KA-BAR vs. SOG: Which Knife Brand is Right For You?


There are many manufacturers competing for consumers’ hearts on the survival and combat knife market these days. This means those looking to purchase a knife have plenty of choices. Buying a knife made by a reputed manufacturer will ensure that you get both quality and value.  Two of the manufacturers you that you can never go wrong with are Ka-bar vs SOG.

KA-BAR is one of the more well known knife manufacturers in the United States, with most of their wares being made in their New York Manufacturing facilities. They have a log history supply a number of well known military style knives and survival knives.

While SOG is a relative newcomer to the knife market in comparison to KA-BAR, they have a number of beautiful knives at a reasonable price. Let’s take a look at each manufacturer in more detail.


1. A Bit About KA-BAR

Ka-bar vs SOG
The Ka-Bar USMC. Photo source: Flickr

Having been in this industry since 1898, KA-BAR has a longstanding reputation and is a big name in the world of knife manufacturing. This manufacturer offers a catalog of a huge variety of knives, each of which meets high standards when it comes to quality, design, and innovation.

KA-BAR rigorously tests their knives to ensure that they offer high performance and are protected against corrosion.  KA-BAR’s knives are trusted by many members of the military and United States law enforcement.

2. KA-BAR Knives and Knife Specs

If you are thinking of buying a knife from KA-BAR you will be able to choose from a number of categories and knife options. This includes:

KA-BAR Warthog: The excellent range of fixed-blade knives covers a good chunk of KA-BAR’s collection. The Heavy Duty Warthog falls within this category and is a sturdy, flat grind knife with a blade made from 1095 Cro-Van steel. The length of the blade is 6.75” and the overall length is 12.25”.


Union Razor Co. Elephant Toe: KA-BAR also offers a great choice of stylish folding-blade knives to suit a range of purposes. One of our favorites is the Union Razor Co. Elephant Toe. This knife has a mirror-polished Cro-Van steel blade measuring 3”. It is a drop-point style and has a slip-joint locking mechanism.

Zombie Acheron Skeleton Knife: If you are looking for something that’s along the survival/all purpose (close to machete) type, the Zombie Acheron Skeleton Knife falls within this range. This knife has a stainless-steel blade of 3.12” and an overall length of 6.37”. It is a fixed blade knife and has a skeleton handle design.

Snody Snake Charmer: Rugged and solid are essential qualities for hunting and outdoor knives. The Snody Snake Charmer provides these qualities and more besides. This is a stainless-steel knife with a blade length of 2.31”. The overall length is 6.5” and it is a drop-point style with a hollow grind.

TDI Hinderance: You will find a selection of tactical knives in the law enforcement category from KA-BAR. This includes the TDI Hinderance, which has a Cro-Van blade that measures 3.5”. It is a flat grind knife in a modified tanto shape. The overall length is 7.25” and the knife weighs in at 0.35 lb.

KA-BAR US Navy: KA-BAR has become known for its superb quality military and tactical knives, one of which is the Full Size KA-BAR US Navy Fighting Knife, Straight Edge. This knife comes stamped with the letters USN just like its beloved sibling, the USMC, and is  replica of the knives used by U.S. marines during World War 2.

The blade of this knife measures 7” and is made from Cro-Van steel. The overall length is 11.87” and it comes in a clip shape with a flat grind. This is a traditional knife that is marked for Navy personnel, but many variations like these are used throughout the United States.

Buying from KA-Bar means that you can buy with confidence, as you will be purchasing your knife from a long-standing reputable manufacturer.

3. A Bit About SOG

SOG folding knife. Image source Flickr

Compared to KA-BAR, SOG is a relatively new player in the field, having been established around a quarter of a century ago. However, the manufacturer has fast gained popularity and its aim is to design and create products of great quality and value.

SOG has a focus on distinction and innovation with a good choice of knives available. They are also reasonably priced when doing a side by side cost comparison to most major knife manufacturers.

4. SOG Knives & Knife Specs

SOG has a number of quality knives, and we’ve looked at a few of them in these articles here, here, and here. You can choose knives in one of a range of categories or you can browse by type if you prefer. Some of the top options from SOG include:

Sogzilla Knife: Precision made and manufactured to high quality standards, the range of tactical knives from SOG is impressive. This range includes the Sogzilla line, which comes in a number of sizes including large. This folding knife has a blade made from high grade stainless steel with a length of 3.8”. The overall length of the large model is 9.84” when open.

Quake XL: The varied range of hunting knives includes the Quake XL, which has dual tone VG10 Japanese steel blade and forged aluminum handles. The length of the blade is 4.5” and it has a button lock mechanism. It is a straight-edge knife with a clip point blade shape.

The Targa: If you are looking for an everyday carry knife you will have plenty of options from SOG. The Targa is one of the knives in this range and is a compact but solid folder. The blade is made from premium Japanese stainless steel and its measurement is 3.5”. The handle is also stainless steel and the knife has a tanto-blade shape

Sideswipe: If you are looking for a basic, well rounded outdoor knife, the Sideswipe, is a dependable knife. It has a stainless steel blade and contoured anodized aluminum handles. The blade measures 3.4” and it is a straight edge, clip-point knife.

Cash Card: SOG also offers a choice of knives that are ideal for industrial use, one of which is the Cash Card. This uniquely styled knife comprises and easy opening blade and a money clip. The stainless-steel blade measures 2.75” and the knife has a satin finish.

SEAL Pup: The SOG SEAL Pup is a fixed blade military style knife that is the compact, lighter version of the brand’s cult classic SEAL knife. The good news about the SEAL Pup is that the company constantly works on improving it. The latest version sports AUS8 blade steel which is a nice upgrade from previous versions.

The SEAL Pup is a sturdy tactical knife with 4. 75 inch, partially serrated blade (9 inches overall), is full tang, weighs just 5.4 oz, and comes with a MOLLE compatible sheath. The “nearly indestructible” knife handle is made of glass-reinforced nylon and offers an outstanding grip. The price of this gem is also hard to beat.

You’ll get both quality and value when you purchase a knife from SOG, and you’ll get it at a pretty reasonable price.

5. Picking Between the Two

There are various factors to consider when choosing between KA-BAR and SOG. This includes choice, quality, price points, and knife steel among other things. In terms of experience and longevity, KA-BAR takes the edge among the two.  But you won’t go wrong with a SOG knife either.

Go for SOG, if you’re after the looks and want a general-purpose knife at an unbeatable price which by the way makes a great backup knife. Go for Ka-bar, if you want a reliable survival and defense knife that won’t let you down even when battoning wood while in the middle of nowhere.

You can’t go wrong with either knife brand. Both manufacturers pride themselves on excellent quality and high performance. It’s virtually impossible to make a wrong choice when picking between the two and we happily recommend both.

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