Schrade Extreme Survival Fixed Blade Knife Review


The right equipment can make all the difference in challenging situations. Regarding knives designed for survival and wilderness exploration, the Schrade Extreme Survival Fixed Blade Knife stands out as a formidable contender. This knife was engineered with durability and functionality in mind. This comprehensive review will delve into the key features, design, performance, and overall value of the Schrade Extreme Survival Fixed Blade Knife. Whether you’re an avid camper, hiker, or someone who values preparedness, join us as we examine this robust and versatile tool that aims to be the ultimate companion in the great outdoors.


Schrade Knife Intended Uses

The Schrade Extreme Survival Fixed Blade Knife is designed to serve as a versatile tool that excels in various outdoor settings and survival scenarios. Its features and functionality make it well-suited for a range of uses and applications. Here are the knife’s main uses and intended applications:

  1. Camping and Outdoor Activities: The Schrade Extreme Survival Knife is an ideal companion for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. It can be utilized for tasks such as cutting rope, preparing food, carving wood for kindling, and constructing shelters. Its sturdy construction and versatile blade design make it a reliable tool for various camping needs.
  2. Bushcraft and Wilderness Survival: When venturing into the wilderness, the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife can be relied upon for bushcraft and survival tasks. It is capable of handling demanding challenges such as batoning wood, processing game, building traps, and fashioning tools or utensils. Its robust construction and sharp blade enable users to tackle various tasks essential for wilderness survival.
  3. Emergency and Preparedness Situations: As a survival knife, the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife is well-equipped to handle emergencies. It can assist with tasks like cutting through seat belts, breaking glass in car emergencies, or providing a means to start a fire using the integrated fire starter. The knife’s additional features, such as a whistle or saw, further contribute to its usefulness in urgent situations.
  4. Tactical and Self-Defense Purposes: With its rugged build and versatility, the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife can be employed for tactical and self-defense purposes. Its sharp blade and durable construction make it suitable for cutting through webbing, self-defense maneuvers, or creating improvised tools for personal protection.
Schrade Extreme Knife

Schrade Knife Company Roots

The Schrade Cutlery Company’s roots are found in the New York Press Button Knife Company. It was formed in 1892 by George Schrad. He was the inventor of the Schrade Extreme knife from Sheffield, England.

George was unable to raise sufficient capital to begin knife production. He sold a partial interest in the company to the Walden Knife Company. Their unusual name arose from its first knife design, a switchblade or automatic opening pocket knife with an operating button mounted in the knife bolster.

First patented by Schrade in 1892, this knife design was eventually produced with a unique style of a clip-point blade. But in 1903, Schrade sold all of his interest in the New York Press Button Knife Co. to Walden Knife Company, and the following year Schrade formed the Schrade Cutlery Company in Walden, NY.

Schrade Knife History

In 1906-07, Schrade patented the Safety Pushbutton Knives. They were an improved series of switchblade knives with side-mounted operating buttons and a sliding safety switch. It was later developed in a slightly modified form as the Presto series. The Schrade switchblade came to dominate the automatic knife market in the United States for fifty-five years.

From 1911-1916, George Schrade took up residence in the knife-making center of Solingen, Germany.  He ran a small workshop and developed a new type of switchblade knife. He titled this knife the “Springer.” However, in 1916 the German government seized all of Schrade’s assets in Germany to assist its war production. Schrade returned to the United States, though his Springer switchblade would live on unprotected by patent. The “Springer” was manufactured by several Solingen shops for many years thereafter.

In 1917, Schrade licensed a fly lock switchblade design to the Challenge Cutlery Company. He then joined and continued to pursue his knife-making interests at both Challenge and at Schrade. His brother George now managed one of the company’s factories. In the 1920s, Schrade bought the defunct Walden Cutlery Company to obtain their stocks of handle material for his knives.

The Schrade Knives Live On

The Challenge Cutlery Co. closed its doors in 1928 after the death of its owner, Charles F. Wiebusch. So Schrade formed a new company called Geo. Schrade Knife Co. in Bridgeport, CT. by acquiring knife-making machinery from the old Challenge Cutlery assets. At the new company, Schrade made Presto switchblades as well as Wire Jack jackknives and other low-end pocket knives.

George Schrade died in 1940, and the Geo. Schrade Knife Co. was sold by his sons in 1956 to Boker Knife Co. of Newark, New Jersey. The company closed operations in 1958 after Congress passed a law banning the sale of switchblades across state lines.

