The Best Deer Feeder to Bring Them to You

You’d think that the best deer feeder is one that simply brings the deer in for feeding. Surprisingly, there are various feeders available on the market that seem to offer features and benefits unique to particular uses. So, whether you’re a hunter looking to lure the deer in, or you’re a landowner drawing up a vital deer management plan, chances are you’re wondering which is the best deer feeder for you.

To entry-level hunters and animal enthusiasts alike, feeding deer seems innocent enough. However, state legislators are increasingly passing laws to restrict or prohibit the use of deer feeders.

In fact, as one Merril man found out, fines over $15,000 and even the possibility of jail time could be on the horizon for those not complying with state wildlife laws.

So, when it comes to the best deer feeder options, doing the right research is critical.

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