KA-BAR VS Gerber: Comparing Two Top Tier Brands


Anyone looking for a high-quality knife for work, recreation, safety, or any other purposes will know the importance of buying through a reputable manufacturer. One of the leading names in the survival knife industry is KA-BAR.

Their knives are legendary, but that means that competitors have also popped up to try and give them a run. Gerber is one of those competitors. Let’s look at KA-BAR VS Gerber in a little more depth.

Gerber has several different models of knives and other survival tools. They’ve also done a series of collaborations with well known outdoor personalities like their Bear Grylls line of knives and specialty folding knives.

KA-BAR is a US-based manufacturer and has been producing knives for many years, and is well known for their quality. KA-BAR typically is a little less budget-friendly than Gerber, but their quality is excellent and the fact they manufacture most of their knives in the United States appeals to many knife owners.

Let’s take a look at some knives from KA-BAR vs Gerber each manufacturer.


1. More About KA-BAR

KA-BAR has been in the knife manufacturing industry for decades—in fact, the company was established in the late 1890s. Over the years, the manufacturer has provided high-quality knives for all sorts of industries including the military and law enforcement.

Today, you can enjoy a great choice of knives from KA-BAR, and it has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the industry leaders in this field. Some of their most popular knife models are listed below so let’s take a look at some of them in more detail.

2. Knife Choices & Specs

The variety of different knife categories and models that are available from KA-Bar is impressive. There are knives available for all sorts of uses and in a great choice of styles. The categories that you can choose from with KA-BAR include:

KA-BAR VS Gerber

TDI Hinderance:

These knives are ideal for use by law enforcement agencies and professionals. They combine an easy-grip design with durability and there are various options available. The TDI/Hinderer Hinderance knife is one of the models you can choose. This Cro-Van steel knife has a 3.56” fixed blade and weighs 0.35 lb.

TDI Hinderance: KA-BAR VS Gerber

The Game Hook:

The fixed-blade knife selection from KA-BAR is extensive. Among the models that you can choose from is the Leather Handled Game Hook, which is a hunting knife with a modern twist. It has a stainless steel hooked blade that measures 3.25” and its weight is just 0.20 lb.

The Big Brother:

In the all-purpose and utility knives category, you will have plenty of choice available. The Leather Handled Big Brother is one of the knives in this group. It is made from 1095 Cro-Van steel with a blade length of 9.37”. It’s leather handle gives it a stylish yet rugged appearance and it is a very sturdy knife that weighs in at 0.90 lb.

The Big Brother: KA-BAR VS Gerber

Tegu Folder:

If you prefer a folding blade, you can choose from an impressive selection of high-quality products from KA-BAR. This includes the Tegu Folder, which has a 2.87” blade made from stainless steel. Weighing 0.25 lb., this is a lightweight knife with a drop-point style.


KA-Bar manufactures rugged, solid and durable knives for hunting and outdoor use. One of these is the Johnson Adventure Gamestalker, which is a high-performance knife with a 4” stainless steel blade. It has a recurve shape and its overall length is 8”.

War Sword:

The military and tactical range of knives from KA-BAR is made up of great quality products that are also ideal for personal use. In this category, you will find the impressive War Sword, which weighs in at 0.95 lb. It has a Cro-Van steel blade of 9.68” and a drop-point style

KA-BAR also offers a clearance section on the website, so if you want to reduce the amount you spend on a knife it is well worth checking this section.

3. More About Gerber

Since 1939, Gerber has been producing and manufacturing great quality knives. The company’s commitment to innovation has helped to seal its solid reputation over the decades. Based in Portland, Oregon, this manufacturer now deals with customers and agencies around the world.

Gerber also offers a lifetime warranty with its knives. While some people are turned off by some of the overseas manufacturing, there are many companies that outsource some of their products to other countries, including KA-BAR.

4. Knife Options & Specs

You can access an excellent choice of high-specification knives in a range of categories from Gerber. Innovation, reliability, and quality are all part and parcel of the Gerber range, and finding something to suit your needs should prove to be no problem. Some of the more well-known models include the following:

Bear Grylls Compact Knife:

This manufacturer offers a great choice of fixed-blade knives (like the prodigy) catering for a range of needs and pockets. The Bear Grylls Compact Fixed Blade is one of the products in this category. This knife is described as “compact and indestructible” making it perfect as a survival knife. It has a 3.4” full fine-edge blade that is partially serrated. It is also ergonomically designed to provide ease of handing and a higher degree of comfort.

Applegate Combat Folder:

You can also look forward to a good choice of folding knives from Gerber. This includes the Applegate Combat Folder, which is a tactical knife ideal for combat situations. It has a high carbon stainless steel blade of 4.48” and an overall length of 10.06”

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Propel Downrange AO:

This range comprises a variety of high-quality knives that can be used for a range of purposes. One of the products in this category is the Propel Downrange AO, which has a black oxide steel blade and a firm grip handle. The blade length is 3.5” and it has a plunge lock and safety switch to fix the blade in place.

Propel Auto:

The Propel Auto is one of a number of different knife options in Gerber’s innovative automatic range. This knife has an anti-slip handle and comes with a black oxide coating to reduce reflection and protect against corrosion. The blade length is 3.5” and is made from 420HC Steel.

Propel Auto: KA-BAR VS Gerber

Paraframe Tanto:

In the Framelock range of knives you will find the stylish Paraframe Tanto. This is a lightweight product that is easy to maintain and use. You can choose from a number of blade options with this knife; black titanium nitride is used as a coating on the blade to provide additional protection

In addition to these product categories, this manufacturer offers a range of different styles. This includes clip point, liner lock, gut hook, and blunt tip products.

5. Making a Choice From KA-BAR VS Gerber

It is important to look at the knife options and prices from each of these manufacturers to find the one that will be better suited to you. KA-BAR VS Gerber Both offer an excellent choice of knives in a variety of categories. Both also have plenty of experience in this field, although KA-BAR is the longest established of the two.

In terms of pricing, Gerber does offer many of its high-quality knives at very competitive prices. KA-BAR also has some great-value knives and a wide selection of other survival tools like Machetes as well.. If “Made in America” is important to you, KA-Bar may be a better pick. If you are looking for a knife on a budget, Gerber fits the bill and has a number of quality knives.

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