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Below you will find links to additional websites that we enjoy. If you have great content on your site and feel like you belong on this list, please shoot us a message at our contact page.

Knife Related Resources:

American Knife & Tool Institute:  The AKTI is dedicated to ensuring that people from all walks of life have the education and information that they need to properly use a knife.  This website is a fantastic resource for anyone that wants to know more about knives.  The AKTI does a great job of explaining how knives are used in many different profession and even dives into state knife laws and pending legistlation.

The Truth About Knives:  Website by author Clay Anders that has several great years of news and information around everything you can think of that’s knife oriented.

Hunting Resources:

Virginia Shooting Sports Association:  A great website for anyone looking to get more educated on hunting topics in the state of Virginia.

Virginia Deer Hunters Association:  Great site for deer hunting in Virginia and includes a physically published magazine subscription.

Survival Resources:

Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine:  A popular survival medicine website run by Dr. Joe Alton aka Dr. Bones and his wife Amy Alton aka Nurse Amy – this is a top resource for any type of SHTF scenario where you may need to prepare for the worst from a medical perspective.

Fishing Resources:

Bass Resource: is your one stop shop for all things related to bass fishing.  Resources from this site will help you land your next lunker on your next fishing trip.

Outdoor Resources:

Latitude 38: Your one stop shop for all things sailing and Marine related.  GEt the magazine or hang around and check out the rest of their content around chartering, sailing and boating life.

Web Design (This Site):

FHOKE are a UK based team of designers and developers who deliver brands with purpose and websites in style. They are experts in WordPress and Shopify and successfully re-branded Wilderness Today to help us stand out in the outdoors space.

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