How To Pack A Cooler Like A Snack Pro


Summertime brings a lot of activities with it: barbeques, camping trips, road trips, and so much more. We enjoy all these picnics and beach visits, but everyone knows what happens if the food and drinks aren’t just right! Knowing how to pack a cooler properly can save us a lot of grief on those summer expeditions.

There’s nothing worse than a warm can of soda when you’re looking for cold refreshment. With a nicely packed soft cooler, you’ll be able to enjoy your ice-cold drinks on a sweltering day. Your snacks will also stay safe from contamination.

If you’re a novice at this game, there’s no need to worry. Once you know how to pack a cooler, you can apply that knowledge to avoid disappointment and that dreaded pool of water in a picnic cooler.


Make the Most of Outdoors: How to Pack a Cooler

There’s a lot to learn about how to pack a cooler in a way that your favorite drinks and snacks do not prematurely warm up. Following each step will help you out.

Divide and Conquer

If you’re taking frequent trips this summer, you should get at least two coolers for your food and drinks. You can check out some performance coolers; these are among the largest and most convenient options. Plus, a performance cooler is perfect for keeping its contents cool for a long time.

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You might be able to get some bargain deals on performance coolers if you look around. Plus, having an additional cooler will also divide the burden. One cooler can hold the drinks while the other can carry your food. That would even be recommended, since bottles take up a lot of cooler space, so bringing two of them is a good idea if you’re planning to have some beer with your barbecue.

Keep It Chilled

If you want your cooler to remain chilly for a long period of time, then consider letting it take in some overnight cold by leaving it in your freezer or on the porch. The colder the cooler is, the more it will keep your food at the proper temperature.

Freeze Your Food

The best way to keep the food in your chiller as close as possible to frozen is to make sure they’re properly, well, frozen. Taking a chunk of rock-hard chicken out of the freezer before your sojourn and putting it in the cooler is likely to keep it in that state for a long period of time. You can also do the same with liquids, as nobody likes a warm glass of Coca-Cola.

Be Cool and Icy

Need to have a definitive answer to the “how to pack a cooler” question? Throw some ice cubes in the mix. Ice helps keep the temperature low, so putting some ice in your cooler next to your items is highly likely to greatly extend their picnic shelf-life. If you want to go the extra step, consider adding a whole block of uniform ice instead of several small cubes, as it won’t melt as fast.

Clean Your Cooler

Didn’t think that’s needed? It absolutely is, since after you use the cooler, there will probably be some left-over water festering at the bottom. That’s not good, since the water is eventually going to grow warm, and warm water is a breeding ground for bacteria and worse. Make sure to wash your cooler with soap or at the very least to wipe it clean and dry after use to avoid health complications later on.

Hide It From Sunlight

A cooler has been designed to maintain low temperatures, and you can imagine that if you keep it in the sun, you’re probably going to damage it. This is because most coolers are built with plastic, which breaks down under continued sunlight assault. Keep your cooler in a cool place to extend its expiration date.

As Cold as Ice

If you’re planning to have a summer outing in the great outdoors, then we’d very much recommend taking a cooler with you, especially if you’re planning to carry a lot of things, A high-performing cooler could mean the difference between a flat bottle of beer and a cold, refreshing one.

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