Here’s How to Move a Gun Safe in Simple Step-by-Step Instructions

You find yourself faced with a move, and now you need to know how to move a gun safe. It’s a moment you dread because the gun safe is heavy. However, you need to know how to transfer a gun safe efficiently and safely.

It can feel a little daunting when you have to move your gun safe from one place to another. By nature, a gun safe is a dangerous thing. Not only is it bulky and awkward, but it is also incredibly heavy, and even though you dread moving it, you know you have no choice.



When you consider the question, how to move a gun safe, there is only one answer. Safely.

You must take great care to remove the contents of the gun safe and hire the right equipment with which to move the safe itself. A good pair of gloves will prove essential, as well as a sturdy dolly cart for you to maneuver the safe. Additionally, you will need to ensure your path of movement remains clear and that you hire a suitable truck in which to transport your gun safe.

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We would typically recommend that you hire a professional team of movers to perform this difficult task. However, you may wish to carry out the procedure yourself. Consequently, you need some hints and tips on how to move a gun safe.







A gun safe is heavy enough as it is, so ensure you empty out the contents before you begin. Make sure you store any ammo in a separate, secure box.


Clear the area

If you are moving to a new property, then you will need to remove the safe from your existing property. As such, ensure your path remains clear of obstacles. Also, park your truck as close as possible with the ramp ready to receive your safe.

Ask for help

Gun safes are very heavy. So, you should seek the help of friends or family to move the safe. There is little point in moving the safe by yourself if you hurt your back! So ask for help to make your life easier and safer.

Protect the surrounding area

Protect any walls and furniture you may pass with scratch-resistant material. If the safe bangs into furniture, it will scratch it. If you can move everything out of your path beforehand, all the better.

Make more space than you need

Due to the cumbersome nature of the safe, a bit of wobbling and curving from side to side may occur as you move it. Therefore, create more space than you think you need!

Be prepared

Use planks of wood as ramps wherever you may encounter steps. However, if this proves impractical, you will need additional hands to help you maneuver the safe up or down such obstacles. Get the pizzas in and plenty of cans!






Gun safes are heavy! Furthermore, the extra weight in the truck will result in extra gas consumption. You will need to budget for the additional fuel.

Safety first

When you wonder how to move a gun safe, the answer remains the same. Safely. Invest in hiring a good quality furniture dolly, or even a forklift truck if practical. You need to make the process as easy for yourself as you can. If you struggle, you may only injure yourself and those around you.




When it comes to the actual move, take your time, and wear your protective gloves.

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Gather the masses

Instruct your helpers to stand on one side of the safe and lean it back gently. Now you may slide the dolly underneath the safe.

Secure the safe

The last thing you want is the safe tipping or sliding off the dolly as you move it. Therefore, ensure the safe sits on the dolly properly and remains balanced.

A gun safe is so massive that if it tips, there remains very little you can do about it. It may cause serious injury. Ensure the dolly is fit for the purpose and large enough to take the safe comfortably.

Proceed to move the safe

With your path clear, you may start to move the safe. Take your time. Stop regularly to ensure the safe remains adequately balanced on the dolly. Move obstacles out of the way rather than trying to move the safe around the obstacle.






Corners and sharp bends can prove tough. Try to remain calm and perform each maneuver slowly. Try to support the safe on the side opposing the direction you are turning into. Consequently, the more help you have here, the better.

Swing the dolly out a bit further than you think you need to allow the safe and dolly to turn at a more comfortable angle.



So you have made it to the truck. Now you have to get the safe onto the truck.

Watch the video below:





Helpers assemble

Gather as many helpers as you can and position yourselves behind the safe. Tie straps around the safe so that one person may pull the safe while the others push. Keep up a gentle momentum with the person pulling acting as a guide for the direction of the safe.

Once the safe slides up the ramp of the truck, you can position it into its final position. If possible, ensure the safe is trapped down.


It is no mean feat to move a gun safe. Hiring a team of professionals will take the stress out of the move. However, with a little help and a lot of muscle, you can move the gun safe yourself.

Have you ever moved a gun safe? Perhaps you have some advice you would like to share with us. Why not leave us a comment in the space below as we would love to hear from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will movers move a gun safe?

It depends on which company you’re planning to hire and their policy. Some companies will accept such a task while others will stay as far away as humanly possible from anything involving guns – yes, even ones that are legally purchased and owned. Things can also get complicated depending on the state or municipality where you live. There might be laws in some states that completely prohibit moving companies from moving gun safes to other locations. We’re not lawyers, so we can’t guarantee anything on the latter topic.

Is it easy to break into a gun safe?

For regular people, gun safes will be almost impenetrable, but for a skilled locksmith, gun safes can be quite dull, to be honest. Sure, not all gun safes are created equally, and some of them are much harder to crack than others. However, if you’re unlucky enough to be robbed by a locksmith, you might as well kiss your guns goodbye. Of course, that scenario is highly unlikely to happen, as even a skilled locksmith requires a bit of time to unlock a safe, which makes it likely you’ll spot them before they can get anything out. We recommend additional security whenever possible, such as alarms, tripwires, and whatnot.

Can a burglar sue you for shooting them?

Of course, when talking about gun safes, many people will ask this exact question, as you will see on many forums and other websites. In short, yes, it is possible for a burglar to sue you for shooting them. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will win the case. Again, we are not lawyers so don’t take this as legal advice. It’s better to consult with a lawyer regarding the exact rules and regulations in your area so you’ll know how to best proceed against potential intruders.

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