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Whether a gun enthusiast or a serious gun collector, gun safety should be foremost in the mind of any gun owner. Before bringing a gun home, deciding where to store it is of the utmost importance. Gun safes are the choice of most gun owners because they keep guns out of the hands of curious children, unauthorized users, and burglars. Finding the best gun safe for your guns that will also fit your lifestyle can be quite a task.

But, why spend all that time researching to find the best gun safe when we have done the work for you? We have spent hours researching and pouring over reviews in our quest to find the best gun safe for 2019, and we feel we have succeeded in our results. In this article, we present the top 5 and the best gun safe in each of the two categories. Your biggest decision after reading this article will be where to put the safe once you purchase it.

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Gun safes are primarily used to prevent access to firearms. Once locked inside, the guns are safe from being used by people who should not have access to them. Some gun safes are also built to protect guns and other valuables from damage, fire, flood, or natural disaster. Gun safes come in small security box sizes, large metal cabinet sizes, and any size in-between. All of them have locks in one form or another to keep guns safely inside.


We reviewed the following list of gun safes along with many others and ranked these as the top 5 based on their features, the pros and cons, the price, where to buy them, and warranty. We also listened to what owners had to say and read countless reviews so we could offer choices for the best gun safe that will fit your needs and budget.


These five gun safes range in price from around $ to around $$$ depending on their features and uses.

While we feel these 5 gun safes are the best choices out there, we definitely had a couple favorites. To determine the best gun safe, we had to look at both categories; the pistol, and the long gun safe. We have chosen a favorite from each of these categories and we have mentioned our second choice. We have also looked at number 5 on our list and why we chose it.

Hands down for pistols, we chose the Vaultek VT20i. While we liked the Fort Knox and feel it is a great choice for pistol owners, we couldn’t pass up all the bells and whistles that came standard on the Vaultek for only a few more dollars. The Vaultek holds guns securely locked away but allows for quick, easy access when it matters most. With biometric technology and the back-light keypad that has a proximity sensor, you can access your guns and other valuables even in the darkest spaces. This gun safe can be securely mounted just as easy as it can be transported. It meets the TSA firearm guidelines and while the 3-year warranty couldn’t compare with the Fort Knox’s lifetime warranty, we still felt it gave buying confidence as the best gun safe.


  • Fort Knox FTK-PB
  • Vaultek VT20i
  • Stack-On 8
  • SecureIt Agile 52
  • Winchester Pony 19



The Fort Knox FTK-PB is a pistol box-type gun safe. It features a 10-gauge steel uni-body with a 3/16″ tamper-resistant wraparound door. It has a welded and concealed continuous hinge and a push button mechanical locking mechanism by Simplex. Depending on what type of pistol you prefer, this box can hold one, or possibly even two, comfortably. The outside of the Fort Knox is made from a textured silver powder-coat finish, which is both attractive and durable. The inside has a top and bottom foam cushioned lining and a gas-strut which assists in the lid opening. True to its namesake, the Fort Knox holds guns securely inside until you need them.


You can buy this on amazon for an affordable price


This gun safe has a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty which allows you to buy with confidence.


  • Exceeds CA Firearms Safety Device Requirements

  • 1081 possible user combinations

  • Quick access

  • Tough and durable


  • Some reports of lock sticking



The Vaultek VT20i is a box-type smart-safe for pistols. It has a biometric fingerprint scanner that can store up to 20 different users. It meets TSA airline firearm guidelines and is slim enough to fit under the seat of a car. Vaultek VT20i has long-lasting, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, but also comes with two manual keys in case you would need them. Vaultek VT20i is portable or can be mounted with the included brackets. It has anti-pry bars and hidden internal hinges. It is Bluetooth capable, so you can access it with your cellphone to check battery life or detect tampering. Vaultek VT20i also features a proximity sensor, so finding it or your gun in the dark is not an issue.


This product can be purchased for an affordable price from


Vaultek provides a three-year manufacturer’s warranty for this smart safe.


