Tips on Cooking and Packing Cookware for the Outdoors


If you’re looking to spend some time camping in the great outdoors. Here are some outdoors cooking tips on what you should pack when it comes to cooking outdoors.

We’ll also get into some tips on how to use camping cookware.


If you want the best camping cookware, you’re not going to just pick the first set you see. It’s all about the best materials and the best capacity to fit your needs.

There are a whole lot of different materials that are used to make camping cookware. You can find it in just about as many different materials as you can find home cookware, so we’ll only cover a few superlatives here.

If shedding pounds and ounces is your primary concern, then titanium is probably your material of choice. It’s a bit more expensive than other options, but it’s incredibly light and durable.

Titanium’s main drawbacks are balanced out by its uses.

For example, its heat-dispersal is efficient but not even, so it can boil water quickly but isn’t great for much else. That’s ideal when you’re doing a thru-hike, where weight is more critical than a fresh-cooked meal every day.

On the other end is the supremely heavy cast iron. A cast-iron pan or dutch oven is too heavy to take on a long trek, but if you bring it car camping, it has more uses than any other single pan.

However, you won’t find any cast iron camping cookware kits, so you may want to get a separate pan to complement one of the kits we recommend here.

Most of the best camping cookware we recommend here is made of titanium or another similar light metal, such as aluminum. In fact, hard-anodized aluminum is one of the best all-around materials for cooking. It’s lightweight, durable, heats evenly, and can even be nonstick.

If you alternate between backpacking and car camping or want to be ready for anything, hard-anodized aluminum is one of the best options you can choose.


Once you’ve picked out your favorite set of cookware, you’ve got to know how to use it. Don’t worry — it’s not all about campfires! One of the best ways to cook, whether you’re in the backcountry or at a campsite, is using a camp stove.

Most often, camp stoves run off of gas or liquid fuel to give you a steady and reliable flame.

The type of camp stove you use will, as always, depend on your needs.

Some are larger and more powerful. They use canisters with a large enough volume to cook meals for many campers. Others are just enough to cook a meal for one or two, and others still do use wood.

After you’ve decided how to cook your camping meal, the best camping cookware works just the same as any other pots and pans you’d use at home.

You can also supplement your meal with other pieces of cookware, such as the best camping coffee maker or coffee pot.

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