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Exploring the Cold Steel Bushman Knife is a worthwhile endeavor for those seeking a dependable outdoor tool. With its reputation for durability and performance, it has become a prominent choice in the realm of survival gear. Our comprehensive Cold Steel Bushman Knife review offers an in-depth look, enabling you to make a well-informed decision based on its strengths and potential considerations.

The Cold Steel Bushman knives come in two shapes and are about 12 inches long with a 7-inch blade. What makes them special is that there are no seams or joints between the blade and handle, so they’re super strong. They’re also precisely sharp, great for survival situations, and have handles you can put things in or extend for better use. They come with a durable sheath and a fire starter.

Dive into our detailed review of the Cold Steel Bushman Knife to gain insights into its suitability for your outdoor adventures.


Innovative Leadership: Cold Steel’s Impact on the Knife Industry

Cold Steel is one of the most remarkable names in the knife industry. Their mission to produce the strongest and sharpest knives all over the world has been well lived and upheld since their founding in 1980.

One testament to Cold Steel’s enduring leadership is the introduction of features like the checked Kraton handles and the American Tanto point blade styles. These innovations have inspired others in the industry to strive for high-quality releases.

Cold Steel has also elevated the industry with technologies like San Mai III and the “Tri-Ad Lock” folding knives locking mechanism. Even the company’s most formidable competitors have yet to surpass the technology and craftsmanship of the Cold Steel Tri-Ad Lock. Outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike recognize that if any technology can outperform the Tri-Ad Lock, it will likely come from Cold Steel.

The Cold Steel SRK serves as a prime example of the company’s commitment to applying cutting-edge technology to create some of the world’s strongest and sharpest knives while staying true to its founding philosophy.

With this reputation, it’s no surprise that Cold Steel’s dedication to excellence extends to their design and introduction of the Bushman knife. For those seeking a reliable and robust survival/outdoor knife, the Bushman stands as a testament to Cold Steel’s commitment to crafting some of the strongest blades available.

 Cold Steel Bushman Survival Knife

Cold Steel Bushman Features:

The Cold Steel Bushman series offers two blade shapes to choose from, with both knives measuring 12 1/4 inches in total length and featuring a 7-inch saber ground blade. What sets these knives apart is their seamless construction; there are no joints or seams between the blades and handles, ensuring exceptional strength.

Crafted from a single piece of 2.5mm thick SK-5 high carbon steel, these knives undergo precise heat treatment, reaching an RC54 Rockwell Hardness. Impressively, they withstand over two tons of pressure during testing.

The Bushman blades are meticulously sharpened to a razor-thin edge by hand. Additionally, their hollow handles allow for survival supplies or various extensions, enhancing their versatility. Each Bushman knife includes Cold Steel’s new Secure-Ex sheath with a Ferrocerium Fire Steel.

Why I Would Refer Bushman Knife:

Initially, I had some doubts when I first saw this knife, but upon closer examination, those reservations quickly vanished. Now, I would suggest this as an option to anyone seeking a dependable yet affordable knife.

Ideal Steel:

The use of SK-5 steel, akin to American 1080 steel but Japanese in origin, adds to its appeal. Hardened to an impressive 54 RC, this steel is well-suited for the purpose. It boasts a high carbon content of 0.81% and minimal manganese at 0.75%, resulting in a steel that hardens effectively without becoming overly brittle.

This combination of attributes makes it one of the toughest options available, producing blades renowned for their durability and resilience.


Because Bushman’s are both inexpensive and very tough, they can be used for such tasks as splitting wood and digging roots without fear of getting the knives ruined.


Although I find the integral hollow handle a bit odd, I have to admit that it does make it easy to attach the knife to the end of a stave for self-defense from predatory animals and, if you did find it absolutely necessary to use the knife as a javelin point, I can’t think of a better steel for the job than SK-5.


I commend the decision to use Kydex for crafting the Secure-Ex sheath. Kydex is exceptionally strong and waterproof, making it an ideal choice. Additionally, the fire starter stick is a valuable addition to the design.

The Nitty Gritty: My Only Critique:

Throughout my analysis of the Bushman, I’ve only found one disadvantage. While I understand that Cold Steel designed this knife with a saber grind to prioritize a strong edge over razor sharpness, I believe a slightly higher bevel on the blade would enhance its performance.


To wrap it up, the Cold Steel Bushman Knife stands as a testament to quality and innovation in the realm of outdoor tools. With a reputation for durability, seamless construction, and precision, it has become a trusted choice for adventurers and survivalists alike. Its versatility and thoughtful design, complemented by the inclusion of essential features like a fire starter, make it a reliable companion in the wilderness. While every tool may have minor areas for improvement, the Cold Steel Bushman Knife is undeniably a formidable and dependable choice for those seeking a trustworthy outdoor knife.

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