  • Quick and accurate access

  • Keypad illumination proximity sensor

  • 40,000+ keypad combinations

  • Long-lasting Ion batteries

  • Manual keys for backup


  • Some issues with fingerprint access



The Stack-On GCB-8RTA is a cabinet-style long gun safe. It can hold up to 8 rifles and shotguns, but 5 is the recommended safe capacity. It has a three-point locking system with a double-bitted key code lock for extra security. The Stack-On GCB-8RTA  a removable steel shelf for shells or small valuables, and Stack-On patented barrel rests are included. It has a full-length welded and staked piano hinge and tamper-proof fasteners. This cabinet can also be secured to the floor with the hardware that is included.


This gun cabinet can be purchased from third-party sellers at for an affordable price.


The Stack-On offers a one year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Lightweight

  • Sturdy construction

  • Includes hardware for mounting to the floor


  • Metal is thinner than some

  • Locks may need adjustment

  • Shelf is narrow



The SecureIt Agile is a heavy-duty premium gun safe for long guns. It holds 6 rifles or shotguns securely with the patented Cradle Grid technology. This safe also has room for handguns and other gear. It has an electronic lock you can override with a key. This gun safe comes with Securelt’s patented Knockdown technology that makes it capable of being delivered disassembled and the assembled in minutes. All assembly is internal, so it is inaccessible when locked.


This product is available from for an affordable price.


We could not find a written warranty on Amazon or on the company website. We found a promise that if the product did not deliver on what was expected they would replace it no questions asked, within 90 days of purchase. Most customers agree though: SecureIt offers excellent, prompt customer service.


  • 16 gauge metal

  • Knockdown Technology

  • Cradlegrid Technology

  • Room for smaller guns and valuables

  • Reports of excellent customer service


  • Price



The Winchester Pony 19 is a cabinet-style gun safe. It features a 12 gauge steel body construction with a 2-way locking bolt system with 10 bolts. It also offers 1-hour fire protection at 1400 degrees. A pry-resistant recessed door and a reinforced steel return door jamb. The door swings a full 180 degrees on a welded external hinge. The gun safe comes standard with a door organizer that allows for additional storage of pistols or other valuables. Weighing in at 480 lbs, this safe is the heaviest of our choices, but it will hold up to 24 long guns securely. It is UL Listed and exceeds California DOJ requirements.


This product is available on Amazon for an affordable price


Winchester stands behind their product with a 2-year lock warranty, and if the safe is every damaged by fire or burglary, they replace it free.


  • Fire resistant for 1 hour up to 1400 degrees

  • UL Listed S&G Electronic Lock

  • Heat-expandable door seal

  • Additional Storage comes standard

  • Holds up to 24 long guns

  • 10 Locking bolts


  • Price


gun clock money and the best gun safe

For the long gun safe, we decided to go big or go home. When you hear Winchester, you think guns. So a gun safe manufactured by Winchester grabbed our attention right away. We believe the Winchester Pony 19 is the best gun safe for long guns, but not only that, it offers additional storage in the door for your pistols. While the Winchester Pony 19 is priced higher than the others, you get more bang for your buck. This gun safe holds up to 24 guns, so it will satisfy any gun enthusiast or collector. We also really liked the bolt handle reminiscent of a bank vault handle. Our second choice in this category was the SecureIt, but we were a little disappointed by its lack of warranty. Winchester has their customers covered for two years with theirs, and in case of fire or burglary, they will replace it for free. You can’t go wrong with that.

Our last choice for best gun safe coming in at number 5 was the Stack-On. While we felt this gun safe was the least secure of all our choices, it offers an economical and safe alternative for long guns. This cabinet-style gun safe is lightweight but has standard options to secure it in place. We stand by our choice for number 5, but we recommend careful installation of the lock during assembly. Correctly installed, it will perform as it should and prevent access.

Whatever you decide, we strongly suggest investing in a gun safe that you can rely on to keep your guns and your family safe. We hope this list gives you what you need to make an informed purchase.

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