Crossbow Hunting Pros and Cons

Crossbow hunting has taken on a new excitement amongst people in the past years. But it has not always been seen in the same light. In the olden days, crossbow hunting was for hunters that could not draw a bow, but now crossbow hunting is available to everyone and very much enjoyed. But just like every other sport, it comes with a variety of strengths and weaknesses. This list of pros and cons will help you to purchase the best crossbow for the money.



Crossbows Are Easy to Use

One of the main reasons people enjoy crossbow hunting over compound or traditional is because this type of hunting is easier. Once you draw the string, the trigger ability locks in and that requires you to hold the bow at full draw while this special mechanism is doing the hard work for you. This type of shooting does not require a lot of physical effort from the hunter.

Because of this helpful mechanism, you, the hunter, are able to focus your entire attention on tracking and spotting prey. With the other types of bows that don’t offer this mechanism, the majority of your focus would go to keeping the bow fully drawn and maintaining an unwavering aim.

Using a crossbow is the perfect way to go for new hunters because it is almost like using a rifle. Your only job as the shooter is to press the trigger and release the bullet (or arrow, in our case). Another group of people who do well to use this tool is those with disabilities, as we mentioned from the old days. Crossbows are a blessing to those who are experienced hunters as well because their shots become even more accurate and on target with it. Crossbow shooting is really a

Crossbows Are Versatile and Accurate

It is difficult to find another weapon that has the same precision, versatility, and accuracy as good quality crossbows. Telescopic sights can be used with your crossbow this is what makes for an easy platform to transition to for those hunters who have more experience with rifle and shotgun shooting.

Most crossbows have a scope on the top for the hunter’s aid in aiming at their prey with precision. This is to help things move along faster. With a scope, there is no need to spend minutes attempting to find the right shot. Instead, you have assistance, even when the light is not bright.

The crossbow has high precision that allows versatility of position. You are able to hunt from a ground position while squatting, or as you stalk your prey. Crossbows give you so much ability to be a great hunter.

Crossbows Are Powerful

Don’t hear us wrong- crossbows are not lacking power just because they are a weapon that aids the hunter. These are POWERFUL and fast weapons that need safety features. The shooting speed with other bows depends a lot on the technique of the hunter, but the crossbow doesn’t have the same requirements. No matter your technique, crossbows will get to the target in no time.

If you are wondering how fast crossbows are, a good range to keep in mind is a speed of 350-450 per second, while a traditional compound bow is about 250-330 per second. Though this is a pro, there are cons involved after the fact. It may take a lot of brute force to take the arrow out of the thing it shot. This, of course, depends on which arrows you chose to use weight and lengthwise, as well as safety features.


Crossbows Are Heavy

As a more complex and involved weapon, the body of a crossbow uses more material and is much heavier and bulkier than a traditional bow. Because of this, many people face awkwardness in carrying one. The weight can make it hard for new hunters to keep a steady aim for long. But never fear, many companies that sell crossbows are using lighter materials as you saw in some of our reviews in this article. One of the best light materials that can be used to create the crossbow body is carbon fiber, so be on the lookout for this material as you purchase your weapon by your brand of choice. When thinking of the best crossbow for the money, remember that the extra money you’ll pay for lighter crossbows is worth it when it comes to shooting!

Crossbows Load Noisily and Slowly

The size of the crossbow can get in the way of your ability to draw quickly. This issue can really be a pain in the reloading process and if you miss the target and need to reload again, it is likely that your prey may have been able to run off in the time it takes. Another big issue, especially when it comes to prey, is the fact that the crossbow does contain some sound when you press on the trigger and this can scar our pray and cause them to run faster.

With a standard bow, your loading and reloading is much stealthier, and you are able to hide your identity from your prey much more easily. Hunting at a shortage is when most of these issues take place, so if that is your common distance when hunting, you may want to consider that a crossbow could mean for you.

Crossbows Are Not as Challenging as Normal Bows

Here, we are making a similar point as the first pro, but in light of it’s disadvantages. This is not applicable for everyone, as some may not see this as a con at all. But the truth is, the crossbow is much less challenging. For many hunters, being able to have complete ease in using a crossbow is a downside because they may enjoy the challenge in hunting with a traditional or compound bow. If the thrill of the hunt is the sport, then you may be looking for the excitement for getting better, little by little, at something that takes a lot of practice. Crossbows are much different and take adjusting to, especially when it comes to the ease they give. Experienced hunters may not want to make this adjustment, so it is absolutely something to consider when making the switch.

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