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For tough indoor or outdoor use the Fallkniven Pilot Survival Knife is an excellent option.  According to one active user, “this is hands down the best outdoor/survival knife I’ve used. Its easy to sharpen and holds a razor sharp edge for a long time.”

The Fallkniven Pilot Survival Knife holds true to its word. Since 1995 Swiss Air Force pilots have used it as their official survival knife in some pretty tough situations.

The knife has a blade of 3.8″, the entire knife measures 8.3″ and it weighs 6 oz. It has a tapered blade that is 0.18″ thick and a blade hardness of 59 HRC. With a broad protruding tang, the F1 black leather sheath is as durable as the knife itself. Used for hunting, it holds up to both skinning and dressing out rabbit, deer and even bear! Campers love it for cutting kindling wood and it’s versatile enough to use in the kitchen. Of 23 customer ratings, it received 5 stars from all but one.

Manufactured of laminate steel (VG10) the blade stands up to many tasks. Its ultra sharp edge meets all international standards. It’s handy size is perfect for many demanding tasks, plus it is easy to sharpen and easy to clean because of its all-weather coating. Outlasting many other knives in its class, it is both corrosion resistant and rust resistant, no matter what type of conditions it’s used in.

This pilot survival is a fixed blade survival knife, not a folder, and it comes with a choice of 2 different kinds of sheaths: The Zytel or F1 black leather. Made of injection molded Zytel, this sheath is durable. Manufactured of high quality Zytel, the double safety, one-handed style also comes in a left-handed model. The F1 CeraCoat 8H F1 black leather sheath is also a favorite. The sheath covers the entire knife and is also available for left-handed users.

With an easy rubberized grip, the Thermorun handle is the perfect size for use while camping, fishing, hunting, wood working and many other uses. For large hands or small, it offers a safe, comfortable fit. Another customer said of the F1 Pilot Survival Knife Thermorun handle, “I like the grippy handle. This knife is a jack-of-all trades knife and it masters them all.”

Owners do have only one complaint: One Fallkniven Pilot Survival Knife reviewer says the lanyard hole in the handle is unusable. “It is placed too low to be used, it is obscured by the hand.” This is the only complaint owners have, however. They say that the Fallkniven Pilot Survival Knife is the perfect weight and size, it’s rust resistant and corrosion resistant even when used in mud, water or blood. It also holds its razor sharp edge for a long time. “It has great edge retention.”

The Fallkniven Pilot Survival Knife is easy to hold and easy to control. It’s rubberized grip is comfortable and it’s blade is surgical sharp. Used by Swiss Air Force pilots, there’s little to complain about. From its tough laminate steel blade to its comfortable rubberized grip handle and its optional F1 black leather or Zytel sheath, its handy enough to use even in the kitchen. Receiving 5 star ratings all around except for the placement of the lanyard hole, the Fallkniven Pilot Survival Knife review couldn’t speak more highly of this tough, durable, very versatile Fallkniven Pilot Survival knife.

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