The Bark River Knives Magnum Fox River Knife Review

Girl with Magnum Fox River Knife

Formerly known as Bark River Knife & Tool, BRK is a family owned company located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. BRK is run by veteran knifesmith Mike Stewart who teaches and employs a number of skilled artisans who create some of the prettiest production knives on the market today.

Magnum Fox River Knife Features:

One of my favorite Bark River designs is the Fox River “Magnum” Knife.  This knife of 11 1/4 inches features a 6 1/4 inch long, A2 steel drop Point blade that has a Rockwell hardness of 58-60 .

It also features a very ergonomic reverse taper handle available in a wide range of handle slabs from different colors of Micarta, to hard wood, to burl wood, to exotic hard wood, to natural materials such as antler and bone. Each of these materials can come with or without a metal bolster which you can choose for yourself.

The BRK Fox River Magnum is supplied with a heavy-duty, pouch-type, leather sheath made by Great Lakes Leatherworks.

Blade Specs:

FYI, as hunting knives go, a knife with a four inch blade has somehow become the standard length these days and hunters who carry knives with longer blades are often viewed as either neophytes or paranoid! However, it has been my experience that a knife with a six inch blade is VERY handy not only as a camp/survival knife but as a hunting knife as well. And I believe that many professional guides will agree with me.

Consequently, the Fox River Magnum knife tends to fill this bill with near perfection.

As a part of BRK’s Professional series, not only is the Fox River Magnum large enough for general camp chores, it is absolutely perfect for removing the hide from, and then processing, large game animals such as elk and moose.

In addition, not only does the drop point blade shape place the tip out of the way when skinning game, the edge has a slight positive forward angle which gives you more leverage when cutting. Plus the blade is flat ground for the best possible combination of toughness and sharpness.

Steel Specs:

However, the A2 steel used in this knife is not a stainless steel and thus, it does require more care than a stainless steel blade to prevent it from rusting.

On the other hand, this steel contains 0.95% – 1.05% Carbon, 4.75% – 5.50% Chromium, 0.90% -1.40% Molybdenum, 1.0% Manganese, and 0.15% – 0.50% Vanadium and 0.30% Nickel. This composition makes it a very hard steel. Molybdenum and the Manganese makes it durable and tough and the Vanadium content highly refines the grain structure of the steel so that it will take and keep a finer edge.

Last, I really like the fact that the handle is specifically designed to completely fill the hand without being over sized.

Consequently, I am highly impressed with the BRK Fox River Magnum knife. In fact, the ONLY thing that I would change about it is the steel because I have a distinct preference for stainless steels over non-stainless ones.

Apart from that, I am extremely pleased with the design of this knife and I would be very pleased to carry it as either a dedicated survival knife or as a large game hunting knife.

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