How Do You Close a Pocket Knife Safely and Securely?


A pocket knife is an essential tool for any angler, hunter, or plain old outdoor adventurer. But this handy tool will do you little good if you don’t know the basics. Like, how do you close a pocket knife securely and safely?

While it should be pretty straightforward, each type of pocket knife has a different closing and locking mechanism. If you don’t close your pocket knife correctly, you put yourself at risk of injury as you close it or during storage. After all, no one wants a pocket knife to spring open when (supposedly) safely stowed in their pants pocket!

So, how do you close a pocket knife? Are you using one of the best pocket knives on the market? And how do you know which type of lock your favorite knife uses?

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Many people stay away from non-locking pocket knives, mostly because they’re afraid the lack of locking mechanism makes them more dangerous. This is both true and false, depending on your perspective.

Of course, a non-locking pocket knife will be more dangerous if used irresponsibly. But when used with care, there’s no reason not to use a non-locking model if that’s what you prefer. Because there’s no mechanism keeping the blade open, closing a non-locking pocket knife is simple:

  • Start by holding the knife by the sides of the handle or hilt — grasp the side away from the blade’s edge and point the blade away from your body.

  • With your other hand, hold the dull edge of the blade between your thumb and fingers.

  • Gently press on the dull edge of the blade until the pocket knife is securely closed.


Liner and frame lock pocket knives are very similar, and they’re also two of the most common locking mechanisms around.

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Each version uses a metal bar inside the knife’s hilt to hold the blade open during use. Pushing on this bar moves it out of the blade’s path so the knife can close.

So, how do you close a pocket knife with one of these locks?

Mossy Oak Folding Pocket Knife – 3 inch EDC Stainless Steel…

  • Locate the liner or frame piece holding the knife open.

  • With your dominant hand, hold the knife by the handle with your thumb against the lock.

  • Push down on the lock and carefully begin closing the blade.

  • Ensure all of your fingers are out of the blade’s path as you finish pushing it to a closed position.


Just from appearance alone, answering, “How do you close a pocket knife with a button lock?” is incredibly simple. As the name implies, button lock pocket knives feature a push-button on the side of the handle. Here’s how to close one:

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  • Again, hold the knife handle in your dominant hand, with the blade’s edge facing away from your palm.

  • Push down the button with your dominant hand’s thumb.

  • With the button depressed, push the blade’s dull edge with your other hand until the knife closes.


Remember, pocket knife safety is less about the type of lock you use and knowing how to close it. Instead, it’s about respecting the blade and always being aware of where it is (and where your appendages are in relation).

No matter what type of lock your favorite pocket knife uses, irresponsible use is a recipe for disaster. So, remember: Always respect the blade.

What’s your favorite type of pocket knife locking mechanism? Let us know in the comments below!

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