The Up-And-Coming World of Disc Golf


Disc golf has become a more and more popular sport in recent years. Providing exercise, entertainment, and competition, disc golf is the perfect entry level activity for someone looking to liven up their afternoons. With disc golf still being relatively new to the public eye, little has been done to take this sport to the next pro level. Until now!

Levels of the Sport

Like any sport, disc golf ranges from casual play to a nationally competitive scene. How seriously you take the sport is completely personal, but don’t be surprised if you quickly find yourself hooked!

Disc golf attracts many people because of how accessible it is. The only gear you really need, are your discs! That and a groovy visor to keep the sun out of your eyes. There are many public courses at local parks all across America. This allows any average Joe to pick up disc golfing on their free weekends without having to dish out a monthly payment to a country club for some traditional golf.

Those who want to take their disc golfing skills to the next level have some pretty simple and affordable ways of doing so. If you are anything like my father-in-law, you start to watch videos of the pros, research the best kind of discs for your technique, and then, if you are really serious, invest in the backyard disc golf basket.

disc golf

Going pro in any sport is challenging, and disc golf is no different. It takes diligence, time, and heart. Most players of this sport however, do it for the sunshine, exercise, and self satisfaction. Once you start playing disc golf, it is only a matter of time before you start watching the local and national tournaments. After all, most people who call themselves sports fans do more watching than playing themselves. This is where Statmando comes in,


Like any sport, the statistics of the game can be just as interesting as watching the plays themselves. Where would football fans everywhere be without the fascinating and illuminating truth behind the numbers. For example, when you watch a game on the TV, players stats revealed in an interesting, eye catching, and accessible way for the fans to view and learn from. We like knowing a pro’s history and seeing how far they’ve come in their career. Statmando is the company dedicated to bringing this professional level of analytics to the world of disc golf.

When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.

Pearson’s Law

Like Pearson’s Law above states, measuring and reporting performance is the best way to create improvement. The world of disc golf is improving in this very way. The creators of Statmando saw a need in the disc golfing community and have committed themselves to filling that need. Contracted with pro tour services, Statmando provides interesting data during live games and tournaments. With data taken directly from the PDGA, they analyze and compile the data in a number of different modules fans can use.

When interviewing one of the co-founders of Statmando, Dion Arlyn, a former pro disc golfer himself, said. “There hasn’t been an organized approach to data and data analysis within disc golf… We are trying to bring the data focused lens to the sport as a whole… in lots of different fun ways!”

Statmando Modules

The team at Statmando has come up with 5 up and running modules to provide interesting data to the fans of the pro disc golf world.

Rankings Galore: True to the name, the Rankings Galore module of their app dedicated to the player rankings in this sport. With 5 different ranking sections, and more to come, you can view how your favorite pros match up to their competitors.

Player Profile: Want to look up the stats for your favorite player? Look no further! Statmando has compiled all the relevant information you need in a neat little chart. Simply search up your favorite pro and get their entire wrap sheet at your fingertips!

Monday Funday: The Monday Funday module lists the aggregate results of every PDGA tournament that happened the following week. Are you interested in seeing just how much prize money was dished out? Its compiled and easy to read in this module.

Head-to-Head: By far the most interesting module on the Statmando app. the Head-to-Head feature allows you to choose two pros and compare them! You can see how many times they have played against one another, who wins most frequently, and how many strokes each average.

Stat Zone: The Stat Zone is the catch all for lots of other data you might be interested in. Everything ranging from Unique Players Beaten to all the players who throw Lefty.

These 5 modules are currently available and there are more to come! When interviewing co-founder Dion Arlyn, he spoke of big plans for the app! Soon, the team at Statmando will develop the ability to sign up for your own account and keep track of your own stats. This will bring your own disc golf game to a whole new level. Compare your favorite pros. See what makes them the best. Improve your own game from the stats that Statmando can provide for you. Let Statmando take your love of disc golf to the next level!

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