In addition, Schrade’s other company, the Schrade Cutlery Co., was sold in 1946. It was sold to the Imperial Knife Associated Companies, thus becoming the Schrade-Walden Cutlery Co., Inc.

Last, in 2004, this company stopped making knives and closed its factory. The name was sold to Taylor Brands and used for marketing purposes.

Consequently, now manufactured by Taylor Brands under the Schrade name, the Schrade Extreme Survival Series consists of ten different fixed-blade knife designs. These designs range from very large knives to very small knives.

Key Features of the Schrade Extreme Survival Fixed Blade Knife?

  1. Robust and Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the Schrade Extreme Survival Fixed Blade Knife is built to withstand the harshest conditions. Its full tang design ensures optimal strength and durability, allowing it to tackle demanding tasks with ease.

  2. Versatile Blade: The knife features a versatile blade design that combines a partially serrated edge with a fine edge, offering users the flexibility to handle various cutting needs. Whether it’s slicing through rope, carving wood, or preparing food, the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife is up to the task.

  3. High-Performance Steel: The blade is constructed from reliable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, known for its ability to hold a sharp edge even after prolonged use. This ensures that the knife remains ready for any challenge that comes its way.

  4. Ergonomic Handle: The knife features an ergonomic handle design, providing a comfortable and secure grip during extended use. The textured handle enhances control and prevents slippage, allowing for precise handling and reducing the risk of accidents.

  5. Integrated Finger Guard: For added safety and protection, the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife incorporates an integrated finger guard. This feature not only assists in maintaining a secure grip but also prevents accidental hand slippage onto the blade during more demanding tasks.

  6. Multi-Purpose Sheath: The knife comes with a multi-purpose sheath that serves as both storage and a carrying solution. With its adjustable belt loop and retention system, the sheath ensures convenient and secure transport, keeping the knife easily accessible whenever it’s needed.

  7. Additional Survival Tools: In addition to its cutting capabilities, the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife offers a range of supplementary survival tools. These may include a ferro rod fire starter, a whistle, or a saw, further enhancing its usefulness in emergency situations.

What Materials are Used in the Knife’s Blade, Handle, and Sheath

The Schrade Extreme Survival Fixed Blade Knife is meticulously crafted using high-quality materials to ensure durability and performance in demanding outdoor environments. Let’s explore the materials used in the knife’s blade, handle, and sheath:

Blade: The blade of the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife is constructed from reliable stainless steel. Stainless steel is renowned for its excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring that the blade remains unaffected by exposure to moisture, humidity, or other harsh elements. This allows the knife to maintain its sharpness and structural integrity even in challenging outdoor conditions.

Handle: The handle of the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife is designed for both comfort and durability. It is typically made from durable materials such as high-strength polymers, rubberized grips, or thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). These materials offer a secure and ergonomic grip. This allows for precise handling and reduces the risk of slippage. The handle materials used in the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife are carefully selected to withstand heavy use and provide optimal comfort.

Sheath: The sheath accompanying the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife is usually constructed using rugged and weather-resistant materials. Commonly, a combination of durable nylon or ballistic nylon fabric is utilized. This fabric is known for its abrasion resistance and ability to withstand rough handling. The sheath features adjustable retention systems, belt loops, and sometimes additional storage compartments. These features ensure a secure and convenient carrying solution for the knife. These materials guarantee that the sheath protects the blade while also allowing quick and easy access.

How Durable is the Schrade Knife? 

The durability of the Schrade Extreme Survival Fixed Blade Knife is a key factor that sets it apart as a reliable tool. This knife is engineered to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures and demanding tasks. 

  1. Strong and Resilient Blade: The Schrade Extreme Survival Knife features a blade constructed from high-quality stainless steel. Stainless steel is known for its durability, corrosion resistance, and ability to maintain its sharpness even with prolonged use. This robust blade is designed to withstand tough cutting, chopping, and slicing tasks, ensuring it remains functional and reliable in challenging conditions.

  2. Full Tang Design: The knife incorporates a full tang design, meaning the blade extends the entire length of the handle and is securely fastened in place. This construction significantly enhances the knife’s strength and durability, allowing it to handle heavy-duty use without compromising its structural integrity.

  3. Sturdy Handle Materials: The handle of the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife is made from durable and ergonomic materials, such as high-strength polymers, rubberized grips, or thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). These materials are carefully selected to provide a comfortable and secure grip while withstanding rough handling and extreme conditions. The handle materials contribute to the overall durability of the knife by ensuring it can endure heavy use and resist wear and tear.

