Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Expedition Review

Kayaking can be an addicting sport and like most sports, the more skilled you become, the better your equipment needs to be.

AdvancedFrame Expedition

Many intermediate, recreational, and experienced kayakers want to combine portability and advanced equipment.

For many the AdvancedFrame Expedition from Advanced Elements is the most sensible solution, even if it sits more towards the top of the food chain when it comes to cost.

AdvancedFrame Expedition Pros:

Portability:  This is a 13 foot hybrid craft that measures a scant 31” x 16” x 10” when deflated and folded. The craft, folding seat, and repair kit fit quickly into the provided duffel bag so that the Expedition can be easily transported to and from any waterway.

Storage and load capacity…the Expedition can carry up to 450 lbs. There is plenty of room for storage in the cockpit as well as a web harness area in the fore.  This makes it a great lake fishing kayak if you are an angler.

Durability:  The Expedition has an extremely dense polyester outer fabric, a main chamber that is made of 30 gauge PVC, and a high density polyester inner cover that is coated in polyurethane. It also features nine chambers for added stability and safety. The built in ribbing is made of aluminum in order to keep the weight of the craft to a minimum.

Tracking:  Many entry level models are difficult for a single rider to keep on track while paddling. They also have a tendency to go off course while coasting. The Expedition only has one fin, but tracking is improved by the defined, rigid bow and stern.

Easy set-up:  Ease of set-up is very important in a single person watercraft. The Expedition features twist-lok, high flow Spring valves for quick set up under any conditions.

Well designed cockpit:  The cockpit features plenty of legroom and has built-in foot foot braces for improved paddling efficiency. The folding seat has lumbar adjustments to add to your comfort. Additionally, the front deck can be unzipped so that you can get your legs out of the elements.

Water-tight:  If you encounter rough weather or choppy water, you need a watercraft that does not take on water. With the front deck zipped and the optional spray skirt, the Expedition will stay dry in any safe water conditions.

Reasonably priced:  The Expedition is reasonably priced for an intermediate watercraft. While it is more expensive than a fully inflatable craft, it is hundreds of dollar less expensive than a rigid-body kayak.

AdvancedFrame Expedition Cons:

The Expedition has two main drawback according to reviewers:

Weight:  The Expedition weighs 42 lbs. If you are trying to hike any distance across rugged terrain, this can be daunting, especially with additional gear in tow. Depending on the terrain, you can overcome this by purchasing a wheeled transport cart for your gear.  It also weighs as much as some twin models which is heavy.

Water Splashing:  This is a low profile watercraft, so you will have water splash into the cockpit. This can be negated by purchasing the optional splash skirt. The majority of reviewers view the need to purchase the splash skirt as more of a negative than the amount of water that the Expedition will take on.

The AdvancedFrame Expedition Kayak is a very maneuverable, easy to set-up hybrid. The large weight capacity allows you to enjoy a day trip or to plan an extended fishing adventure.  See the video below for a great breakdown on what you can expect when picking up one of these for your own.

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