IceMule Cooler Review: Keeping It Cool When It Matters Most


When you land on an IceMule cooler review, you’re most likely someone who loves the outdoors. Whether it be camping, hiking, rafting, hunting, kayaking, canoeing, or something else entirely, nature is your happy place. It’s where you feel most at home.

It’s no secret that camping is a risi​​ng trend in the United States. In fact, as of 2018, 77 million U.S. households had someone who camps at least occasionally. Since 2014, there have been over 6 million new camping households! However, many campers may not realize the benefits of a backpack cooler.


Why Is a Backpack Cooler Useful?

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​A camping trip usually involves a hiking, kayaking, fishing, or canoeing excursion. Or at least something related to those. The struggle is that you don’t get to enjoy a cold beverage or fresh fruit on these trips. You can either carry it in your backpack where it will spoil or get warm quickly, or you can lug around a cooler in addition to your backpack.

Neither of these options is ideal. This is where a backpack cooler can be helpful. They allow you to carry your food and drink with you on your back, which is an incredibly comfortable and useful option.

Plus, some models have additional pockets on the exterior that allow you to carry other essentials, such as keys, a cellphone, knife, or umbrella. This will be helpful for you to keep in mind as you go through the rest of this IceMule cooler review.

​IceMule Cooler Review: What’s an IceMule?

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​To start this IceMule cooler review, you may be wondering what, exactly, it is. An IceMule cooler is more than just a soft-sided cooler. It can be used as a waterproof bag, carried as a backpack, or strapped down to a canoe or kayak. IceMule coolers are incredibly portable and lightweight.

IceMule performance

​Unlike other similar coolers, the IceMule does not use zippers on most of its models. To close it, you roll the top down and hook the side-release buckle. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about leaks. It will keep ice inside of it without melting for up to 48 hours, even in incredibly hot temperatures!

​Warranty information

​IceMule has a straightforward warranty policy that covers the entire cooler. Within 90 days after you purchase your cooler, if you are not happy with it for any reason, you will receive a refund or a replacement.

IceMule Pro Insulated Backpack Cooler Bag – Hands-Free,…

  • A SUPER SPACE-SAVER – forget…

This is the model that we are focusing on in today’s IceMule cooler review. When you properly close this IceMule cooler, it won’t leak. It has the same roll-top closure that the Classic version has, which is the IM AirVent — making it perfect for rolling up for storage. The Pro Series is a larger version of IceMule’s classic backpack cooler and includes some additional features that the classic version does not have.

There are several color options to choose from, so you can sport your backpack cooler in style, whether you’re hiking up a mountain or taking a day-long kayaking trip.

This bag from IceMule is quite large, as it can carry up to 24 cans. Because of this, you will be sure to appreciate the fact that IceMule included padded carrying straps on this model.

The Pro Series IceMule model has a heavy-duty 1000-denier MuleSkin ET layer, making it incredibly durable. It also has an elastic mesh pocket on the front of it, which is convenient for carrying random knick-knacks around with you.

The IceMule Pro Series is available in three different sizes. There is a large size, which is 23 Liters, X-large, which is 33 Liters, and XX-large, which is 40 Liters.

As with any IceMule cooler, this version can hold ice for up to two full days in extreme temperatures. This cooler can be used both as a cooler or a dry bag, making it ideal for any boating, kayaking, camping, or rafting trip.

​How We Reviewed

To fill out this IceMule cooler review, we took a look at all of the design and usability features to figure out whether or not it is a worthy investment, including both the positives and negatives. We also compared it with some competitor products, which we will thoroughly review for you below.

We also took a look at what customers had to say about the product, which we took into consideration throughout this review.

​Alternatives to an IceMule Cooler

​Our IceMule cooler review wouldn’t be complete without providing you with some other options.

Coleman Soft Cooler Backpack | 28 Can Cooler, Khaki

  • INSULATION: Main compartment…
  • CAPACITY: Holds up to 28 cans
  • EASY TO CARRY: Backpack design…
  • EXTRA STORAGE: Large front…

The latest version of the Coleman backpack cooler is said to be able to hold up to 28 cans. It also has non-insulated storage pockets on the front and sides of the bag, which are ideal for non-perishable items.

Because this bag can hold so much, Coleman included padded carrying straps, a waist strap, and a padded underside to make it more comfortable while you are carrying it on your back.

Currently, this bag is only available in one color option. However, it is relatively neutral, so it should suit just about anyone’s style preferences. There is about 14 Liters of storage space inside of this bag, and it is made from rubber, plastic, and fabric.

