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For those who prefer to buy American made products, the ESEE-4 is just that. Well established with bush craftsman, the ESEE-4 cuts through most anything because the blade is manufactured of tough 1095 high carbon 57 Rc steel. It comes with removable Micarta handle slabs and a Kydex sheath with MOLLE locks.

According to one ESEE-4 Knife reviewer, “it is perfect as a camping knife, very comfortable and just long enough for my hands.” Another says you would have to seriously abuse it to break it. The overall length is 9.0 inches, the blade length measures 4.5 inches and the blade width is 1.25 inches.

The gray handle is made with two removable lined slabs of Micarta. The entire knife weighs 7.4 oz. Its rugged construction works great for either tough or easier indoor tasks. Although its steel blade is coated, you must maintain it properly to prevent rusting. Lubricate with a dry film rust and corrosion proof oil while maintaining this knife.

Of 13 customer ratings on Amazon, 12 gave the 5 stars and the other gave it 4. This may be because the coating wears off and to prevent rust and corrosion, it needs to be oiled regularly. Another con, according to a customer review, is that the grip is a little too wide.

The ESEE-4 knife has a black RC-4 fixed blade and comes in your choice of plain edge or a partly serrated edge. The maximum thickness of the blade is .188 inches. The Micarta handle slabs are removable and the sheath comes with an additional MOLLE attachment. The sheath is held together with screws instead of rivets for easy adjustment for a better grip.

Made of formed Kydex material, the sheath comes with a rawhide cord that if not threaded according to the owner’s manual, may come apart. The knife and sheath together weigh about 13 oz. According to another ESEE-4 knife review, the fit and finish of the sheath and knife are excellent. It is said to be one of the best bushcraft knives on the market.

This particular fixed blade knife (see competitor models here) comes with a black drop point 1095 carbon steel blade and a gray handle. Its full tang construction is strong enough to withstand repeated hard use. It is large enough for cutting kindling wood, yet small enough for indoor use. The blade holds a keen edge and out of the package, is very sharp. It works well as a wilderness survival knife for hunting, fishing, and hiking and is noted as the number one choice for cutlery, not just by the manufacturer, but also by those who use it on a regular basis.

The cost of the ESEE-4 knife is comparable to other knives in its class. You may find it runs a little less if on sale, but overall, its price is great for its solid high carbon steel construction. It comes with a full lifetime warranty and owners say the manufacturer stands behind it. When one customer broke off the tip of his knife, ESEE sent him a new one and allowed him to keep the original.


Similar Products to the ESEE-4 Knife

ESEE Knives With Molded Polymer Sheath

ESEE Knives With Molded Polymer Sheath

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The skeletonized handle with micarta scales found on this gorgeous model makes it easy to grip the knife without losing any comfort.

Furthermore, the molded polymer ambidextrous clip plate sheath allows for easy storage in any conditions, whether hiking up a mountain, walking through a forest, or just putting the knife back in its place after a long day of survival usage.

The blade is made from 1075 carbon steel with a drop point and textured powder coat finish 55-57 RC. However, although 1075 is a top choice for professional cutlery designed for hard use, it will rust and stain if not properly cared for – especially on the cutting edge and around the laser engraving.

It is the user’s responsibility to keep the blades properly lubricated and cleaned. We suggest using a dry film rust inhibitor such as TUF-GLIDE or TUF-CLOTH

ESEE Knives 4P Fixed Blade Knife w/Handle and Molded Polymer Sheath

ESEE Knives 4P Fixed Blade Knife w/Handle and Molded Polymer Sheath

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The ESEE 4P knife was designed by Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin as an all-around Tactical, Survival, and Bushcraft Knife.

This knife’s durability is even better than the original ESEE-4 Knife, and that says a lot considering how good that model is. It has been put to the test many times by military, law enforcement, and adventurers all over the world.

Furthermore, when purchasing this knife, you also get ESEE’s lifetime warranty. In this sense, you receive a full money-back guarantee in the unlikely event that your knife will ever break. That’s a bold promise to make, and from what we’ve seen from the other knives made by this company, we truly believe that the chances of breaking this knife are extremely low.

Verdict about the ESEE-4 Knife

The pros outweigh the cons of the ESEE-4 knife. Customers who gave an ESEE-4 knife review say that their knife is easy to sharpen and maintain. They say that it’s a rugged knife that holds a sharp edge. The overall quality is excellent. Did you try it yourself? Leave us a comment below regarding your experience.

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