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We start our Superfeet Green review with a bold assertion: Your feet are the hardest working part of your body. They take you where you want to go. And whether you’re walking or running, hiking, biking, golfing, or just plain working, insoles such as Superfeet Green can give your tootsies a break.

Insoles are designed to slide into your shoes to deliver support and comfort to every part of your foot. They can also play a role in heading off or easing aches and pains that can come from overwork.

Superfeet Green insoles target individuals with high arches. They are just one part of a broad line of inserts made by Superfeet to address different sizes, shapes, and situations with your feet.

Have you come here wondering if these are right for you? Our Superfeet Green review will help you decide.



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To begin our Superfeet Green review, let’s first look at the broader category of insoles and what they do for our feet.

Insoles are thin pieces of material to provide support for your arches and other parts of your feet. They can be used both as a preventative measure, to lessen the chance of planter fasciitis or other conditions. They also can help ease existing pain, whether chronic or otherwise.

The primary function of insoles is to provide support for the foot and help keep your gait in proper alignment, so the muscles, tendons, and ligaments work in harmony.

As you consider our Superfeet Green review and read more about insoles, you might also come across the term “orthotics.” As a general matter, the two terms are interchangeable. Orthotics are more often used to refer to inserts that are professionally customized to your particular situation based on a prescription from your doctor.

Customers purchase insoles such as Superfeet on an over-the-counter basis. But the two categories have the same purpose, which is to deliver support and comfort throughout the day.

Inserts are a standard accessory for runners. But they’re also handy in hiking and many other activities on your feet.


For now, we don’t have to concern ourselves with the custom orthotic category. We’re talking about Superfeet, an employee-owned company based in Ferndale, Washington.

Superfeet makes a broad line of professional-grade over-the-counter insoles as well as footwear.

Superfeet GREEN Insoles, Professional-Grade High Arch…

  • FIT PROFILE: High volume /…
  • STABILIZER CAP: acts as the…
  • DEEP HEEL CUP: features the…
  • SUPERFEET SHAPE: a high…

The Superfeet Green line targets individuals with high arches. The inserts use a very dense foam that’s rigid when you need it but also provides flexibility. The idea isn’t to lock your foot into one place but to guide it to the most natural position for your body.

One area of your feet that takes a beating is the heel. The Superfeet Green insoles include a deep heel cup to take away the impact of connecting with the ground.

Superfeet insoles will retain their effectiveness for about a year — or, if you’re more active on your feet, for 500 miles. After that point, the support layers will start to break down.

Keep in mind that Superfeet Green inserts come with a break-in period. If you’ve never worn insoles before, they will take some time to feel comfortable on your feet. Don’t start with a lengthy run or walk with the insoles, as it denies your feet and the insole itself a chance to adjust.

A typical Superfeet review written by a happy customer will mention the fine line between softness and support.

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We consulted several sources to build our Superfeet Green review. Our initial focus was on understanding what the medical profession had to say about the effectiveness of insoles. So we consulted opinions from institutions such as Harvard Health Publishing and individual provider blogs such as Pain Science and Spectrum Foot Clinics.

To round out our Superfeet Green review, we also paid close attention to customer reviews on sites such as And, of course, we studied the information on the Superfeet site.

Our goal was to create a straightforward look at the Superfeet Green and what it can do for your feet.


Superfeet is a name you can’t escape when shopping for insoles. But it’s not the only name. The market offers excellent choices. And as part of our Superfeet Green review, we wanted to introduce you to some options.

One note: We stayed away from the Dr. Scholl’s brand. Consider those to be more “entry-level” inserts for more mild conditions. Our focus was on brands that provided insole technology comparable to Superfeet.


Spenco Total Support Max Shoe Insoles, Women’s 11-12/Men’s…

  • Rigid arch support for maximum…
  • For athletes looking for rigid…
  • Improves motion control to…
  • Advanced support for the arch…
  • Unconditionally guaranteed for…

Wherever you find Superfeet, the chances are good you will also find selections from Spenco, a North Carolina company. Like Superfeet, Spenco provides a full line of foot care products that include insoles and orthotics.

Spenco insoles aim to provide support across several on-your-feet activities — walking, running, cross-training, hiking, other sports, and even just for prolonged standing.

The Spenco Total Support Max brand is similar to Superfeet Green in that both address people with higher arches. Spenco takes a different approach, however. Spenco inserts include “pods” of varying degrees of hardness. These are placed at crucial areas of the foot to ease the amount of force on your feet.

Both Spenco and Superfeet seek to steer the foot in a way that reduces or eliminates “over-pronation,” which most foot experts believe can causes foot or leg problems.

The Max line is by design stiffer than other insoles made by Spenco. It targets the more serious athlete who is putting numerous miles on their legs during the week.

Customers indicate in their reviews that the Spenco inserts have successfully helped curb foot pain and correct over-pronation and even provide a solution to flat feet.

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Powerstep Original Orthotics Insole, Blue/Black, Men’s…

  • Full length total support:…
  • Moderate cushioning: original…
  • Designed for comfort: The…
  • For every shoe: maintain…
  • Podiatrist designed: Powerstep…

We should point out in our Superfeet Green review that insoles are not just for men. Power Step, an Ohio-based company that is also employee-owned, offers insoles geared toward the specific needs of women.

PowerStep’s Original Insoles deliver moderate cushioning while at the same time building in the right amount of support for every part of your gait.

The original insoles are multi-purpose. You can use them in your athletic shoes, but also more casual or even dressier shoes. Sometimes the most significant impact on our feet happens during the day at work.

You might find these insoles to be thinner than the Superfeet Green. But keep focused on feel. As long as they provide the support you need, don’t let the width, or relative lack of it, impact your viewpoint.

Customers from a variety of professions leave enthusiastic reviews. They are loved by Army soldiers and nurses — people who are on their feet all the time. As with Superfeet, customers advise that the PowerStep line needs a breaking-in period.

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Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Supports Orthotics…

  • LASTING COMFORT – arch support…
  • DEEP HEEL CUP- to maintain…

Our final insert alternative is the best-seller in its category on Amazon. You might find them to be a little more affordable than either the Superfeet or Spenco brands.

Walk-Hero inserts are similar to Superfeet Green in that they also come with a deep heel cup to assist with foot positioning on every step. The more in-line you are, the less chance you have for conditions such as plantar fasciitis or tendonitis.

Walk-Hero inserts also are useful in multiple applications — walking, running, hiking, working, even biking, and beyond. You can use them in both casual, work, and athletic footwear.

Customers note that these inserts may look and feel more substantial than either the Spenco or Superfeet, but that’s part of the attraction. With thickness comes reinforced support that you’ll appreciate on your feet.

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As with any technology, you might wonder, “do I need these?” As runners ourselves, we don’t go a single mile without the right kind of insert. So, we’re definitely biased.

But everyone’s situation is a little different. There is no single right customer. Our advice is that if you are suffering from pain or discomfort, give a pair of inserts a whirl. You might be surprised just how good your feet start to feel.

Now we’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments section below what you think about our Superfeet Green review.

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