Benefits of Fish Finder and GPS Combos

Fish finder and GPS combos are a necessity for any fisherman who wants to go on the hunt for the best catch. If you are looking to stay in your local area and take out a little boat or even fish from the shore, you can likely go without a GPS. If you are an adventurer, the pro fish finder, or the courageous fisherman always looking for a catch that tops the last one, a GPS is really the only way to do that thoroughly.


Plotting Your Course

So what are some things having a GPS paired with your fish finder will do? For starters, it will set the course for your trip. If you like to have a plan to follow, the GPS is able to give you a map going through the prime fishing grounds. Without a GPS, this organized way of traveling by water is not possible. Many of these combos come with maps already loaded, but you will want to look into getting a device that allows you to customize charts and get back to your departure location easily.

Fish Finder and GPS Combos

Pinning Your Location

There is nothing better than being able to pin down your exact location so you can return. Once you find that ideal spot, your dream spot, going back to it every single time is possible with your fish finder and GPS combos . You can make it down as your fishing hole and get pinpointing accuracy.

Finding Depth

Getting the lay of the land is not possible with a regular fish finder. The reason this is important is because seeing the bottom of the waters makes your depth readings easy to figure out, and this will make fishing better in the long run.

Getting Water Temperature

Any expert fisher will know the difference between cold water or warm water species. But knowing the difference doesn’t help you find the fish in the cold or warm areas! Using a fish finder will help you to know where is warm, where is cold, and where both meet. This is surely a handy feature to have in a fish finder!

Tips and Tricks for Results with Fish Finder and GPS Combos

Though you can be the most expert fisherman and could have used a fish finder many times before, getting one with a GPS will change the game. You will have a new level of information about fishing to steward. These new features can be hard to decipher, so it’s good to know some tips and tricks before you start using one!


This feature marks various depths in the ocean as well as shipping lanes. When you get on the water, buoys will plot these for you which is a great help.


It is common for fish to surround a shipwrecked area. A feature of these maps that are plotted with a GPS+fish finder is letting you know where the wrecks are as to be more prepared.

Contour Lines

Did you know hills and valleys exist in the ocean depths? With contour lines, you will be able to see these so you can plan accordingly as you fish.

Seafloor Hardness

Fish finders will help you to determine if the floor you are hovering over gravel, rock, mud, or sand. This happens using colors in shades of red.

Weather Predictor

As this is a GPS, it knows exactly where your vessel is at all times. This means it can get a perfectly accurate prediction of what the weather is like and what it is going to be like later one. You will get basic things like rain, snow, cloudy, and more in-depth things like fast-flowing lakes, aggressive rivers, and ice fishing. Being on the water is an unpredictable thing. Sometimes your smartphones loses signal very quickly and you are stuck out at sea unaware. Being able to check your fish finder’s GPS to predict weather patterns is a blessing.

Bucketlist Worthy Catches

Now that you’ll be able to become an expert fisher with a large advantage seeing as you have the best fish finder on the market, you need to know which fish to make your prey. We want to tell you all about which fish to catch at least once in your lifetime.


In both tropical and subtropical waters you will find the sailfish. This breed is gorgeous, sporting a variety of blue shades. You will need your fish finder to catch this one because they only swim in waters deeper than 30 feet! The reason this kind of fish is a challenge to catch is because they are able to swim up to EIGHTY miles an hour! They are the fastest amongst the aquatic organisms, and as fast as your car!

Yellowfish Tuna

These fish are some of the most beloved catches in the world. They are extremely sought after by fishermen. The reason for this is because of their strength and ability to put up a fight. Only those fishermen determined to fight till the bitter end with their prey will win here. The reason your GPS fish finder works wonders in catching Yellowfish is because they are found in warm waters.


Another name for this type of fish is Dolphinfish or Mahi Mahi. These are very expensive fish, and the reward for catching them is large. But as a fisherman, we know you’re all about the hunt. These gorgeous fish are good at hiding and escaping because they duck under objects such as seaweed, logs, and buoys. It will be a game of hide and seek for you both; are you up for the chase? On top of having to chase and find them, they are also known to leap up out of the water in order to escape your hook. Having these fish to aspire to is a worthy goal!

Having a bucket list for the fish you want to catch in your lifetime is such a fun exercise. With a fish finder, especially one with a GPS, you will be an expert fisher in no time; reaching your goals every step of the way!

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