The AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak Review

advancedframe sport kayak review

If you’re looking for a great all-round inflatable kayak that packs the durability and trustworthiness or a rigid yak but doesn’t sacrifice the portability and versatility of an inflatable, give the AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak a try.

This lightweight yak (just 25 lbs) can fit in any car trunk, is easy to set up (it takes less than 5 minutes to inflate), and is even easier to haul around.

Plus, it is extremely durable for the price point and can withstand some pretty rough conditions, such as class 3 muddy waters and even the ocean, according to some die-hard fans.

However, choose a small, serene lake if you’re an absolute beginner as gear cannot make up for bad skill.

AdvancedFrame Sport Pros:

  • Durability:  No one wants to buy a boat that is easily destroyed by hidden objects or rocks. The AdvancedFrame Sport is made with a dense polyester outer layer, the main chamber is made with 30 gauge PVC, and it has a high density polyester inner cover. A repair kit is included for those few instances where one may be needed.
  • Portability:  When deflated, the Sport folds down to 31” x 18” x 8” and packs quickly into the included duffel bag along with the repair kit. The Sport only weighs 25 lbs, so the combination of low weight and tiny size allow it to be transported to any waterway with ease.
  • Stowage and load bearing:   You may worry that a 10.5′ craft may not be able to carry you and your gear. The Sport has a load capacity of 235 lbs, so it will handle most body frames. There is a bungee strapped stowage area on the bow and room to stow additional gear below deck.
  • Easy to set up:  The AdvancedFrame Sport features high flow, twist-lock spring valves so that it can be inflated quickly with any dual-action hand pump. Inflation generally takes less than 5 minutes under any conditions. You will need a little more time to adjust the aluminum bow and stern ribbing to make sure the boat tracks true. Still, unpack to water is less than 15 minutes.
  • Comfortable cockpit:  Since you are going to be spending a lot of time here, you want it to be as comfortable as possible. The Sport features a large cockpit for easy entry and re-boarding along with more legroom than other similarly sized ‘yaks.
  • Tracking and stability:  The Sport features a tracking fin, a feature that is not found on most other models. The rigid bow and stern formed by the aluminum ribbing allow the craft to slice the water more effectively, helping to keep you on track. Stability is usually dependent on the width of a boat. The Sport is 32” wide at the cockpit, so it is very stable.

Before we jump into the cons, we will look at a quick AdvancedFrame Sport video.

AdvancedFrame Sport Cons:

  • Spray:  You will take on spray while paddling no matter what you do. Frequently, this is reduced with a spray skirt, but there is no way to attach one to the Sport.
  • Speed:  Being lightweight, this craft takes off quickly, but the 32” width keeps it a bit slower than advanced paddlers would like. (Here’s our guide to choosing the best paddle for your yak: How to Choose a Kayak Paddle You Can Count On)
  • Water conditions:  The Sport is only suited for flat water or occasional wakes and is not intended for two people. (Check out our selection of twin kayaks if you need to bring your honey boo with you.)

AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak Review: Wrapping It Up

Overall, the AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak by Advanced Elements is perfectly suited for what it is designed to be: an entry level, easily transported recreational kayak.

It seamlessly combines hard-shell performance with the portability of an inflatable at  price that is hard to beat. If you are looking to leisurely paddle around a local lake, this is the boat for you.

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This post was first published on March 2nd, 2018 and was last updated in July 2020.

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