One major disadvantage of the Coleman backpack cooler, when compared to the IceMule cooler, is the length of ice life. The Coleman bag is said to hold ice up to five hours, or ice packs for up to six hours. This is far less time than the IceMule cooler backpack.

Overall, if you are looking for a backpack cooler that can keep ice inside for more than a day, then Coleman isn’t the right choice for you. In that case, we would suggest the IceMule. Additionally, the Coleman cooler is not the best option if you need a large bag to carry all of your food and drinks for a weekend trip.

However, the Coleman backpack cooler is an excellent option for someone looking for an effective and straightforward way to carry a few drinks and food for a half-day hike or rafting trip. It is also the perfect choice for someone looking for a smaller option that is comfortable to wear. If you are looking for something without all of the bells and whistles, then the Coleman bag is an excellent option.

TOURIT Insulated Backpack Cooler Leakproof Lightweight…

  • MULTIPLE POCKETS: 1 main roomy…

TOURIT has numerous backpack options, but we are focusing on the Loon Insulated Backpack.

The TOURIT backpacks have incredibly tough shells on the exterior. They are made out of 600-denier Oxford. In case you’re not familiar with the material, that’s pretty tough. The interior is made out of heat-welded PEVA and EPE foam, which makes it even stronger and will last you a long time.

Plus, the outer shell of the TOURIT backpack is leak-proof and sweat-proof, while the interior is insulated with a leak-proof liner. This ensures that your drinks will stay the way that you want them — cold.

The TOURIT Loon bag can hold up to 28 cans but is still lightweight and portable. However, these bags require ice packs rather than ice, which some people may not be a fan of.

What many backpack coolers fail at is additional storage. This backpack cooler from TOURIT is the exception to that, as they realize that you might want to store items other than your drinks, and not everything will need to be cool. They have pockets on the exterior that are ideal for things such as keys and a cellphone. Either side of the bag has mesh pockets, as well.

TOURIT backpack cooler options

​TOURIT has numerous options for customers to choose from. So many, that we can’t review each one individually in this post. However, their options include:

  • ​The Mallard

  • ​The Loon

  • ​The Terns

  • The Wagtails

  • The Cygnini

  • The Blue Jay

  • The Cockatoo

  • ​The Blackbird

  • The Tanagers

  • The Cormorant

  • The Cuckoo

Yep, each one is named after a bird! That’s a really cool feature that sets the brand apart.

Overall, the TOURIT backpack cooler is sure to be a purchase that will satisfy you. It lives up to its promises and has a sleek design that you’ll love taking on outdoor excursions. The fact that it requires ice packs may be a small price to pay and makes up for it with its cooling powers.

LUNCIA 33can Collapsible Cooler Bag Leakproof Cooler…


Our final alternative for this IceMule cooler review is this cooler backpack from LUNCIA. It has an incredible capacity at 24 Liters — this backpack can hold up to 36 regular cans. You can also put various snacks inside, as well as other necessities such as a cellphone or towels.

This cooler backpack is not ideal for long trips, as it only will keep things cold for up to six hours. However, this makes it perfect for half-day excursions. It can also be used for beach trips or picnics in the park.

The LUNCIA backpack cooler has a durable PEVA lining that will keep your food and drinks fresh. LUNCIA recommends storing your food in a refrigerator before using the cooler bag, as it will have a better insulation effect.

The bag is leak-proof and water-repellent, as the exterior is made out of a jacquard fabric that is durable and easy to clean. However, LUNCIA does not recommend placing the bag upside down. As long as you do not do that, you should not have any issues with leakage.

There is a front zipper pocket that you can use for various items such as tableware, napkins, or other light items. Two mesh pockets on either side can hold an umbrella or cups. There is a metal hook that you can use as a bottle opener or a hanging belt for keys or a knife.

This LUNCIA cooler backpack is an excellent purchase if you’re looking for something to keep your drinks and food fresh and cool for trips that last a few hours. However, if you are looking for something that will keep drinks and food cold for more than a day, we recommend choosing the IceMule cooler instead.

​Is the IceMule Cooler Worth It?

person fixing the IceMule Cooler

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From our IceMule cooler review, when compared among its competitors, the IceMule is the clear winner. It is the only choice that will keep your ice from melting for up to two days. None of the other options will even keep things cold for one full day.

If you need a backpack cooler for a multi-day hiking or water trip, then the IceMule cooler is the best choice for you. However, if you only take half-day trips, then you may not need to invest in the IceMule cooler. Any of the alternatives that we went over — Coleman, TOURIT, or LUNCIA — will suffice for you just fine.

Overall, this IceMule cooler review should have given you a definite answer of whether or not you want to purchase it. Let us know in a comment which cooler you think would be the best option for you!

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