  4. Weather-Resistant Sheath: The knife’s sheath is typically crafted from rugged and weather-resistant materials like nylon or ballistic nylon fabric. These materials offer excellent resistance to abrasion and ensure the sheath can withstand the elements, making it suitable for use in various weather conditions. The durable sheath also protects the knife from impacts and keeps it securely in place during transportation and storage.

Schrade Model SCHF3N

The Schrade model SCHF3N is a medium-sized knife measuring 12” overall with a black, powder-coated, clip-point blade that measures 6 3/8”. Also, this knife features full tang construction with a saber ground blade and a large “finger groove” choil. It also has a 5 5/8” handle with removable canvas Micarta (also known as Rucarta) handle slabs, finger grooves, a lanyard hole, and a nylon sheath.

However, please note that the Schrade website does not state what steel this knife is made from nor what its Rockwell hardness is.

Schrade Extreme Knife Benefits 

The Schrade Extreme Survival Series, the SCHF3N, is an excellent compromise between a really large knife and a really small knife. It’s very well suited as a carving, slicing, and skinning knife.

In addition, I like the clip-point blade shape as well as the length of the blade. The clip point provides the user with fine control when performing precise cutting or puncturing tasks. The length of the blade is long enough to perform light chopping tasks in a pinch without being so long. It makes it unsuitable for anything but light chopping.

On the other hand, I appreciate the incorporation of Rucarta handle slabs. This is an extremely tough, waterproof, weatherproof, crack-proof, chip-proof, and split-proof material. It also provides the user with a positive gripping surface which is further enhanced by the integral finger grooves.

The handle slabs are removable so you can lash the knife to a stave and form a makeshift spear for self-defense from predatory animals. Last, I also like the nylon sheath since nylon is an extremely tough material as well and is also waterproof.

Schrade Extreme Knife Downfalls

While the knife has several notable strengths, it’s essential to consider some limitations. The saber grind and oversized choil may not appeal to users seeking the sharpest edge or optimal leverage for carving tasks. The saber grind prevents the user from obtaining a really sharp edge because the bevel is too thick (although it is stronger than a hollow grind), and the large choil places the back of the edge too far from the quillions for proper leverage when carving. However, these drawbacks are minor compared to the overall versatility and durability the knife offers.

Schrade Knife Price Range

The price range of the Schrade Extreme Survival Fixed Blade Knife can vary depending on factors such as the specific model, retailer, and any additional features or accessories. Generally, the knife falls within the mid-range to slightly higher price bracket compared to other survival knives on the market.

When considering the value of the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife, it’s important to assess the features and benefits it offers in relation to its cost. Here are a few factors to consider:

  1. Build Quality and Materials: The knife is constructed with high-quality materials, including a durable blade and a sturdy handle. The use of stainless steel for the blade ensures corrosion resistance and long-lasting sharpness. The knife’s construction and choice of materials contribute to its durability and overall value.

  2. Versatility and Performance: The Schrade Extreme Survival Knife offers a versatile blade design with both serrated and fine edges. This versatility allows it to handle a wide range of tasks, making it suitable for various outdoor activities and survival situations. Its performance in cutting, chopping, and slicing tasks is generally well-regarded, adding value for users who require a multi-purpose tool.

  3. Additional Features: Some models of the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife may come with supplementary features, such as a fire starter, whistle, or saw integrated into the handle or sheath. These additional tools can enhance the knife’s functionality and provide added value for users seeking a comprehensive survival tool.

  4. Brand Reputation: Schrade is a well-known and respected brand in the knife industry, recognized for producing reliable and durable knives. The brand’s reputation for quality can further contribute to the perceived value of the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife.


In conclusion, the Schrade Extreme Survival Fixed Blade Knife emerges as a formidable contender for outdoor enthusiasts. Its versatile design, durable construction, and range of features make it a valuable companion in the great outdoors.

Furthermore, the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife benefits from the rich heritage of the Schrade Cutlery Company. This company is knwn for its innovation and commitment to quality. The company’s long-standing history in knife-making adds to the trust and confidence placed in this tool.

The Schrade Extreme Survival Fixed Blade Knife excels as a dependable and versatile tool. Its robust construction, versatile blade design, and array of features strive to be the ultimate companion in the wilderness. The Schrade Extreme Survival Knife stands prepared to conquer any challenge. It proves to be a valuable addition to your outdoor gear collection.

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