Best Two Way Radios for Hiking in 2022: Walkie-Talkie Review


Hiking seems like a fun outing, but you should always be prepared for any type of emergency you could encounter. Having an amazing set of Walkie Talkies to keep you in constant contact with your home base or as a lifeline is a great idea. What are some of the best two-way radios for hiking?

Walkies can be tough to choose. There are so many different types, and your terrain will enormously impact your choices. Don’t sweat it! Save your energy for the trails and read on to learn which are the best two-way radios for hiking.


Best Two Way Radios for Hiking

Two-way radios are amazing bits of technology. They give you an option to call out for help or just a way to check in on your hiking buddies if you get separated. A good set of walkies doesn’t have to break the bank or come from a company with worldwide appeal. Often the best option is something that fits the situation and the elevation.

Dewalt Makes an Awesome Set of Hiking Walkies

The good folks at Dewalt are always looking out for the outdoors types. They have a set of heavy-duty walkie-talkies that are perfect for hiking. They are formed with thick rubber that makes them shock and impact-resistant. Like other models, the Dewalt set has several channels and works great for hikes on the seaside or deep in the mountains.

The biggest drawback about the Dewalt, and most other walkies, is their dependence on battery power. As of now, they do not have plans to add solar charging panels to their faces but do have an option for solar powering. Check into the portable charger if you are hardcore but taking extra batteries is always an option.

Midland’s Two-Way Radio is a Great Hiking Walkie

One of the companies that don’t streamline too many things for their hardcore base of customers is Midland. They made CB radios in the 60s and 70s that are still working on the dash of antique haulers to this day. In addition, they have a stout set of walkie-talkies that will be an excellent addition to your camping pack.

The biggest hurdle for these long-distance talkies is the input screen. It can be a bit hard to understand if you are new to two-way radios. In addition, the labeling of buttons can be a bit confusing. There are 22 devoted stations of operation, and all the emergency bells and whistles are on the inside.

The SOCOTRAN Walkie is Small and Powerful

Portability is a significant asset of the SOCOTRAN walkie set. They have a vast broadcast area and charge up very fast. This walkie set is so fantastic that it even has a built-in flashlight. SOCOTRAN made their set of walkies for long-range communication, but terrain and weather are the ultimate judges of range in two-way radios.

SOCOTRAN did something very interesting with their long-range walkie set. They created the talkies to wait on standby for up to 72 hours. This means that you can be waiting three days and still get a signal out to help. Time is everything in a survival scenario; be thankful for any extra minutes your gear provides.

Motorola is a Can’t-Miss Two-Way Radio.

The T605 from Motorola is hard to beat when it comes to range. It has a 35 miles range with 11 weather channels for emergencies. However, one of the most exciting things about the T600 is its two types of emergency light. Both red and white lenses allow you to signal or find your way in the dark.

You can’t have a more prestigious name in communications. Motorola is known for making electronics that are dependable and affordable. They have a gigantic business market, but their set of walkies is an excellent addition to any camping pack. The extended range and sturdy design mean it will be around forever.

Ways to Choose a Two-Way Radio set for Hiking

Choosing can be a pill. What works best is to apply a few deep searching techniques with your computer to determine what the buyers are saying and how well they enjoy the product. Doing just a bit of homework could end up saving your life. Be objective and intelligent about which walkie you choose.

A few deep searching techniques for choosing a two-way radio are:

  • Reviews – Going for a deep dive into the product reviews is an excellent way to start. You can see how the people got their products and what they have learned about them in the field.
  • Buying Guides – Blogs across the internet have buying guides for the product you are interested in. Search for the product name and click the listings until you see a buying guide with pros and cons as well as some inside information.
  • Social Media – Using social media is another excellent way to get some information to choose your two-way. The companies have as much social media presence as they do customer support. You can mine their boards for answers.

The biggest thing about searching for a walkie is to go with what suits your hike. If you are going in a mountainous area where you could be several miles apart, you need something with multiple channels and a long range. If you are doing a large flat piece, take a talkie that has decent range and a strong battery. In addition, the 


Choosing a two-way radio for hiking is going to take some trial and error. Remember that the range will be affected by elevation and thick vegetation. Always test your gear before going out on a long hike, either solo or as a group. Testing will let you know how your area is affected by the surroundings.

There are several great walkie-talkie sets on the market. Shopping around will get you the design you want but concentrate on function over form. The most dependable models will often have a plain wrapper with few outer flourishes.

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