The Perception Sport Conduit 13 Review

As your paddling skills get better, you might need a boat with decent speed, tracking, and a sharper turning radius, but that is still a bit more stable than a touring boat.  The Perception Sport Conduit 13 Kayak perfectly fits the bill, especially if you are not ready to spend top dollar for a boat slightly beyond the beginner level.

Here are some of the most common pros and cons of the Sport Conduit 13 so you can make the most informed decision.


Perception Sport Conduit 13 Pros:

Durability:  The Conduit 13 is made of seamless high density polyethylene. It will endure most hidden hazards as well as impacts from rocks. Any impact dents can be easily pushed out by skilled hands.

Maneuverability and speed:  The Sport Conduit 13 is a 13′ boat as its name implies. The added length and narrow bow and stern allow it to cut through the water efficiently and quickly. It is much faster than an inflatable or even a 12 foot ‘yak. The length allows for more rocker and the boat is rudder capable for additional maneuverability in high chop or rough water.

Tracking and stability:  The Conduit 13 tracks remarkably well in flat water or small chop. The single tracking fin is assisted by its rigid body construction, added length, and narrow bow and stern. As mentioned above, the 13 is rudder capable if you want to paddle rougher water.

The Conduit 13 is made more stable by its 26.5” width and a relatively flat bottom. If you’re after something bigger and bulkier, invest in a good a twin kayak. So, thanks to its stability, the Conduit 13 also makes a perfect first kayak.

Load bearing:  Whether you intend to use the Sport Conduit 13 for touring, fishing, or recreation, load bearing is essential. It is able to carry up to 295 lbs, exceptional for a single person boat. Gear stowage is an important aspect of your load consideration during each trip. The 13 has two water-tight bulkhead areas: one fore, one aft. There are two sections of bungee deck rigging for additional stowage capacity.

Storage: There’s plenty of room to store your gear on this ‘yak for a weekend trip even if you decide to fish. While the lids of the storage compartments are tightly sealed, we do recommend using dry bags for sensitive equipment. Also, since no kayak storage is perfect, always pack wisely to maximize storage space.

Comfort:  You need to be as comfortable as possible during a long outing. The Perception Sport Conduit 13 features a large cockpit with padding for your knees and thighs. The padded and adjustable seat affords you some additional comfort during mid-range trips.

The proprietary Keepers Foot Brace system allows you to paddle more efficiently, adding to your comfort and control.

Price:  As your skills improve, you may want a better kayak, but not want to break your budget for one. Comfortably priced as a mid-range solution to your kayaking needs, the Conduit 13 is your answer.

Before we look at the cons, below there’s a short video (5 mins 36 secs) on the Perception Sport 13 and what you can expect.

Perception Sport Conduit 13 Cons:

There seems to be only one major issue with the Sport Conduit 13: the seat. While it is comfortable on trips of a few hours or less, owners complain that the seat could use a bit more padding on extended trips, especially if you plan to use this kayak to fish.

To Wrap It Up

The Perception Sport Conduit 13 kayak is generally well reviewed by owners as a great boat for beginner and intermediate levels with a premium feel. It can also be used as a fishing kayak due to its ample storage space and outstanding stability. This is a great yak for lake , back river, and even the ocean

Its 26.5 ” width, stability, and great tracking allow beginners to feel at ease, while the length and great maneuverability offer more skilled paddlers on a budget the fast boat that they’re probably after.

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This post was first published on March 30, 2018 and last updated in July 2020.

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