The Sevylor Inflatable Kayak Review

A kayak can be a very enjoyable way to get onto your favorite lake or river. Easily transported and handled, they are a great environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fueled boats.

Sevylor makes a number of great kayaks and sporting boats, which is why it comes as no surprise that the SOT 2 person kayak is a quality kayak at a reasonable cost.

A rigid bodied vessel can be too expensive for first time users and difficult to manage if you need to hike over rough terrain. In either case, the Sevylor Inflatable Sit-On-Top 2-person kayak offers a great alternative.

Sevylor 2 Person Kayak Pros:

There are several points that any inflatable watercraft must hit in order to be worth its salt in the water. The Sevylor Sit-On-Top is spot on in every category of importance.

  • Transportable:  Ease of transport is paramount for any outdoor activity. The Sevylor 2 person inflatable measures a compact 23 x 10 x 17 inches when deflated, so it can be easily taken anywhere, under any conditions.
  • Lightweight:  If you need to hike across any distance, you want to carry the lightest gear possible. The Sevylor inflatable kayak weighs 17 lbs alone and a mere 30 lbs with paddles.
  • Durable:  All Sevylor inflatables are constructed from 25-guage, heavy duty PVC so that your craft will survive underwater hazards. Sevylor’s patented Airtight construction method and double-lock air valves ensure that you will never suffer accidental air loss and need to swim to shore. Some care is needed to help your inflatable last as long as possible. You can read this link for some helpful hints.
  •  Easy to steer:  Fore and aft tracking fins make this one of the easiest to steer crafts available. Granted, the experience level of both riders plays greatly into how easily the craft can be handled, but after just a few sessions in the water, anyone can steer this inflatable with ease.
  • Weight capacity:  With a two person craft, weight bearing is of utmost importance. The Sevylor 2-person inflatable is capable of holding a total of 595 lbs.
  • Storage:  On the water, you want to have your fishing gear, food and water, or binoculars at hand. You also want your gear to be secure, yet easily accessible. The Sevylor 2-person offers a recessed storage area in the fore that is secured with cargo netting. Out of the water, you need something that can be stored in a small space. Deflated, the Sevylor 2-person is approximately the size of a standard backpack and the paddles will fit into the back corner of any closet.
  • Price:  No one wants to spend several hundred dollars to try a new sport. This craft can typically be purchased for a reasonable price, making it a great option if you are looking to save some money.

Let’s take a look at a video breakdown of this great inflatable 2 person kayak before we get into any of the negatives.

Sevylor 2 Person Kayak Cons:

The Sevylor 2 person inflatable is very well reviewed by users on nearly every point except the paddles. The two standard 86 inch aluminum paddles are great for small lakes and slow moving rivers, but are not necessarily up to the task of large, choppy waterways or the needs of experienced boating enthusiasts.

The Sevylor 2 person Sit-On-Top model is amazingly stable, easy to board, and simple to steer, making it a great craft for beginners. Its small size and light-weight construction will allow you and a partner to enjoy amazing views or excellent fishing no matter your destination.

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