ambidextrous Axis Lock mechanism, ensuring a secure blade lockup during use.

Further enhancing its practicality, the textured G10 handle scales offer a reliable grip, even in adverse conditions. With its ambidextrous design, reversible pocket clip, and versatility in various scenarios, the Benchmade Adamas Sibert knife has earned recognition and endorsement from military personnel, law enforcement officers, and those seeking a reliable companion for outdoor adventures and self-defense.


Benchmade Adamas Sibert knife specs:

The nice thing about Benchmade knives is their lifetime warranty. This knife falls into the Extreme Duty or Black Class category. The model 275 has a jimped thumb control that gives owners control over the cutting action when making finer cuts, yet it also acts as a safety guard while making heavy cuts. Its 3.82-inch blade is made of black semi-stainless tool steel that is 0.16 inches thick. As a wilderness survival knife, it is sharp and strong, perfect for most heavy tasks.

The overall length of the Benchmade Adamas Sibert 275 folder knife is 8.7 inches, and when closed, it measures nearly 5 inches. It weighs 7.7 oz. The G-10 boxy tan handle length measures 4.88 inches, and with over-size phosphor washers and with a large axis lock, it is easy to open with one hand. While some owners think that the knife is a little heavy, it has been designed with three large holes drilled through the scales and double tool steel liners to lighten it up a bit.

The Benchmade Sibert 275 has a coated BK1 semi-stainless steel black matte finish on the blade that’s strong, yet it does need some maintenance to help keep it rust and corrosion free. The drop point tip is strong enough for heavy-duty use. It dons cone-shaped thumb studs that are supported by a sound stop pin and pivot mechanism for ease of opening.

This knife comes with a MOLLE pocket clip pouch made of nylon material that’s use is recommended to prevent accidental opening during use. The handle length of the knife measures 4.99 inches, and the stainless steel liners are 0.73 inches thick, so it’s very durable.

Pros and Cons:

Owners say in the Benchmade Adamas Sibert review that it is designed for quick, reliable deployment like many of the Benchmade folder knives, and the time-tested steel is hard-wearing. “It’s decorative fuller and neat logo on its strong, powerful blade round out its aesthetic look.” Some owners think it’s a little too heavy, though, and it does require regular maintenance to keep it from rusting.

Since its name means “invincible” in Greek, this knife stands up to it in every sense of the word. It is also available in a serrated model #275 SBKSN. The spine of the knife has a log swedge and jumped thumb rise for making finer cuts that also act as a safeguard when making longer cuts.

Benchmade makes a high-quality product, and part of every sale is donated to the Ranger Assistance Foundation. 

Grip and Comfort

The Benchmade Adamas Sibert knife is designed with user comfort and a secure grip in mind. The handle is typically made from textured G10 scales, a durable and lightweight material known for its excellent grip properties. G10 provides a tactile surface that offers a secure hold even in wet or slippery conditions, making it suitable for various tasks and environments.

The handle’s ergonomic design also plays a crucial role in ensuring user comfort during prolonged use. Benchmade and Shane Sibert carefully craft the handle contours to fit well in hand, reducing hand fatigue and providing a natural and comfortable grip. Whether you are performing precision tasks or more demanding chores, the handle’s design enhances overall control and minimizes the risk of accidental slips.

The combination of the G10 handle scales and thoughtful ergonomic shaping makes the Benchmade Adamas Sibert knife a reliable and comfortable tool for extended use, ensuring users can confidently tackle a wide range of tasks with ease and precision.

Knife Price

Compared to other knives on the market, the Benchmade Adamas Sibert knife is positioned in the higher price range. The price is a reflection of its premium materials, rugged construction, and tactical features. While it may seem relatively more expensive than some competitors, it’s essential to consider the value it brings to the table. The knife’s use of high-quality D2 tool steel for the blade and textured G10 handle scales ensures exceptional durability and edge retention, making it an investment that will stand the test of time.

The robust design, ambidextrous Axis Lock mechanism, and versatile blade shape cater to a wide range of tasks, from everyday carry to demanding outdoor adventures. Additionally, the knife’s endorsement by military and law enforcement personnel further underscores its performance and reliability. Benchmade’s reputation for excellent customer support and warranty coverage also adds to the overall value of the Adamas Sibert knife. Therefore, for those seeking a reliable, heavy-duty tool that excels in challenging situations, the Adamas Sibert knife is undoubtedly worth the investment, offering exceptional value for its cost.


In conclusion, the Benchmade Adamas Sibert knife stands as a formidable testament to the artistry of knife design and craftsmanship. With its rugged construction, premium materials, and tactical features, this folding knife has earned its place among the top knives. It is a top choice for military, law enforcement, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The combination of high-quality D2 tool steel for the blade and textured G10 handle scales ensures durability, edge retention, and a secure grip. This grip proves invaluable in various tasks and conditions. The ambidextrous Axis Lock mechanism and versatile reverse tanto blade shape further exemplify the knife’s practicality and adaptability in real-world scenarios.

Though its price might be at the higher end, the value it delivers justifies the investment. For those seeking a reliable, long-lasting tool that excels in demanding situations. Whether you’re an avid collector or a seasoned adventurer, the Benchmade Adamas Sibert knife will serve as a steadfast companion in your everyday adventures and beyond.

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