This Tent Will Change The Way You Camp Forever


Let’s face it, most tents (even some of the newer models) are pretty boring.  Tentsile is trying to change the way you camp with some modern solutions for the most adventurous campers & survival experts.

It doesn’t matter whether you are gearing up for a kayaking trip for fun with your family & friends or equipping yourself for a survival situation. Having a roof over your head is a must.

If you’ve ever thought about camping from a tree and asked yourself if it was “safely” possible – we have news for you.

Tentsile has made it happen with a wide variety of different tents and hammocks to make your outdoor experience more enjoyable.


Tentsile Answered The Question:

Why not make “tenting it” more fun than doing it with your old hand-me-down vintage tent made of a 1970’s tarp with 4 nylon walls?

We understand that some people may not be quite ready to take the leap into the air, but for those that are ready to take their outdoor experience to the next level, this is absolutely a unique way to do it.

Think about it:

No more being concerned about being a bear’s prey on a bow hunting trip.

No more ground dwelling bugs making their homes in your sleeping bag.

No more mysterious creatures scurrying by your tent at 2 in the AM, waking you and everyone else up.

Sleeping outdoors for whatever the occasion just got a whole lot better.

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Image Credit: Tentsile @Taylorburke @minayounglee

Sleeping over a running stream or lake would be quite an experience.  Pretty sure that hearing a natural river run below you beats that sound generator you have next to your bed to help you get to sleep!

Image Credit: Tentsile

Does it take a village?  Certainly could do it that way!  Nothing says community better than heading out and camping with your friends and family! And if hammock tents are not your thing, you can check out our selection of the best family tents this year.

@Tentsile 3
Image Credit: Tentsile

That’s a pretty epic view from way up in the trees, especially near the water.  Tentsile has done a great job at providing several nifty color choices to pick from.

Image Credit: Tentsile@ John Gaedeke Photography
Image Credit: Tentsile@ John Gaedeke Photography

Absolutely killer view looking over the valley.  Can you imagine waking up to that?

Image Credit: Tentsile@ John Gaedeke Photography
Image Credit: Tentsile@ John Gaedeke Photography

This is is the absolutely where we’d choose to set up camp if we had the choice.  Close enough to trees to make sure the tent had enough support and close enough to hear the water lapping up onto the shore at night.

We are an adventurous crew here at Wilderness Today – but this absolutely takes it to a WHOLE new level.

Image Credit: Tentsile@micahmcnair @natureb0ys
Image Credit: Tentsile@micahmcnair @natureb0ys

Awesome little secluded camping spot up in the trees when there wouldn’t really be a good place to camp on even ground down below.  The tie downs can also serve as a drying line for your clothes.

Image Credit: Tentsile/center>” width=”1010″ height=”673″><figcaption id=
Image Credit: Tentsile

Tentsile village in the morning near a lake.  Not only tons of fun among friends but from a practical standpoint, these tents also provide shade from the sun during the day if you need a place to get some cover from the UV rays.

Looks like an awesome place to set up camp and have a quick swim.

Image Credit: Tentsile@travisburkephotography
Image Credit: Tentsile@travisburkephotography

Again, this brings adventure to a whole new level.  The only thing that could be quite this much fun would be the off road drive to get there in a Jeep!

Now this really is the definition of a village.  What an awesome experience to camp up in the trees with tons of family and friends.

Hammock Camping is All The Rage

Instagram is awash with adventurers flouting their hammock tents out in the Great Outdoors. Hammock tents look cool, they’re comfortable, and they’re ultralight. The last part has almost convinced me to invest in one. Like seriously… a hammock tent can weigh 12-15 oz, including the bug net, compression sack, tie downs, and gear organizer.

But does hammock camping live up to the hype? Aren’t there any drawbacks that might be off-putting for some of us? Well, like everything man-made, hammock tents are perfectible, not perfect. But they have great potential.

For instance, most hammock tents are best used in 3 seasons. In winter, you should think about a system to provide enough insulation to prevent the cold air circulating underneath your body make you freeze to death. It is doable in winter too but not by the faint-hearted. And systems built for cold weather are usually heavier than cold-weather ground systems.

Another drawback of hammock tents is the fact that they can be only used by one camper at a time, which might be an inconvenience for (large) families. Plus, you’ll need strong trees placed far enough from one another but not too far for you to set up your hammock.

However, we believe that the pluses outweigh the minuses of these revolutionary camping systems. Just think about the ability to leave no trace behind (no vegetation will be crushed under a hammock) and the ability to camp wherever you want regardless of the presence of a campsite. This means that you can camp near a clean water source even though the ground might not be ideal for ground camping there. And the list goes on.

All in all, we believe that hammock camping is worth a shot both for beginners and for veteran campers as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hammock camping safe?

Even though you may feel “uncovered” or as if you’re wrapped in a soft burrito shell, you need not worry too much. We couldn’t find any studies that would suggest hammock camping to be more dangerous than regular tent camping.

If you’re worried about bear attacks, you should know that most of those are caused by human error, not because of what you choose to sleep in. And if rain’s your main concern, you can bring a covering as shown in some of the pictures above.

Do you need a sleeping pad for hammock camping?

While you won’t need a bug net for your hammock in the winter, proper insulation is even more important. Using the same principle as tent camping, simply place a sleeping pad underneath your sleeping bag before settling in for the night.

Is a hammock better than a tent?

While tents are basically the universal symbol for camping, a hammock might just be a better option for a significant number of people. For a start, a hammock camping site is much easier to set up and disassemble when needed.

Secondly, sleeping on the ground isn’t quite comfortable. How many times have you tossed and turned at night in a tent because of a badly placed rock or a tree root that you didn’t realize was there before setting up camp? Well, you won’t have to deal with such problems ever again when you’re floating.

And finally, there are many hammock tent models that have most, if not all of the features that regular tents have. So basically, hammock camping is much better than traditional tent camping ever was.

Are hammocks bad for your back?

On the contrary, hammock

Your Thoughts & Please Share!

We would absolutely love to hear your thoughts on these tents – would YOU be bold enough to take the plunge?

We think that Tentsile broke the idea of basic camping in two when they came up with this idea and we hope to see more adventurous ways that people can get out and enjoy the great outdoors!

Don’t forget to share these images with anyone that loves to get outdoors and camp!

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